The Prince's Mute Mate

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Serendipity's nerves were a wreck.

She looked a bit more average than normal. Her hair long hair was braided this way and that, twisted into a fancy up-do. Curly strands fell around her cheeks to frame her face. Her eyes popped, thanks to the makeup that had been applied to her face. The beautiful dress she had picked out days ago did wonders for her figure. This was probably the most like a woman she had ever looked, the v-cut a bit lower than she would ordinarily wear. The fabric hugged her stomach and thighs and she grimaced, feeling insecure. She had gained a bit of weight since she had moved into the manor, but she was still too thin to be considered attractive. There were going to be tons of insanely beautiful and strong wolves at the New Nation celebration. What was she compared to that?

"Stop making that face Serendipity. You look beautiful. Trust me, you're all anyone's going to be talking about," Lindsey told her, applying a couple more bobby pins to Serendipity's hair to keep it in place.

I'm sure that's true. I am human after all, Serendipity signed unhappily. Her stomach felt alive with butterflies and she felt the blood in her face drain away. Even with the makeup, she was wearing she looked pale and frightened.

"Well, maybe that's why you have their attention now, but when you step into the ballroom I can promise you they will be staring at you for an entirely different reason," Lindsey reassured her. Her friend took a step back from her, pulling on her dress in certain areas so that everything laid right against her body. When Lindsey was satisfied, she stepped towards her and gripped her around her waist, turning her so that she had no choice but to look at herself in the mirror. "Look at yourself, Serendipity. You look beautiful, like the royalty that you are."

She sighed worriedly but did as her friend asked. Honestly, Lindsey was right. She did look the most regal she ever had. Honestly, she could even imagine being at Dominic's side, as his equal. She glanced at Lindsey in the mirror beside her and almost immediately her confidence was gone. Her best friend had hit her head if she actually thought anyone was going to be paying attention to her with her in the same room. Lindsey was radiant, her hair half up and half down. The green dress she had on was completely different than hers. It was short and edgy, not long and elegant like Serendipity was wearing, but it was completely Lindsey's style. Her cross necklace hung from her throat.

As an honored guest of Serendipity's, Dominic had given permission for Lindsey to accompany them so that Serendipity would have someone to socialize with at the party, besides all of the wolves and human slaves. Yet, even knowing that she wouldn't be the only human there not serving food didn't make her feel any better. Serendipity had barely even seen a werewolf up close before Dominic had basically jumped on her when they first meet. Now she was supposed to waltz into a room full of them and not just as a human, but as the mate to werewolf royalty.

As their future queen...

She felt sick.

The door opened with a creak and she turned quickly, the anxiety pumping through her bloodstream making her antsy. Dominic walked in with a confident and dashing smile on his face. Her worries seemed to melt away as she drunk in his presence. Dressed up in a black suit and tie, his wild hair tied back neatly, she had never seen him look so beautiful. So elegant and untamed. Her body grew warm and heat curled low in her stomach. Her mouth grew dry and her tongue darted out to wet her lips, her mind racing with images of them tangled up together in bed. She had to blink a few times to clear the lust from her mind.

It was only when she came back to Earth from the naughty places her mind had wandered off to that she noticed her was frozen, like a statue. She grew worried and frowned, before turning back around to look at herself in the mirror. Did she look bad? Was her makeup smeared or her dress not fitted correctly? Before she could voice her concerns, a low rumble escaped came from across the room and she looked at him through the mirror. A warm yellow had completely overtaken the normal brown hue that usually colored his eyes. She shivered, excitement and a tinge of fear prompting it, as he strode closer to her. He closed the gap between them, wrapping an arm around her waist as she laid her head back against his chest. Lindsey awkwardly excused herself to wait for them outside and all Serendipity could do was give her a nod.

As the door to the room shut with a gentle clang, Dominic turned her towards him so that he could look down into her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as butterflies that had made a home in her fluttered anew throughout her tummy. All of the fear she had felt only moments ago seemed to melt away into something else, something that burned red hot. His lips brushed across her forehead and her cheeks flamed up like two tomatoes.

"You look beautiful," he murmured, his voice strangely gruff. She smiled up at him and reached up, curling a loose piece of his hair behind his ear as she searched his face for any apprehension about what was about to happen. All she saw was strength and adoration. Why couldn't she be as unworried as he was?

