The Prince's Mute Mate

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"Be brave, my little human. You have nothing to fear from my people as long as I still have breath in my body," In a post apocalyptic world, supernatural creatures have risen and the reign of human kind is finally at an end after a gruesome war that stole the lives of many. No more than a slave, Serendipity will have to find the courage to overcome her fear of the monsters that now roam free when the Alpha that leads them claims her as his mate.

Fantasy / Romance
Maddie W.
4.7 388 reviews
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Author's Note

Hello! Thank you so much for deciding to give this book a chance. Before you get started, I just wanted to let you know a few things.

First, this is the first book I have ever written. I started writing it when I was in the ninth grade and it has taken me until now to finish it. At one point, I had completely given up on it because I felt as if my writing and development skills had came a long since high school, but in the end I felt it was important to give my readers a conclusion so I continued. Please don't expect everything to be squeaky clean or polished as my editing skills aren't the best. Please don't expect this to be as good as a book as you would buy, because it isn't. There is room for a ton of growth and maybe one day, I will pick Dominic and Serendipity's story back up and fix it. For now, this is what you get. :)

As you read The Prince's Mute Mate, I would love to know what you love and what you don't really like. I feel like any and all feedback helps me grow as an author so don't be shy! You won't hurt my feelings, I promise! Please drop a comment or two on a few chapters! :)

Lastly, I just want to take a moment and dedicate this book to all of my lovely Wattpad and Inkitt friends and readers who always pushed me to give this story my all and who never let me give up on this story, even when I wanted to because I thought it wasn't very good. You all have no idea what it means to me whenever I get a comment or a message with positive words. I've been in some pretty dark places this last year and the only thing that has pulled me out of it has been writing and your support of what I create by doing so.

I love you all so much!


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