The Prince's Mute Mate

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Serendipity was sorer than she could ever remember being in places that she didn’t really think could be sore. Stretching in the bed, her body ached and she was thankful Dominic had run her a hot bath to soak in the night before because without it she knew she would feel even worse than she did. She sighed loudly as she snuggled into the sheets with Dominic’s scent before her eyes popped open in search of her wolf. Rolling over, she frowned when Dominic was nowhere to be seen. The sun shone into their room, casting bright rays of the sun into her face and she knew immediately what had woken her.

She huffed before turning over in bed, dragging the thick comforter over her head to block out the light. She closed her eyes as her body grew warm and relaxed. Sleep beckoned to her once more before she suddenly jolted upright as the door to her room was ripped open, violently hitting the wall. When she turned to look at who had entered the way they did, she had almost expected it to be Beckham or a runaway wolf from the basement. Her pounding heart calmed at the sight of a smiling Lindsey. She walked in like she owned the place and Serendipity groaned in response, knowing the early bird would want Sernedipity up and busy.

“Good morning sunshine? Have a good sleep? Or a good lack of sleep should I say?” Lindsey teased as she bounded her way towards the bed, ripping the comforter off of Serendipity who only glared teasingly back at her.

She wondered for a moment how Lindsey could have known but realized that when Lindsey took the sheets to be washed, she probably noticed the bloodstain. Her cheeks flared red as she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, yawning. She noticed that she had been changed into one of Dominic’s shirts and she smiled in surprise at the thoughtfulness of her mate. She must have really been exhausted to have slept through Dominic tugging a T-shirt over her body.

“You are never going to believe what’s been going on around here this morning,” Lindsey exclaimed as she climbed onto the bed beside Serendipit. “I mean, I don’t know what exactly you said to him to make him give the speech about freeing humans at the New Nation celebration, but whatever it was worked.”

Serendipity shook her head. She wouldn’t take credit for anything she didn’t do and the truth was she hadn’t even gotten around to talking with him about freeing humans. He had come to the decision to do that all on his own and she was proud of him for that.

“Dominic has not only given humans two free days a week where we are able to move about in our areas freely, but he has set up food stations and clothing stations in every district to provide free goods to those willing to take them,” Lindsey explained, the words spewing out of her mouth so fast that she had to think about them to fully understand what was being said. “That’s not all! Just like he promised, he has put two laws into place, both with the goal of completely freeing humans and making them self sustaining in New Nation within the next few years!”

Serendipity couldn’t remember ever seeing the blonde girl’s eyes shine so bright in the months that she had known her and that was saying something because Lindsey had been the brightest human soul she knew. Honestly, she was just as excited ad her friend to hear that Dominic was busy at work doing something he knew would make her happy, even though it meant sacrificing time with her before he had to leave for the meeting with the Supernatural Council.

Lindsey’s gaze lingered on her for a minute too long and Serendipity shyly yanked her hand up towards her neck to hide the hickey she had spotted last night in the bathroom mirror. Dominic had left the little strawberry colored mark right above her mark and below her ear and though part of her was turned on that he had marked her once more for everyone to see, she realized now just how obvious it must have been that they had had sex.

“You have to tell me everything,” Lindsey whispered deviously.

Serendipity’s face turned a blistering red as the memory of her and Dominic tangled together resurfaced. She shook her head and zipped her lips together for her friend to see before throwing away the metaphorical key. Lindsey groaned in disappointment as Serendipity pushed the heavy cover off of her and stood up, feeling a bit worse for wear in the best way possible. She went straight to the bathroom, Lindsey trailing in behind her. Serendipity’s eyes went wide as she looked in the mirror at the mark that now graced the crook of her neck. The hickey had gotten a lot worse and there wasn’t just one, but two that she could clearly make out against her pale skin.

“Does it hurt,” Lindsey asked hesitantly, almost like she was afraid she would offend Serendipity.

