Wytches Kiss : Heartbreak

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Chapter 5

“You really should be careful” A soft, velvety voice chuckled from behind me.

I jumped startled, whirling round surprised and stared. A subtly muscled man was fingering through Elise’s book absently. My stomach knotted apprehensively as I realized I had been watching the door. How did he get in?

“It’s just another spell book.” I remarked warily as he glanced up and stared surprised, clearly not what he was expecting.

“You can read it?” He asked impressed, blushing as he quickly glanced back at the book as he realized he was staring.

“Why else would I be fobbing the translation?” I smiled slyly as my stomach did a flip as the bell rang shrilly, someone stepping inside.

My blood ran cold as I turned and met the stranger’s surprised stares as he raked a strong hand through his blonde hair. Now that he was closer I noticed how it seemed as if someone had up ended a bottle of bleach onto his hair, and yet his eyebrows were the same remarkable platinum blonde.

“The spell book if you please” He drawled threateningly, a twisted smile playing on his lips as he eyed me hungrily.

“Not mine to give” I stated simply, desperately trying to suppress a shudder.

What was all the interest in the book? It was a standard spell book, many of the spells were in other books I already had upstairs. They could find all the spells in multiple other books. It didn’t makes sense. The stranger by the counter slowly edged towards me, his eyes glued to the man towering in front of me. I eyed him warily as his piercing gaze quickly fixed onto the stranger behind me and counted how many weapons he had on him as he slowly reached for a dagger at his hip. Two daggers sat at either hip, a single gun beside the dagger on his left hip. The way he moved I guessed he had two more guns hidden at the small of his back and at least two short swords across his shoulders. I grimaced as I realized how much of my life I had spent reading.

‘I really need to get out more’ I thought to myself as the hunter focused back on me.

“Now don’t make me ask you twice sugar” He chuckled darkly as he pulled out a silver hilted obsidian dagger.

I failed to hide the smirk as his fingers slowly curled around the hilt tightly. They were about to say something when the pungent smell of burning flesh filled the room and he screamed in agony. As soon as the dagger fell from his hand, skin burned into the handle, the searing pain stopped. He glared at me, his eyes full of loathing as I stood there trying not to laugh.

“H...how?” The other man breathed shocked as he stared amazed.

“Just because I am a girl, doesn’t mean I cannot cast” I grinned mischievously.

“THIS ISNT OVER!” He spat through gritted teeth, cradling his hand to his chest as he raced out the door.

I let out a shaky breath as I bent down and picked up the strange dagger, silently warning Darrow as I felt his mind push against mine concerned with how long I had been. The other stranger continued to stare at me bemused as I returned to the counter and placed the dagger on the little shelf. I watched the stranger closely as he began perusing the shelf half-heartedly, repeatedly glancing over as I reluctantly sat down and began to continue the translation. Elise suddenly came charging in frantic, her eyes puffy and red. She hesitated nervously glancing to the stranger before hurrying over to the counter.

“Can you buy it?” She begged desperately.

“Are you sure?” I asked shocked, books were her prize possession.

Her husband was a local drunkard and often spent their rent down at the tavern. It had been hard on them losing their only son, seemingly unable to conceive again.

“Please, I only need 300” She begged panicked.

“I’ll be happy to buy it Elise” I smiled falteringly.

300. Her rent and a healer’s fee. Was something wrong? Buying it for 300 was sheer robbery, and I wasn’t going to screw her over. She stared amazed as I passed her the money.

“2000 denari!?” She gasped amazed, staring at me shocked.

“Worth every penny. If you have any more bring em in” I grinned broadly as I slipped it under the counter safely.

“Bless you” She sniffed at tears before charging out, as if worried I would change my mind and demand it back.

“You’re a kind heart aren’t you?” The stranger remarked softly.

I turned to answer him and almost bumped straight into him as he lingered barely a hairbreadth away. He smiled falteringly as he reached over and brushed the hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I was lost for words as I stared at him enthralled, my nerves jumping excitedly.

“Sorry, ummm.” He blushed abashed, quickly stepping back around the counter shuffling shyly.

“No, it’s ok” I blushed shyly.

“Might you sell me the book?” he asked nervously.

“Sorry. I don’t sell these kind of books” I stated firmly, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Alright” He sighed frustrated, rubbing his head thoughtfully.

“Why so much interest? You can find all but one of these spells in more available books” I asked warily as I clutched it tightly to my chest as I wandered over to the door.

“Looking for a certain spell but I can’t actually read the ones my....friend....and I have been asked to find” He replied warily, watching me closely as he reluctantly stepped out.

“Well the only spell you don’t really find is a spell for abscess treatment that really is just ineffective and potentially deadly” I stated as I locked the door behind me as I followed him out.

“Well it ain’t that we’re looking for. Thanks anyway” He sighed frustrated, wandering off with a halfhearted wave.

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