A Champion's Soul

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Most of my life was spent on the streets, stealing and robbing... I can say I never killed anyone during that time. I had a little sister I protected, but that's about to change... I'll do what I can. Sometimes life isn't a simple as you might think. One day your homeless and on the run, the next you can be an elf or even a dragon. Joshua, the bastard son of French royalty is going to see such a thing.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Joshua: The Day I Died

We woke up to screaming, it wasn’t close, but it wasn’t all that far away either.

Alice, my little sister, she sounded terrified. “What’s going on?”

I should go look. “Stay here, I’ll check to see what it is.” I walked out of the tunnel to check, we’re sleeping in an abandoned mine. I didn’t see anything, but I could hear the screams

Alice bumped into my back. “What’s going on?”

I told her to stay. “Go back inside. I’ll look around.”

She went back into the mine and I stepped further outside. Now I could see it, smoke in the distance. Everyone in the village was running around. They were grabbing their things…

I ran back to the mine to grab Alice, she was already at the entrance. “We’re leaving!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the village.

She was scared. “What’s going on?!”

I don’t know. “I don’t know! There’s fire, and people are running away!”

She was crying. “Josh I’m scared!”

I had to stop pulling her… I turned around and gave her a hug… She’s only seven. “Everything’s going to be okay! We need to move okay.”

She nodded, but it didn’t convince her. One of the villagers bumped into us. He looked terrified. “There! OH GOD THERE HERE!”

What? “Who’s here!?”

He looked at us both… “The Cult of Almawt! You children need to get out of the village now! There’s carriage getting ready to leave!” He rushed us over to it and went back to grabbing his stuff.

I pulled Alice to the carriage, it was loaded down with people and people were fighting to get on. I managed to get us through the crowd and there were two guards pulling children on board… They looked at us, they were terrified to. They helped us on and shortly after the carriage took off, leaving the rest of the villagers. They were killing each other trying to get on. Only the children were able to get on…

The other children were crying, but we didn’t see anything. Alice was still scared and she asked one of the guards a question. “What’s going to happen to them?” The guard didn’t answer.

One of them had a crossbow. The further we got the more smoke we saw, they got to the village then. I’ve seen lots of death in my short life, this is nothing new. It was a few more minutes and there was a loud crack, then an explosion… I grabbed Alice out of instinct and we were thrown from the carriage. We rolled across the ground for several feet and there was screaming… I could hear the guards screaming in horror before a loud cracking noise, then they stopped…

Is she hurt? “Alice are you okay?!”

She answered. “I’m fine!”

I hugged her and jumped up to see what happened, and I saw a minotaur. It was eating one of the guards. One of the horses was pinned under the carriage, the other was stuck from the ropes. Both were trying to get away. I didn’t see any of the other children, just ash floating with the wind. Did they die?

I ran over to the horse and pulled the ropes off, the minotaur noticed me and tried charging. I jumped out of the way and it lost its balance sliding ten or so feet away. I went to stand back up and had pain rip through me. My leg was gushing blood. I don’t have time to dwell on the pain, I got the last rope off the horse and jumped on its back. I steered it over to Alice and grabbed her. She was on the back of the horse, I didn’t know what else to do and just continued the direction the carriage was heading. The minotaur chased us, it was nearly as fast as the horse running on all fours. I heard a clack noise and then a scream. I briefly looked behind me and saw that Alice had the guard’s crossbow, she was shooting at the minotaur.

I’m not sure if she can hit it. “Aim for the eyes!”

Several more clacks, eventually there was a thunk. She hit it, but not where we needed to. The horse couldn’t take this much longer. It wanted to live, but it still has its limit. I could see a castle in the distance! We were so close, but it felt so far away. The horse couldn’t keep going, it slowed down just enough for the Minotaur to slam us to the side, it’s horns dug into my leg, through that into the horse’s side. It launches us to the right, a hundred feet at least.

The crossbow landed next to me, I couldn’t see straight but I grabbed it. I tried finding Alice. I saw her, she wasn’t moving, there was blood dripping from her forehead. It was sniffing her. I WON’T LET IT HURT HER AGAIN! I shot at it, I’ve never fired a crossbow before, but I hit its leg. I roared out in anger, I could see the castle gates opening and horse riders coming out. I just need to hold it off until they get here! It ran over to me and knocked me to the side. I fired another bolt at it, this time hitting its hand! It screamed out again. I got back up and it charged again. I shot again, but it hit me. I could feel it’s horns digging into my stomach. It threw me up into the air and I lost the crossbow.

The world around me was fading. I watched as everything turned to a haze, but it only took me a moment. If I let myself die at this moment, the years of fighting would mean nothing. My name is Joshua, I am the bastard son to the King of France. My sister is Alice, the bastard daughter to the King of France. Our mother died to keep us alive. I’ve fought for seven years to keep her alive. If I’m going to die today, it’ll mean something. I kept a knife on me my mother gave me and pulled it out. I looked down towards the Minotaur, its jaw agape. Waiting for me land in it. I pointed the blade to the beast, and when I came back down. I drove it down the monsters through. It slammed it’s jaw down on my arm, but I twisted the blade forcing it to open once more. The creature cried out, both in agony and choking on blood. I pulled on the knife and cut it free from the minotaur. It fell, but landed on top of me… This, this is the feeling of death. Everything was fading, but the soldiers got to us before it faded out.

One of them knelt next to me. “What is your name boy?”

I smiled. “J-Joshua… Bastard son of France.”

He pulled me out from under the minotaur. “You did good boy. A bastard son in France, a hero in Germany.

I pointed to Alice. “P-Please, keep her safe.” He nodded… He laid me back down, and two women in white robes walked over to me… This, this was when I died.

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