Thank you. You look so handsome you took my breath away for a moment. She told him honestly through the bond. She hesitated before asking her next question. What if they don't like me?

He reached for her hands, turning them over and kissing the palms of each one. Her nerves melted away once again. How could such a gesture make her feel so protected? So... loved? Everything he did and said seemed to make all of her fears of the future seem like such needless stress. "They don't have to like you, Serendipity. One day, soon, you will be Queen and you will rule by my side. If anyone has something to say about it, then I'll see how much it bothers them without a head attached to their bodies," Dominic told her calmly and coolly. She shuddered, her skin tingling as his hand traced up and down her bare arms.

A part of her wanted to laugh and hit his shoulder as if his threat of violence was just some kind of joke, but she knew the expression on his face meant that he was nothing less than one hundred percent serious. She should have been scared of him at that moment. She should have scolded him and told him not to say such things, but she just didn't want to. As messed up as it was, she was happy that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect her. He made her feel safe and that was something that Serendipity hadn't felt in such a long time. It was a precious commodity that she had taken advantage of before the war and now that Dominic was able to bring back a safe space for her, she wasn't going to take it for granted. Instead, she leaned into him for a moment letting her head rest on his chest before pulling back, eyes wide.

Dominic, I don't know how to dance. I feel so sorry for your toes, she thought to him seriously, trying her best not to crack a smile.

He chuckled briskly and he simply grabbed her hand, leading her out of the sanctuary their room provided her. She took a deep breath, walking out behind him with her heart beating as fast as a hummingbirds wings. She told herself over and over that everything was going to be okay focused on not hyperventilating. Lindsey was talking to one of the werewolves standing guard and he laughed before noticing them. He turned as stiff as a board and gave a slight bow before muttering his greeting of 'Alpha and Luna'.

Lindsey glided over to stand beside the couple and she looked at Serendipity as if she was asking with her eyes if she was okay. Serendipity just gave her a slight nod before the three walked towards the staircase, flanked by their guard. Everything seemed to pass by her in a blur and she clutched onto Dominic's hand as if he was her lifeline. She didn't know if it made her feel better or worse that there wasn't a single soul in any of the walkways. She just knew that meant there would be more wolves packed into the ballroom. The walk down was way shorter than she ever remembered it being and she even counted the steps, doing everything she could to take her mind off the fact that she was about to walk into a room of dangerous wolves. Her anxiety grew as the sound of voices reached her ears, a steady crescendo of noise.

When their guards walked ahead of them a bit with Lindsey, she felt Dominic pause and she was all too happy to stop walking towards her proverbial doom. He looked down at her, his face full of pride. Everything is going to be fine, Serendipity, he told her vis the mind link before they walked around the corner and into the belly of the beast.

She was grateful that things didn't happen as they did in the movies. It didn't get completely silent as she expected it to. The room didn't part like the red sea and no one-pointed. Instead, they reached the crowded space and the sound of everyone talking grew a bit quieter. Though many people stared at her without any reservations, it looked like many of the guests were staring at her only when they thought she wasn't looking. It still freaked her out, but it was more manageable than she thought it would be.

"Prince Dominic!" She heard someone shout from behind her.

Dominic turned, standing in the middle of the crowd, with her hand tightly gripped in his. He pulled her close to him, their arms intertwining as if it was a natural embrace. The ballroom was humongous and she felt exposed caught out in the middle of everyone as the mysterious stranger approached them.

"It is good to see you with your mate at your side," the man boomed loudly as he grew closer, obviously not as afraid as everyone else seemed to be of him. Serendipity knew immediately that the tall stranger had to have been familiar with Dominic to approach him so.

She narrowed her eyes slightly, looking closer at him. He wasn't a wolf. His skin was to pale and though the man wasn't skinny, he certainly wasn't as broad and buff as a wolf would be. As he grew closer her mouth dropped open when she noticed his red eyes that gave him away as a vampire. She composed herself as quickly as she could as her mate and the vampire shook hands. She had never seen a vampire before. Ever. She knew they existed, everyone did, but they ruled what used to be called Europe and it was rare for one to visit New Nation. Not heard of.

