Because I Kissed a Vampire! (Book 1)

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Falco Vogel is a vampire and one of five brothers. He didn't think he was looking for love, or a Beloved, until he met Kimberly Stone. She is everything this vampire could want and more. A vampires Beloved is something special and rare. They are so very rare in fact, that most vampires never find theirs. So, the very idea of a Beloved is now considered to be nothing but a myth long forgotten. There are five Vogel brothers and none have found their Beloved, until now. When Falco meets Kimberly he never dreams she's anything more then a pretty human girl who has caught his interest. Kimberly Stone is a hard working girl who thinks the man now standing in front of her is the most handsome man she'd ever seen. When he tells her he's a vampire she just thinks he's being funny. Vampire or not though, it's been a long time since she'd had a man this close and she really wants him to kiss her! Kimberly gets her kiss, but all it does is leave her longing for more of them and thinking to herself, it was all "because I kissed a vampire!".

Fantasy / Romance
Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1

Kimberly Stone gave a pained sigh as she walked out of Hornsby’s Advertising Agency. Stepping onto the sidewalk, she squinted slightly at the still bright afternoon sunlight.

She’d gotten up late that morning and had been rushing ever since it seemed, and it was now almost one o’clock in the afternoon.

The man whose advertisement she’d been working on, and completed yesterday, had returned this morning for it. He decided didn’t like the way she’d done it and wanted it done over. Like there was so many ways to make an advertisement for your local bar and grill! It wasn’t even that she minded reworking the ad, because she didn’t, after all it was her job. It was just that he’d been so rude about it, almost yelling at her that she hadn’t done it right!

She huffed out a sigh and rubbed her temple. The whole thing had given her a massive headache, which had slowly built as the morning passed. It was now to the point of unbearable and she needed her pills.

So, as she walked, she began digging through the huge bag she called a purse that was hanging from her shoulder. She’d been digging for her pain pills, and not finding them, for five minutes. This annoyed her to the point she began to grumble she continued to slowly make her way down the sidewalk toward the parking lot and her car.

“Where are you, where are you?” She muttered as she turned the corner of the building. “I really need you right now, and you’re always there in my way until I actually…oomph!”

Her bag hit the ground as she ran into a man, and she knew it was a man because she was looking down and saw his shiny black dress shoes.

She slowly raised her eyes, taking him all in as she went even as her mind worked on an apology.

It was an apology that was hanging on the tip of her tongue only for her to become mute as she stared into his face.

His brown hair looked soft and tousled as if he’d just run his fingers through it. His eyes as blue and bottomless as the ocean. His features were sharp with high cheekbones, and he had a slightly crooked nose. He also had pale skin, as if he didn’t get out much and a five o’clock shadow. His shoulders were broad and his waist slim, but his eyes were what held her captivated.

Looking into them, she was lost. They were so beautiful and seemed to hold her complete attention even as they took her breath.

He smiled, as in a slightly accented voice he softly said, “Have a good look sweetling, I’m not in any hurry to leave.”

Kimberly felt a blush heat her face as she tried once more to speak. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going. It’s a bad habit I know, but it’s my only excuse.”

Bending down, he picked up the mini-suitcase she called her purse and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” she murmured as she began once more to dig through it. She desperately needed those headache pills because her head felt as if someone was using a sledgehammer on the back of it!

“May I ask what you are looking for so desperately since it seems to be the cause of you almost running me down?” He asked.

Looking back up at him she replied, “Headache pills, prescription strength. I never know when I’ll get a headache, so I tote them everywhere. Unfortunately, they always seem to elude my hand when I’m looking for them. At any other time, they seem to be right there.”

“Maybe I can help,” he said as he moved slightly closer to her.

“Oh no, that’s fine. I can find them myself, it’ll just take me a while!” She exclaimed as she clutched her bag tightly to her chest.

“Nein, sweetling, I don’t wish to dig through your purse,” he told her as he chuckled lightly. “I did my mother’s that way once when I was maybe ten, and what was in there scarred me for life! So, no, I only meant that I can help you with your headache.”

“Oh! Sorry,” she murmured looking into his mesmerizing eyes again as he reached out toward her.

Gently, laying his hand on her left temple, he ran it across the side of her head, down behind her ear. Next, putting slight pressure behind her ear, he continued down her neck to her shoulder. Then, he stepped back as his hand dropped to his side.

“Better?” He asked as he watched her.

She blinked. It was almost unbelievable, but the pain was gone. She raised her hand to touch her, now pain-free head. “How…? It’s gone! How did you do that?”

“Vampire magic,” he said smiling, a twinkle in his eyes.

She laughed. “Yeah, okay. Like I’m going to believe that!”

He shrugged and said, “Believe it or not, it’s the truth. Now, I was on my way to lunch. Could I talk you into going with me…” he paused and cocked his head before continuing, “you know, I never got your name. I’m Falco.”

“I’m Kimberly and I would love to. There is a Subway just down the block,” she said as she pointed behind her.

“Wonderful, shall we go?” He asked.

Nodding her head yes, she turned, and they started walking.

“So, Falco, I’m thinking you must not be from around her. You seem to have a slight accent and it doesn’t sound southern,” she commented, glancing over at him.

“Nein, I’m not. My family and I are originally from Germany. I’ve held onto a slight accent even over time. We just moved here from California a couple of weeks ago though. My Mutter decided she was growing tired of the earthquakes and my Vater will do anything that makes her happy,” he explained to her.

She let the conversation idle then since they’d arrived at Subway.

He opened the door for her and they walked in. Having no line to wait in, they were able to quickly have their sandwiches made and find a seat.

Once they were seated, Kimberly spoke again saying, “You do know we have hurricanes here, don’t you?”