Serendipity didn’t know if she was aking about the mark that still looked relatively fresh or the hickey, but she shook her head no. It felt more like a good ache. Like the rest of her body felt. In a weird way, the hickey he had left on her the night before made her feel cherished, protected even, and she knew that when he left to go to meet with the Supernatural Council, all she would have to do was look in the mirror to be reminded of their time together.

Lindsey picked up the basket of dirty towels before turning to address her. ” I have to go take care of this and complete a few more chores, but when I get back in we will have lunch if Dominic hasn’t beat me to it.”

Serendipity nodded her head in agreement and Lindsey gave her farewell before she walked out of the bathroom, leaving her alone. Serendipity’s focus deviated back to herself. It was strange to see just how much she had changed in the past month. She was still skinny, probably a bit underweight, but there was some meat on her bones. She looked fuller, healthier. There was a certain glow to her that she had never seen before, even when she had been free along with the other humans.

Movement in the corner of the mirror made her pause and then turn to face the man who had flipped her world upside down. She smiled and watched as he loosened his tie before taking off his jacket, throwing it over on of the vanity chairs.

“I was supposed to be back before you got up.”

Lindsey told me what you’ve been up to all morning, Serendipity practically sang through the bond.

She waited for him to respond but he didn’t move a muscle. She rushed him, catching him off guard. Her arms slid around his waist in a loving embrace and she held him as close to her as she could, squeezing with all her might. Tears welled up in her eyes and, as he pulled her away from her, she saw that they had spilled onto his dress shirt. His large hands cupped her chin, fingers wiping away the tears of happiness that flowed freely.

“I meant what I announced last night Serendipity. If this is what it takes to make you happy and make things right, then I’ll do it. Goddess, I’d do anything for you,” he swore before his lips crashed down onto hers.

She met him with the same ferocity, their mouths fighting for dominance before she gave in and let him have his way with her, all too happy to be receiving his attention. Eventually, he came up and she gasped in the air as his mouth trailed little kisses over her chin, towards the very spot he had left his wolves mark. She whimpered as he grew closer, the spot sensitive. Suddenly his head jerked up and he looked down at her flustered form, concern in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Serendipity. I should be more thoughtful. I know you must be sore,” he apologized sweetly, grasping her hand. She shook her head, not worried about how she felt so long as she got to be close to Dominic.

After Serendipity changed into a loose outfit, demanded so by Dominic so that she would be comfortable, she found herself curled up with her head in his lap on the couch in front of the fireplace, which was steadily burning. In all of the time that she had been with him, moments like the one they were sharing together were rare, but she cherished each one. Book in hand, she was reading when and Dominic was working on something on his computer when a knock on the door interrupted their peace. She knew before Dominic looked down at her that it was almost time for him to leave, but it didn’t stop the pain in her chest from blooming at the thought of being separated from him. Dominic called out for whoever was at the door to enter and she sat up to see Dominic’s Gamma Rylee entering their space.

With a bow to both of them, he addressed Dominic. “Alpha, I’m sorry for interrupting, but it’s almost time for us to depart.”

Dominic nodded at Rylee and thanked him and the Gamma left them so that they were alone once more. Before she could stop them, tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of Dominic being away for so long. Not long ago, she had prayed to have a bit of space between them so she could think clearly but now she didn’t know how she was going to do anything other than count the seconds until her wolf came back to her. Dominic pulled her close and kissed her gently, wiping away a stray tear that had fallen down her cheek unchecked. She cursed herself for being so weak and tried to put on her best smile. She would have had to be blind to see that Dominic wasn’t convinced.

“I’ll be back before you know it, little human. Don’t be sad,” he soothed. She nodded before embracing him, nuzzling her head into his chest. They sat like that for a few minutes and she tried her best to soak him up as much as she could. Eventually, they parted and she helped him gather his things before walking with him down the stairs and out the door to the large SUV that was waiting for him.

Dominic approached Beckham, who had followed Serendipity down as her guard, with a deadly serious expression on his face. “I don’t have to warn you that the scar you sported will be child’s play compared to what I will do to you if I come home to find Serendipity in less than perfect condition, do I?”