"Caliver, it's good to see you old friend," Dominic greeted. "This is my mate, Serendipity."

Serendipity smiled and signed hello. The vampire smiled in return and she was relieved when she didn't see any fangs pop out at her, though she was ashamed to admit she looked for them. She wondered exactly how that worked for vampires and made a mental note to ask Dominic about it later.

"I can't say I expected this. Weren't you always saying you'd be okay playing the field for the rest of your life? I'm definitely more of the hopeless romantic, which is saying something considering I'm a lady's man at my best" the vampire joked lightly.

Serendipity raised her eyebrows teasingly at Dominic and he looked down at her sheepishly before looking back to his friend. "Grade school was a long time ago, Caliver. Things change and I'd have it no other way," he answered diplomatically.

Serendipity could vouch for that notion. Things had certainly changed for both of them in such a short time. Serendipity noticed the vampire shift attention from them to someone else in the room before he excused himself.

"We should definitely catch up while I'm here. I would love to get to know your mate better. I just wanted to meet the beautiful human that had caught you." Then, without another word, Caliver left them to chase after whoever had caught his eye.

It wasn't even a full thirty seconds before someone else had their attention. This time it was a wolf and the affair was entirely formal. The Alpha of Iowa, an elderly man, approached Dominic, congratulated him, thanked him for his time, and then bowed his head to her. The last part shocked her to the core. She hadn't expected any wolf to even truly acknowledge her, but this one had bowed before her. She sent him a smile in thanks for his kindness and the wolf returned the smile before walking off in another direction. This continued with person after person, wolf after wolf. Some acknowledged her and some ignored her existence. Everything was going smoother than expected, at least until it wasn't anymore.

"Alpha," a burly man with grey hair stepped forward, his beady eyes trained on Serendipity. Her fear rose as she noticed other men behind him, all of them standing as one force. It was clear that the man had been afraid to approach Dominic alone.

Suddenly she felt movement behind her and she realized for the first time that her guards, along with a couple of other warriors from Dominic's pack had been closely following them, almost blending into the crowd as they made small conversation with others around them. Now though, they presented a more deadly approach, their eyes trained in the wolves who had approached Dominic and herself. Her personal guard stepped slightly to the right of her, ready to take charge of the situation if they needed too.

Serendipity's heartbeat slammed against her chest painfully and her breathing grew quicker. This was exactly the scenario she was afraid of. She knew that not everyone was going to be happy about a human being the mate to their Prince. She looked over to Dominic, suddenly afraid for him and feeling guilty all the same. She didn't want him to have to choose between her and his people. Clutching onto his arm a bit tighter, she felt his thumb stroke over her wrist in comfort.

"Whitlock," Dominic said in greeting, not appearing worried in the slightest. His low tone eluded power and danger and his eyes flashed yellow, daring the other man to speak. Whitlock swallowed the lump in his throat as a bead of sweat trailed down his forehead.

"I think you know what this is about. Surely you can't expect us to entertain the notion of you having a human plaything. Look at her. She's small and weak. I've heard the thing can't even speak," the man muttered angrily.

The room did quieten down then. It grew so quiet she could have heard a pin drop. Everyone looked on and no one moved, as if they were tensing for a storm. Even the music, which had been steadily playing from a live band in the back of the room, was not to be heard.

"Let me make one thing clear, Whitlock. Serendipity is not a plaything. She's my mate," he announced loudly enough for the room to hear. Everyone looked on wide-eyed. It hadn't been kept a secret, but Serendipity knew there must have been speculation from some of the wolves about who she was. Now, there was no room for debate. She looked up at Dominic as he looked down at her and smiled weakly at him as he continued to speak. "She's not weak. In fact, she has more strength and courage in her little finger than you have in your entire body."

His tone was nonchalant but she could feel him shaking, anger racing through his body in response to the fact that Whitlock would be bold enough to approach him in public about such a private matter. It was a direct challenge to him, as well as her. His eyes were now completely yellow and it looked as if he was having to restrain himself from psychically attacking the man. She rubbed his arm in soothing strokes and smiled shakily up at him.

