The Prince's Mute Mate

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Shortly after Dominic gave his speech, he and Serendipity left the party. The entire walk up to their quarters, she couldn’t stop herself from imagining them together. On the bed, in the shower, hell, she would even be okay with the floor. Though, as much as she wanted her mate, the wolf who had proven time and time again that he would do whatever it took to make her happy, she was still nervous.

She had never had sex and her first kiss had been with Dominic not too long ago. Seduction wasn’t something she was skilled at, or even comfortable with. How did she even bring that sort of a thing up? Did she just ask if he wanted to have sex? Maybe if she jumped on him, he’d get the picture. With a loud growl, Dominic gripped her around the waist on the staircase that led up to his room and the guards that had been following them faltered behind them as he took the steps with her in his arms two at a time.

“You’re projecting your thoughts through the bond, Serendipity, and if you don’t stop I won’t be able to keep from taking you right here,” he muttered, sounding the most frustrated she had ever heard him. She wanted to bury her head into her hands at the embarrassment that flooded through her. She still wasn’t used to having the bond with Dominic and occasionally when she was thinking about him, she would slip up and certain things would slip through so that he could her, especially when her emotions ran high.

Dominic pushed through the doors to their room before sitting her down and turning to lock the door behind them. Serendipity walked towards the bed unsure of herself. Her hands twisted together nervously and as scared and unprepared for the New Nation Celebration as she had been, it had nothing on how she felt now. It was clear to her that Dominic had had sex before. She had heard quite a few rumors of how he had been before they had met and though his past didn’t bother her, her lack of experience when compared to his did. She turned to look at him through thick lashes, her breathing heavy as she realized what was about to happen.

Dominic looked completely unhinged as she watched him undo his tie as he made his way towards her, his eyes absolutely glowing. “Are you sure, Serendipity? We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready, little human.”

Her heart melted into mush. She knew that it had taken Dominic an enormous amount of restraint to hold himself off for as long as he had and the fact that he was asking her if she was sure when he was so past the point of waiting only reassured her of the fact that she positive the decision she was about to make was the right one. She swallowed the lump in her throat before nodding, not trusting herself enough to tell him through the mind link they shared. He strode towards her but didn’t close the gap between them completely.

“Take your hair down, Serendipity,” he commanded hoarsely, simply watching her.

Her shaky hands traveled up to her hair and she pulled tons of bobby pins out that Lindsey had painstakingly put in. Her hair fell in loose curls all around her shoulders until, eventually, she was able to run her hands through the thick mass.

“Goddess, I love your hair. Take off your dress for me,” he asked, more gently this time. Still, he waited patiently, not touching her. Instead, he waited for her to make all of the moves as if he were afraid that the moment he made a move she would bolt.

She bit her lip, her hand faltering at the zipper on the side of her dress. After a moment, she unzipped it and let it fall to her ankles before she kicked off her shoes and stepped away from the pile of clothes in only the black lingerie that Lindsey had insisted she wear. Her hands crossed over her body before she could stop them, an automatic response. Her entire body was flushed and she wanted nothing more than to turn away from Dominic’s lust-filled gaze. She wasn’t used to the sexual attention she was getting and a small part of her was uncomfortable as she stood in front of him, like a virginal sacrifice ready for the taking.

Then she watched as her mate began to strip just as she had. His suit jacket came off first, and then his dress shirt. Her mouth went dry at the sight of his sculpted stomach, an eight pack giving way to the sexiest v-shape she had ever seen leading into his pants, which he stripped off next. Her mouth dropped open a little into an ‘o’ at the large bulge that protruded from his straining boxers. A tinge of fear erupted within her at the size of him and she hadn’t even seen his length yet. She had always heard that most men were six or so inches, and she didn’t know if it was because he was a werewolf or if he had just been blessed, but there was no way the hidden package he was sporting around was six inches. Not even close.

Only when he too kicked away his clothes did Dominic reach for her, taking her hands in his before pulling her arms away from her body so that no inch of her could hide from him. His large hands slid up her arms soothingly until they wrapped around her, turning her so that stood with her back to him. His hands gathered her thick locks of hair and pulled it all to the front, his hands skimming over her back. She tensed when she felt his fingers trail over the numerous thick and twisted scars that lived there.

I know my body isn’t very pretty to look at. When we were placed in camps after the war, some of the guards used to like whipping us for fun, she linked to him, nervous about what he was seeing.

She hadn’t truly thought back on her time in the camps in a very long time. as restrictive and terrible as living in the districts were, the camps had been like something out of a horror movie. There was never enough to eat, never enough to keep warm with, and there had always been a wolf waiting right around every corner to make all of the human’s lives horrible. A few had even been publically executed in front of the others, though those had usually been reserved for the humans that tried to run, She had even had to bury one of the girls she had met and befriended. She shuttered at the memory.