Beckham looked nervous, the first time she had ever seen the wolf look so. He nodded his head. “Yes, Alpha. You can count on me to keep the Luna safe.”

Dominic gave him a curt nod before he moved to stand before Serendipity. Leaning down, he pressed a quick but passionate kiss to her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting to hold him one last time before he left. They parted and he brought her hand up to hid mouth to press a kiss to her palm.

“I love you, little human. I will be home soon.”

Then he was gone.

Later that day, when the pacing back and forth in their room didn’t distract her enough from the fact Dominic would be gone for two entire weeks, she sat in the room her mate had made for her. Surrounded by things he had filled the space with to make her happy, she realized then how hard she had fallen. Despite having a normal diet and everything she could wish for, she wasn’t happy without Dominic to share it with. Nothing held the same appeal to her, not even the sketch pad she was doodling in.

The effects of the bond between them were no joke. It was as if he was her own drug, made just for her and without a steady supply of it, she was sinking fast. The emotional pain was so terrible that she swore she could feel it physically. It felt as if her heart had been taken out of her chest and the pain was getting worse with every mile Dominic put between them. It was made worse that not even Lindsey was able to distract her. Her friend wasn’t able to spend time with her when she had her own problems with a particular wolf that had a problem with ‘personal space’ as Lindsey put it. In other words, the wolf that had ended up being mated to Lindsey was doing everything he could to claim her and yank her to the territory he ruled over and Lindsey was doing everything she could to avoid that fate. Even the triplets were to busy with work to spend time with her. She was alone.

You aren’t alone Serendipity. I’ll be back by the end of the week, she heard Dominic send through their bond.

I know. I’m sorry I’m taking this so badly. You’re doing this for me and to make things right and I’m not making it any easier on you, she thought back.

He scoffed. Do you think I am handling it any better? Benjamin keeps asking me not to growl every five miles we travel that takes me further from you. My wolf isn’t happy that I’m leaving either. He’s quite cross with me, Dominic assured her.

She blushed. It made her feel better that it wasn’t just her that was reacting so strongly to a separation. I love you, Dom.

"I love you too. More than you know. I’ll see you soon, he said before she felt his presence leave her.

She sighed sadly and stood before heading out of her sanctuary. It reminded her to much of Dominic to be of any comfort to her. Beckham stood right outside the door, ever alert to any possible threats to her even though most of the different packs had finally gone home. Everything was quiet for a change and the lack of people filling the space made everything seem so much bigger. She was surprised she hadn’t gotten lost, though she supposed it would be hard to with her guards following her every move.

With Beckham following her closely, Serendipity stepped out into the gardens and breathed in the cool and crisp air. Though it was still too cold to be considered comfortable without a heavy jacket, the weather was finally starting to warm up. She heard a low gasp and she looked over to her right, seeing a human carrying a table into the manor storage room. It took her a second to realize that it wasn’t her who had scared the human, but Beckham. The girl looked about her age with brunette hair and large blue eyes. She scampered off quickly, head down. Serendipity looked over at her guard with her eyebrows raised in question.

Beckham raised a hand to rub the back of his neck awkwardly, but she could see that his usually dark eyes were the light yellow of his wolf. From what she had learned, the color only emerged when a werewolf was upset or when the wolf was presented with its mate. Since Beckham didn’t appear in the slightest bit tense, she gaped at him in surprise.

With a roll of his eyes, he addressed the elephant in the air. “I may have bumped into her a week ago and then told her to get lost in not so nice terms.”

With narrowed eyes, she balled up one of her fists and punched his arm, probably hurting herself more than him. She signed furiously at him, only barley imagining the pain she would have felt had Dominic basically rejected her. Even when they had first met, it would have stung way more than she would have cared to admit.