"Furthermore, for the remainder of your stay, you and your friends will be treated to more hospitable conditions," he finished. Two wolves approached Whitlock and took him by the shoulders, as well as the men that had stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

"Alpha, surely you see that putting me in the prison cells is a ludicrous thing to do for this little slip of a mortal," the man sputtered.

Dominic growled in response, something animalistic rising up from his chest. He pushed towards the man but Serendipity stepped in front of him, concern about the situation growing anymore serious than it was. "I made a promise to my mate that she wouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable tonight and that if she was, I'd have the head of whoever dared to make her feel so. Open your mouth again and I will make good on that promise Whitlock."

Serendipity laid a hand on his chest, begging him to stop with her eyes. She heard the guards rushing the men along through the crowd and she couldn't bring herself to feel sorry for them. Why would they do something like this so publicly? It was almost as if they were trying to make a point to the others in the room. She didn't have much time to dwell on it as his hand grabbed hers and he pulled her close to him, his face buried against her mark as he breathed in her scent.

The music suddenly began playing again and people, though still very interested in what was happening with her and Dominic, began to talk again. She took a deep breath as he looked down at her and they separated, his fingers still looped through hers.

The gathering was much easier for Serendipity after the very public spat Dominic had been a part of. Everyone now knew that their Prince was going to defend his mate and so those wanting to say something about the human found themselves speaking softly together in different groups in the room, not really prepared to speak out against their Prince, at least not to his face. She was also surprised at just how many wolves in the room didn't seem to mind her presence. Some even came up to her and introduced themselves. Lindsey had reappeared about halfway through the night and ever since she noticed her friend sending nervous glances about the room as if she was afraid the boogeyman was going to jump out at her and steal her away.

As Dominic was speaking to an Alpha of Nebraska, Serendipity took the opportunity to pull her friend to the side. She couldn't help but notice that her guard followed her, but they stayed far enough away that the two had a bit of privacy standing in a corner, away from the party. Lindsey's face was pale and her friend looked as if she was going to jump out of her skin, which wasn't like her. Lindsey was always in control of herself. Always.

Are you okay, Serendipity signed.

Lindsey nodded and gave her a fake smile, all the while looking over her shoulder nervously.

It's obvious that you aren't okay. Did someone say something to you? Serendipity asked.

Lindsey shook her head no. Serendipity's concern grew. It took a lot to shut Lindsey up from blabbering two hundred miles an hour but it had somehow happened. Finally, she looked at Serendipity and sighed. "How did you know Dominic was your mate?"

Serendipity followed Lindsey's eyes once more and this time they landed on a wolf, who just so happened to be looking right at them. Or, at least, he was looking right at Lindsey. The man was attractive, with a buzz cut and muscles for days. It took a couple of seconds for things to click, but when they did Serendipity's eyes went wide with shock.

You think-, Lindsey grabbed Serendipity's hands to stop her from finishing and nodded.

"We accidentally brushed up against each other earlier. It felt like electric tingles shot down my spine," Lindsey whispered. Serendipity did not know what to say. She looked over to the wolf again and followed his gaze right back to Lindsey. She knew that look.

It was the same one Dominic gave her.

All of a sudden, the band began to play something a bit louder than they had been before. She looked away from Lindsey towards Dominic, not entirely sure why there was a change in tempo. He looked over to her and smiled crookedly as he glided towards her, his hand held out. Her heart stuttered in her chest and the conversation with Lindsey became a distant memory as she slipped away before Serendipity could stop her. Serendipity's hand slowly lifted to grasp his and she gasped at the warmth of the embrace. It shocked her that so simple a gesture could make her knees weak and her stomach turn to jello. He pulled Sernedipity close and she sighed in content as his hard body embraced hers.

The click of a camera startled her and she looked towards the sound, her heart in her throat. She noticed no one else had moved. Everyone looked on at them, all eyes on her. This is what she had been afraid of. This is what she had expected. It felt like something out of a horror movie! All of a sudden, she felt sick and disoriented and dancing felt impossible with everyone, all the werewolves, watching her every move.

