The Diary Of A Vampire Slave

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She was taken the night of her families massacre, she watched as the creatures tore her family apart. Now she's their slave. The slave of a vampire.

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Chapter 1

What happens when you lose the hope of survival? What happens when you no longer have the will to fight?

You give up.

Annabelle Young has lost everything. Her five year old sister, both of her parents and the love of her life all in one night. One horrific, terrifying night. The events of that night continue to haunt her, it is something she will never forget.

“Stand” a chill swept across her body, her limbs began to shake as the voice from her nightmares demanded something of her. Rising hesitantly, her entire body ached as she’d slept on the cold hard cement. Her body was bruised from the tight grip of the three vampires that had man handed her here. The off shoulder thin blue shirt and dark black skimpy underwear was all she had to shield her body from the vampires prying eyes.

A long thin scar covered half of his face, his glowing golden iris’s ate up every inch of her exposed pale flesh. His black silk shirt looked soft and accented his thinner muscular chest and abdomen, his dark dress pants were loose and slightly covered his dress shoes. She kept her eyes away from his, instead she focused on his dusty blonde hair.

With her heart hammering in her throat she slowly stepped forward. Fear clinging to her skin. She didn’t know what they would do to her.

Actually that was a lie, she had a pretty good idea what they would do. They would feed on her, drain her dry until she was nothing but a corpse, as cold as they were. With a shudder she closed her eyes and waited for further instruction.

“You’re going to make a pretty pet” he said with blatant sexual interest. He reached out, quicker than she’d ever seen anybody move, his hand trailed over a strand of her hair and he suddenly pulled back and tsked. “You’re a mess.”

Annabelle swallowed thickly as his hand hovered just above her chest. She prayed, he didn’t touch her in any other kind of way. He stood staring at her, his eyes accessing her fear before he threw his head back and laughed before he stepped away and opened the door. His movements were so quick, she could hardly see him as he moved about. Her human eye sight was not up to par with his supernatural speed.

She didn’t dare speak. In fact she hadn’t said a word since she’d been kidnapped, she had kicked and screamed the entire way. It was after she had spent two weeks held up in the dark and foul smelling cell she currently was standing in that she finally began to loose the will to fight.

The vampire gripped her wrist and tugged her after him, ignoring how she tripped and stumbled over her feet. He was herding her like a pig to its slaughter.

The dark walls of the underground dungeon seemed to go on forever. There were so many doors, so many cries for help she found herself wanting to plug her ears. Those had been her pleas once.

How many were down here? She wondered.

He stopped at a pair of golden elevator doors and they waited as the metal box took its time to descend.

Annabelle peeked up at him through her dark lashes, her light gray eyes taking in the side of his face that wasn’t horribly scarred. He was handsome from this angle. “I can feel your eyes on me pet” He snarled, obviously not okay with her examination of him.

She quickly glanced away and watched the elevator ding and the doors slide open. Keeping her eyes to the floor, on the expensive red carpet of the small box, she stepped in behind the vampire and licked her dry lips as the doors slid closed and they began their ascent. Her stomach grumbled for food, breaking the silence.

“Have you not been eating?” he asked with disdain clearly irriated with her need for food.

Without thinking she responded with a sharpness “You mean those scraps that couldn’t even tide a mouse over?”

The vampire turned so quickly, the back of his hand connecting with her cheek, the loud smack echoing in the small box. He bared his large, impressive fangs at her “You will watch how you speak to me! I am your master, I am supierier. You are nothing but a weak human, a slave for my kind”

Annabelle fell back against the elevator wall, her cheek blooming red.Tears streaming down her face she muffled her sobs. “S-slave?” she wasn’t sure she wanted to know what that entailed.

He sneered, his glowing eyes peering down at her relishing her pain “Oh yes my sweet pet. You are to be a slave for a new master in just a few hours”

The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. Annabelle refused to move, she slid down to the red carpet. Her breaths coming out in short pants. “I-I.. No!” she screamed, her hands curling into tight fists.

The evil laugh came from him again, “Oh Yes. You have no choice. You belong to us now. To the world of the supernatural.” He crouched down in front of her and she flinched back, “You will never step foot into the human world again. You will die when we deem that it is your time” he said. He was cruel, a monster.

With a quick scoop, he hauled her into his arms and carried her out of the elevator and into a grand hall. Annabelle kicked and screamed, her voice echoeing across the tops of the high ceilings. It was all for nothing. Nobody would come rescue her.

His shoes squeaked across the polished floor as they passed several tall and wide pillars before taking the grand staircase up, past the second floor only to stop at the third. They passed several more vampires who stared at her with hunger. They were all evil.

He took her down a long wide hallway, decorated in expensive paintings and gold décor. She was dangling over his back, her ass on display. Fear was quickly turning into hate for this creature.