Falco looked up from unwrapping his sandwich to tell her, “Ja. My Vater mentioned that to Mutter. She was determined though and told him, “better to have a few trees to clean up then be swallowed up by a big crack in the earth”. So, we moved.”

She laughed. “Your mama, at least I’m guessing that’s what a Mutter is…”

“It is,” he agreed.

“Anyway, she sounds as if she’d a bit of a character,” she told him.

“It’s true, she can be,” he agreed once more. Then he softly said, “I apologize. I should have called her my mother, so you would know what I was speaking of. So, I will explain now that in German Mutter means mother and Vater means father.”

"I figured as much," she said as she nodded, having just taken a bite of her sandwich. After chewing and swallowing she asked, “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“I have no sisters, but I have three older brothers, one younger brother. The oldest is Leo, next is Bruno, then Tobias and last is Felix,” he told her. Then he asked, “What about you?”

Taking a swig of her drink, she swallowed and said, “I have one sister, older, her name is Kendra. Our parents live further south in Panama City, Florida. That is where I’m from originally, but I decided after finishing college to strike out on my own.

“I traveled a bit and when I was driving through here, I saw a help wanted sign. It was for an Ad Agency which sounded interesting, so I decided to apply. I must have sounded like I knew what I was talking about because Brenda put me to work the day she interviewed me. That was a year and a half ago and I’m still there,” she concluded. She then asked, “What do you do for a living?”

“My Vater, along with my brothers and I, recently bought a car dealership. We owned a construction company before coming here, but I think we were all ready for a change,” he said with a shrug.

“A car dealership.”

“Ja, that is what I said,” he murmured giving her a confused look.

She giggled quietly, her hand over her mouth, before asking, “Do you sell German built cars?”

Falco’s sandwich stopped halfway to his mouth as he paused in taking a bite to look at her.

Laying his sandwich back down he asked, “Did you really just ask me that?”

“Yes, it had to be asked,” she told him, giggling again.

“Nein, it didn’t, it really didn’t,” Falco said in disagreement before he rolled his eyes and finished his sub.

“All joking aside though Falco, I actually need a new car,” she told him. “If I buy one from you will I get a good deal?”

“Tell you what,” he said as they stood up preparing to leave. “You help me with my advertising and I’ll help you get a good car.”

“Lovely!” She exclaimed, giving him a smile. “You can come back to the office with me and I’ll take all your information down for me to get started on.”

So, they walked back together, continuing to talk and getting to know each other.

As soon as they reached the Ad Agency where she worked, she took him to her office and had him fill out a few forms while she took down information.

When they had finished, Kimberly looked at her watch. Seeing the time, she realized today was her early day and it was time to go home. So, leaning back in her chair she stretched out her back.

“Well, my day is finished, so I’ll walk out with you,” Kimberly told him as she stood up and grabbed her purse off the edge of her desk.

Falco stood up also, and waving his hand toward the door, he said, “Ladies first.”

He walked her out, holding doors like a gentleman, and walking her to her car.

“So, Kimberly, I enjoyed our time together today and would like to do it again sometime,” Falco said as he stepped closer and ran his fingertips down her cheek.

She stared up into his blue eyes and felt tingles of desire began to flood her body, starting from where his fingertips run down her cheek. The feeling of it made her want more and when he leaned in toward her she tilted her head up, hoping for a kiss.

Instead of kissing her though, he moved his lips down her neck. Then they slowly moved back up again, this time nipping a little here and there before stopping at her ear.

His cool breath blowing in her ear had her shivering with want for him.

He then whispered, “I have a powerful thirst, will you allow me to take just a taste?”

“Thirst? Taste?” She asked him, feeling confused even as her body leaned closer to him. “What are you talking about Falco?”

“I’m a vampire, remember?” He murmured then, still close to her ear.

“Oh! Yes, I remember you saying you used “vampire magic” to take away my headache. If you really are a vampire though, how is it that you be out on a sunny day?” she questioned him. She then pulled back away from him just far enough to look into his eyes.

His blue eyes twinkled, and he smirked slightly as he told her, “Don’t believe everything you see in the movies. I can eat regular food, I can walk in the sun, although I don’t sparkle when I do, and the werewolf isn’t my greatest enemy.”

He then moved his head close to her neck once more as he took a deep breath. Letting it out slowly, he lightly blew on her neck, causing her to shiver. Her reaction had him chuckling even as it caused her eyes to close with pleasure.

One of his hands now gripped her waist as he wrapped his other hand in her hair. It had been a while since she’d felt a man’s touch. So, she decided she would play along with his fantasy if it would get her a kiss!

“Okay then,” she agreed as she forced her eyes back open and looked at him. Still thinking he was teasing her, she said, “Just don’t hurt me or try and take it all. I don’t wish to die from blood loss today!”

He hummed as he ran his nose along her neck before he said, “Don’t worry sweetling, I’ve not accidentally killed anyone in many, many years.”

Her breath left her as his tongue swirled over her skin. Then she felt a slight pinch as he bit down before he began making sucking sounds. Her head rolled to the side in his hand as pleasure gripped her and she grabbed hold of his shirt. Her neck had always been a sensitive spot and because of that, she had always enjoyed receiving love bites.

All too soon, he stopped and once more she felt his tongue on her skin, lightly licking. Her eyes fluttered open in time to see his mouth descend to hers.

He gave her the gentlest of kisses, barely a brushing of the lips, but it made her crave another, and perhaps another!

He backed away though as he once more spoke. "Until next time sweetling.”

Then he was gone, leaving her there staring after him.

Her hand slipped up, her fingers moving over her still tingling lips as she stood there for a long time.

She couldn’t believe she’d just been bitten, and kissed, by a vampire.

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