Then, Dominic's warm hand gently gripped her chin, lifting it up towards his eyes. He smiled at her, and just like that, it was as if everyone in the room didn't matter. She took a deep breath as she was spun around then brought back close to her mate only to be dipped down. She laughed softly as he brought her back up and tugged her close to him. She took in his smell, the woodsy essence reminding her of a mix of very expensive cologne and the forest. It was a wild, untamed smell that made her feel like she was the safest person that had ever existed. But there was another part of her that became excited when she smelled him. When they were close to each other, there was something so powerful about the silence that emanated between the two. They didn't have to talk to one another to convey the way they felt.

Serendipity had never had that with another person before. She had never felt like her being unable to speak wasn't a disability because she knew it was. Her life would have been so much easier if words would have been able to come out of her mouth, but with Dominic, that wasn't how she felt. He saw her for her and that filled her with a sense of longing she had never experienced before.

A low growl escaped his throat, the vibration almost a purr underneath her. They spun around the floor together, the low music the only thing she could hear. She opened her eyes and lifted her head from his chest. Serendipity watched as his eyes flashed the beautiful gold of his wolf as he hunched over her, leaning close to where he had marked her. Her head tilted back and she felt his lips lightly brush themselves underneath her ear.

"You didn't step on my toes as much as you promised you would," he whispered teasingly.

She flashed a grin before purposely missing a step, lightly tapping his foot with hers as she faked a stumble. Serendipity looked around for the first time in what seemed like hours she and noticed that many couples had joined them in dancing. Her eyes shot up in surprise as she noticed Lindsey dancing with the wolf she had been scared of. Dominic followed her gaze and he smiled knowingly.

"I don't envy the fight he will have to try to claim Lindsey, but if anyone can tame your friend, it will be Ian," he commented lowly, obviously finding the situation funny. Serendipity sighed, worried for her friend. She knew what Lindsey was about to go through and it wasn't going to be easy, not for either of them. "I have one more announcement to make, and then we will retire for the night."

You don't need to stay for the New Nation celebration. I know it's important to you, Dominic. I don't mind, she assured him.

"I know you don't mind, but I would like to have a bit of time with you without everyone examining our every move, little human," he explained as he led her to the front of the room. She nodded, not putting up a fight about leaving the party early. She was eager to leave the drama of the night behind and simply be with Dominic.

Serendipity's mate cleared his throat before turning to address the room. "If I can have your attention." The room grew quiet and for the second time that night, everyone turned to look at them and the music stopped. Dominic looked down at her with a tender look before bringing her hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to her hand. "Tonight is not only a celebration for all that was won during the war, but it is also a time of remembrance for what was lost. I think I speak for most of us here when I say that the war that was waged against our people so many years ago was one that was unjust and cruel, and because of that, most of us have only known pain and suffering at the hands of humans."

"I am here to tell those of you who still think that's all that humans have to offer, that it isn't true. I once believed, like most of you, that the only way supernatural creatures would know true freedom and peace was if humanity in its entirety was wiped out, but those thoughts came from a place of anger. I got so caught up in the loss of my mother and half of my pack, that I justified the killing and enslavement of millions by the actions of a few. I was blind and my eyes didn't see anything again until my mate, Serendipity, came into my life and showed me there could be another way. That there should be another way."

"I say to all of you here, as your leader, and as your Alpha, that during this New Nation celebration we will have something new to celebrate. The time for subjugation is over. The time for treating those different than us like less than animals is over. If we ever want to live in peace, then we must first right our wrongs and not make the same mistake that the human government did when they attempted to wipe us from existence. When I leave to attend the Supernatural Council, I will be enacting an order in which all humans will be freed and reworked into our society over a two-year gap of time, not as slaves or servants, but as our equals."

The ballroom was quiet as first. No one spoke a word as Serendipity looked at Dominic as if he had grown two heads. She almost wanted to rub her ears because the words coming out of his mouth didn't sound right. They sounded beautiful, but not right coming from him. Then came the clapping, slow and low at first before the entire room was in an uproar so loud it hurt her ears. She looked around, relieved to see that many of the wolves gathered looked overjoyed. Serendipity didn't care who saw her then. She pushed herself into her mate, taking him by surprise, before launching herself at him.

Her lips hit his in a fiery kiss of passion and desire, passion and desire she no longer felt guilty about feeling. No, if there was one thing she knew with absolute certainty at that moment it was that she wanted Dominic with everything inside her.

And as soon as they were alone, she was going to have him.

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