He opened a large door and they stepped into a massive bedroom. Her eyes immediately sought an escape, the windows were closed but she could see darkness of the night sky just beyond the glass. Suddenly he withdrew her body from his shoulder and dropped her to the floor. She fell with a small cry, her back hitting the hard floor with a loud thump.

He grinned down at her, once again showing off his sharp fangs “The bathroom is in there” he pointed to the single high priced door to the left. “You need to clean yourself and shave everywhere”

She stared up at him in shock, “What?”

His eyes were laughing at her, he found her amusing. She didn’t find anything funny about the situation, but then again she was the sane on in this place. “You need to shave.”

“Yes I understood that part” she snapped back and immediately flinched back waiting for the hit. When it didn’t come she peeked up at him.

He smirked and leaned back on his feet, “You need to shave your arm pits, your legs and your pussy”

A blush spread from her chest, to her neck and into her cheeks. His crass language causing her further embarrassment.

“You humans are so amusing and so easily responsive” he said before nodding at the door once more, “Go”

Annabelle wasted no time climbing to her feet and rushing into the small room ignoring his laughter. She felt like a lab rat. He was building her a maze, and watching as she went through it. She shut the door behind her and leaned against it. Her eyes widening at the expensive taste of a simple bathroom. Everything in this large mansion was high priced. She was hesitant to take her clothes off but she didn’t know when the next time she’d be able to shower again. So she slowly drew her shirt and underwear from her body and stepped into the shower.

A small satisfied moan slipped from her lips as the warm water rushed across her battered and bruised body. Her arms drew into her chest and her head hung down as she let the water warm her. It was the closest thing to a blanket she’d come across in the last two weeks. She wasn’t sure how long she stood beneath the spray, and quite frankly she didn’t care. That vampire had all the time in the world, he could wait, in fact he could die waiting for all she cared.

She eyed the small bottom of shampoo before picking it up and squirting a bit in her palm. It smelled nice and floral. No longer would she smell like Body odor and urine.

As she washed her body and finished with her hair, her mind wandered. She’d spent the last two weeks crying over those she lost, almost unable to come to terms with the fact that they weren’t here anymore. Now, she found herself wanting revenge. She almost laughed at the thought. How could a small human, such as herself, kill a strong supernatural vampire?

There was no way.

As she washed her face, she winced as her soapy palms roamed over her bruised cheek. She did as he asked, and shaved, everywhere.

She rinsed herself off and turned off the water, quickly stepping out of the large floor to ceiling glass shower she grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around herself like a shield.

She squared her shoulders, took a deep breath and stepped from the bathroom.

The vampire stood exactly as she’d left him. He stared at her before he flashed in front of her, his hand came up once more and toiled with a small wet strand of dark black hair. He smiled, “Much better.” He let it drop and stepped away from her. He walked towards the bed and grabbed a garment she hadn’t noticed laying there before from the bed and stalked back towards her.

He thrust it at her.

Slowly she grabbed it.

“Put it on” he instructed a gleam in his eyes. She made a move to head into the bathroom but he caught her upper arm in a tight grip, stopping her. “Put it on, right now”

Annabelle swallowed a large lump in her throat. A surge of defiance building, “No” she said letting the small beautiful white dress float to the floor.

The vampire gave no warning as he reached out, his hand gripped the top of her towel and he yanked it off of her. She screamed, her hands flying up to cover herself only to be caught in his tight grip. He grapped her hands in his and yanked them behind her back securing her. The soft globes of her breasts were thrust out, the coldness of the room had her soft pink nipples peaking.

She let out a gasp as he pressed against her. He took a step forward and instinctively she took a step back until she was backed into the side of the bed.

“St-stop” she cried.

He gave her a cruel smile before bending down and capturing her nipple in his mouth.

Her body reacted, she found herself moaning, her legs shifting as an ache between her legs gathered. He leaned into her, pushing her back until she lay on the bed. He managed to keep her hands behind her back by keeping a tight grip on her wrists. His lower half grinds into her and tears spring to her eyes as her body continues to react despite her inner protests. She doesn’t want this.

He sighs and steps off of her and she sinks into the bed as he releases her wrists. With tears streaming down her face, soaking into the plush comforter beneath her she can’t hold it in any longer. She begins to cry in earnest now. The sound of her sobs filling the room.

The vampire looks uncomfortable for a moment before gathering himself, “Stand up and get dressed. Now you know, you should always obey your master”

Annabelle gets off the bed and grabs the dress from the floor before sliding it over her head. She doesn’t ask about undergarments as she’s sure she won’t get any anyways. If he wanted her to have them, he’d have given them to her.

Her bottom lip quivers as she fiddles with the bottom of the dress. It’s a soft cotton fabic that reaches her knees. Thing straps hold the dress up, a deep V neck accents her breast. The dress is nearly see through. “Now what?” she asks, her voice is weak and vulnerable. She is weak and vulnerable.

He doesn’t grin, a gesture she was becoming used to, instead he begins to usher her out of the room, “Now, it’s time for the auction”

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