She felt Dominic lean down to lay a kiss to her shoulder and she relaxed a bit, telling herself that she was safe now and that things were better. Serendipity wanted to be there in the moment, with the man that she loved more than anything. His lips trailed down her back and she felt her body come alive under his touch, her skin tingling as her nipples beaded up underneath the bra she was still wearing. Suddenly, the clothing she was wearing felt too restrictive and tight.

“I’m sorry I let this happen, but fuck Serendipity how could you think you’re anything less than beautiful?” He grasped her hand and pulled it back towards him until she was feeling his erection through the boxers he had on. “Do you feel what you do to me, what you’ve always done to me? You’re perfect, every part of you.”

She felt his hands unclasp her bra and it fell away from her. His hands came up to cup both of her breasts and she sucked in a deep breath of surprise at how warm his palms were. Her head fell back against his chest as his fingers gently traced over the two buds and if it was possible her nipples grew even harder for him, begging his fingers to play with them. She felt her womb contract under his gentle touch and her underwear grew damp. He lowered her his mouth to bite her earlobe gently before moving down to place little love bites right below it.

“I’ve dreamed about these for so long, Serendipity. Look at how perfectly they fit into my hands, baby,” he coached gently. She opened her glazed eyes, looking down to watch him play with her. Panting like crazy, she felt every touch, every light stroke, in her core. She turned in his arms suddenly, needing more. She needed him. Looking up at him, she dragged his head down towards hers and latched her mouth onto his. Sighing softly, she let him take the lead. She loved the way he tasted, like spice, sweet and addicting. His hands traveled further down her body and she felt him slip his fingers into the waistband of her underwear, pulling them down off her.

Then his fingers glided up her inner thigh before one of them stopped right over her center. SHe couldn’t stop the loud gasp as one of his long digits parted the lips of her sex to stroke right over her. She had only ever known her own hand, and not very often, but this was something completely different. This was something...sinful in the best of ways. Her body arched forward and she pulled away from his mouth, needing air as the breath was stolen from her lungs. She clutched onto him as his finger passed over her clit, once, twice, before he finally pulled away.

He pulled her up into his arms before settling her onto the bed. “God you’re so wet,” Dominic panted before he tugged at the waistband of his underwear. She watched as his cock sprung forward and she sat up a bit straighter at the sight. She had definitely been right about him being way bigger than six inches. She scooted back a bit when Dominic went to crawl between her legs.

Dominic, I don’t think this is going to work. You’re so... That can’t be real, right?

Her mate chuckled but didn’t stop his advance towards her. “It’s okay, Serendipity. We were made for one another. I’ll fit,” he soothed, settling between her thighs. Before she had the chance to argue, he took her mouth again. She settled against him as one hand roamed down her body to find her again. When she arched up towards him, eager, he settled on her entrance before his finger stretched her open. Little cries, sounds she didn’t even know she could make, left her mouth when they parted from their kiss. “You’re so tight, baby.”

Serendipity cried out when he thrust the digit forward before adding another. A hint of unease settled in her as the movement became more uncomfortable than pleasurable. As if sensing it, she felt his thumb stroke her clit, sparking her desire once more. For a few minutes, she rocked against him slowly as the inferno in her grew larger and larger, Dominic murmuring sweet words in her ear the entire time. Finally, right on the edge, she felt herself clamp down on his fingers as waves of pleasure engulfed her.

Then, before she came all the way down from the high that she was experiencing, she felt him remove his fingers and something a lot bigger nudged up against her. She tensed, opening her eyes so that she could see Dominic’s eyes. He pushed forward until the tip was in, and then before she could change her mind, he thrust forward, breaking through the thin layer of her virginity. This time she couldn’t help but buck against him. The pain was so intense for a split second, that she was sure if she could have screamed, she would have.

Stop, stop, please, Dom. It hurts, she sent frantically through the mind link.

He held her arms down, keeping her in place but not moving an inch as her body tried desperately to adjust. “Shh, I know. I’m sorry. I’ve got you. It’s over, baby,” he murmured over and over. She blinked up at him as a tear trailed down her face only to realize that it wasn’t her tear. It was his that had spilled onto her cheek.

Seeing his obvious devastation at having hurt her, she tried her best to clear her head of the pain she was in. One of her hands reached up to wipe away the wetness on his cheeks. She had seen Dominic cry on rare occasions, but it hurt her heart that he was so upset that he had hurt her.

She gave him a shaky smile. It’s okay. I’m okay now.

If she was honest, she did feel better than she had a moment ago. She didn’t want to move because the memory of how it had felt was so strong, but most of the real pain had faded. Now, it just felt uncomfortable and awkward. She felt full in a way her body didn’t like. She tensed as Dominic moved his hands from holding her arms and slipped one between them. He lightly touched her clit, rubbing soft circles around the bud until the uncomfortable fullness began to transform into something else entirely.