“I can’t understand the hand speak, Serendipity, but I’m pretty sure you just called me stupid and if that’s the case, I’d have to agree with you. It’s not like I can get mating sickness with her around the manor all the time, though,” he lamely added as if that made it okay. She simply shrugged her shoulders, silently groaning at the wolves’ stupidity.

He looked down toward his feet with a sigh of defeat before giving her the most serious look Serendipity had ever seen him express. “I’m afraid that she’ll want nothing to do with me and there would be nothing I could do if she requested a transfer away from the manor. I’m not an Alpha. I’m just a warrior and that means I can’t just kidnap her and take her back to my territory, mostly because I don’t have my own territory. I figured if I stayed away, she’d be happier and not try to leave but lately...” He glanced towards the door his mate had slipped into. “Lately, I’ve been wondering if I made a huge mistake in not fighting for her. For us.”

He shook his head and looked down at her. Serendipity wanted to scream ‘duh’ at him as loud as she could, but instead, she settled on pushing him towards the manor where they had last seen her. He glanced back at her as if he wanted to shake her off but when she shooed him away from her, he relented and took a few steps forward.

Before he got too far away, he glanced back at her. “Toby, I have to step away for a few minutes. You are to watch over the Princess while I am gone. Do not let her out of your sight, or I will make sure the Prince gets your head before he gets mine. “Serendipity cocked her head confused until a lone werewolf stepped out from the shadows of the Manor building. Beckham smirked. “You didn’t think I would leave you alone and without protection, did you?”

Serendipity turned away from him, before smiling. No, she hadn’t expected him to leave her alone. Say what you wanted to about him, but the werewolf knew what he was doing when it came to being a guard. It seemed even his backup plans had backup plans and she had to admit that it made her feel safe with Dominic gone.

Practically by herself, but not really with a lone guard tailing her, she walked the path that led towards the man-made lake. There was a bench beside the water and she sat, watching the sun reflect off the surface. The walk wasn’t very far from the manor but she couldn’t see the building from beneath the canopy of trees she sat under.

“Hello, your majesty.”

Her body froze at the voice and she turned ever slowly to the right. Standing in the path between her and the wolf that was meant to be guarding her, was Whitlock. The werewolf looked as if he had seen better days. His clothes were dirty and she could smell him from several feet away. She glanced over to her guard and he didn’t make a move to intervene. Instead, he watched with a grin that sent her stomach plummeting. She stood quickly, about to make a run for the manor when Whitlock whipped a gun out from his coat pocket.

She froze, wide-eyed. She hadn’t seen a gun since the war but she wasn’t stupid. There was no way she was outrunning a bullet.

Whitlock smiled creepily as he waved the weapon around, cocking his head to the side. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, but if you’d like a bullet in you then be my guest. I was hoping to have more time with you first. Humans break so easily, even ones that have been marked.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat and stood still, nodding. Immediately she reached out towards Dominic, thanking God when she was successfully able to do so. Dominic had explained that it took many humans months to get a good grip on communicating via the link but Serendipity seemed to be a natural at it. Dominic’s theory was that it stemmed from her being mute. She was forced to use the bond unless she wanted to sign.

Still missing me, little human? he asked teasingly, obviously not yet picking up on the sheer terror running through her body like a live wire.

Dominic, Whitlock is here. He looks unstable and he has a gun. She sent the words as calmly as she could, trying to not make it obvious she was speaking to her mate. Immediately she felt rage engulf the bond.

Where’s Beckham?

He took a break and assigned me another guard, Toby is his name. I think he’s helping Whitlock. He’s just watching Whitlock and smiling like my fear is the funniest thing he’s ever seen.

Before Dominic could respond, Whitlock reached her. He hummed lowly, picking up a piece of her hair before bringing it to his nose, smelling it. Her stomach rolled and her palms became sweaty in nervousness. She flinched back, unable to stop herself and the werewolf growled loudly. Before she knew what was happening, he whipped his hand with the pistol back so fast she barely had time to realize what was happening. With a loud crack, a blinding hot pain became her entire world before everything went black.

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