When he slipped a bit further inside her, it was because she moved her hips, searching for some elusive pleasure that felt just out of touch. She gasped in surprise when the added length felt good instead of bad. Dominic’s hips began to thrust in and out, a slow movement that she soon picked up on and began to copy. Though there was a little bit of residual pain, she almost didn’t notice it.

Faster, Dominic. Please? she begged. Her mate was happy to oblige, quicking. She heard him groan and curse when she grew frustrated and thrust up to meet him. The friction was between the two of them spurred her on and she loved watching the pleasure on her mates face almost as much as she loved how he made. her feel Seconds seemed to melt into minutes before eventually, she felt herself climbing again. When Dominic lightly pinched her clit between his fingers, she trembled and came on his cock. Seconds later he followed her, pulsing inside her before collapsing beside her, dragging her on top of him so that he didn’t crush her with his weight. Her head fell onto his chest as they caught their breath together, both coming down.

She closed her eyes and snuggled into him, oddly satisfied that she was no longer a virgin, and happy that he had been the one to take it. As much as it had hurt at first, she now understood the hype about sex. She had never felt so close to Dominic, so much a part of him than she did now. She felt him ease out of her and she winced at how sore she felt. Dominic moved from out from underneath her before moving to sit up on the side of the bed.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

She nodded and watched as he stood. Her eyes went wide when she caught sight of the sign of her virginity on him. She knew that virgin typically bleed, but she didn’t think it would be as much as it was. He walked towards the bathroom and the light seeped out into the room. The sounds of water filling the tub met her ears and she smiled, burying herself a bit deeper into the warmth of the covers. Dominic came back out, cleaned up a few moments later and gently picked her up as to not jar her too much. In the bathroom, he lowered her into a steaming hot bath, before crawling in behind her. Her sore muscles relaxed in the steaming hot water and she sighed contently.

Dominic stroked her hair back away from her face before pulling it back into a terrible bun. “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it better for you Serendipity.”

Serendipity peaked up at that. It can be better? Her thoughts sounded eager, even to her.

“It will be a lot better, baby, and soon. Just as soon as you’ve had time to heal I’ll show you how much you’ve been missing out on,” he explained, lather up a loofa with her scented body wash before running it over her shoulders. “I’m sorry I hurt you. If there had been any other way, I would have done it for you.”

She gripped his free hand in hers and looked back at him with a small, reassuring smile. I know that. Besides, it wasn’t so bad. I like belonging to you and now I belong to you in every way possible.”

“You know just what to say, Serendipity. I like belonging to you too. I know you weren’t my first, but you are the last and the only one who has ever mattered. Please don’t ever forget that,” he murmured, finishing up with her back before he moved down to where she was a bit more than sore. She couldn’t stop the hiss that escaped her mouth when he brushed over her even though he was more than gentle. When he finished, he quickly washed before getting out of the tub, leaving her to soak while he went to search for a clean set of sheets.

She laid her head back and stretched out slowly in the warm water, closing her eyes. She was exhausted. After the stress of the party and the...well, sex, she supposed that she should have felt as tired as she was. Serendipity had never given much thought to how she would lose her virginity. When she had been in school, a few of the boys had always tried to get her to kiss them or let them touch her but she had always swiftly turned them down, which had led her to be considered somewhat of an outsider. Now that she had experienced how things could be with Dominic, she was glad she had held onto her purity. She had given him something, a gift, that no one else would ever be able to take.

When she slipped underneath the water a bit without realizing it, she sat up abruptly and cursed herself when the pain inside her began to throb again. Her mother had talked to her about periods and practicing safe sex, but she hadn’t ever had to use that information after the war because she had been segregated from all men, besides the rare occasion when she saw them at the places she was employed. She froze with wide eyes when she realized that Dominic hadn’t used protection. Standing on wobbly legs, Serendipity stepped out of the tub and she grabbed the towel that had been laid out for her. Wrapping it around her, she slowly walked to the door of the bathroom, peering out to watch as Dominic tried his best to make the bed.

It was obvious to her that the man had probably never had to do it in his life and she smiled, thoughts of a possible pregnancy shelved away for a talk they could have later on. Besides, most of the time couples had to try for years before the woman got pregnant. She tucked the towel underneath her armpit so it wouldn’t fall before striding towards him with a shy smile. He looked back at her with a hopeless expression and she silently laughed before going to the other side of the bed, helping him with the sheets.

After they were finished, Serendipity curled up beside Dominic in the middle of the bed. His fingers stroked back and forth over her head, twisting little strands of her hair together in a soothing manner. Neither of them spoke a word for a few minutes as they enjoyed being with each other so. Dominic fell asleep first, his deep breathing like music to her ears. Finally, right before she fell asleep she looked over at him and mind linked him.

I love you, Dominic, more than anything. I’m so grateful to be mated to such a wonderful wolf.

His smile, even with him in a deep sleep, was all she needed in response and she allowed herself to drift off beside him, knowing that she would have many more nights just like this one.

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