A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: A Dragon's Lover

The next morning was very relaxing… We ended up sleeping in the woods that night… It was nice, and better than I was expecting.

I woke to the smell, of food being cooked. When I opened my eyes, I saw Miles. He had some type of meat on a stick and was cooking it over a small fire pit.

When he noticed I was awake he gave me a smile. “Good morning!”

It feels nice out. “Good morning. What are you cooking?”

He pulled one of the pieces off and walked over to me. “Try it.” He put it in my hand. It smelled good.

I tried it, while it wasn’t as good as mice. It was good in its own way. “It tastes good.”

He smiled. “It’s squirrel. I know it’s a little different, but I figured you probably would want to eat something before we head back. Since we won’t be back before breakfast is over.” I can’t think of any possible way for him to catch one of those furry little monsters, but I won’t call him a liar.

Why so soon though. “We’re heading back already?”

Miles let out a small chuckle. “Do you want to continue?”

Not what I meant. “That’s not what I meant!”

Miles chuckled again. “I know, but we should head back. I’m sure they’re looking for you. You did say that Joshua wanted you back before sun down, but that didn’t exactly happen.”

Why only me? “Wouldn’t they be looking for you as well?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s not unusual for me to disappear for a night or two. They probably didn’t even think about it.”

I guess that makes sense. I stood up and looked around. Right, clothes. “Where are my clothes at?” He handed me them and after putting them on I sat next to him by the fire and we both ate.

Before we left Miles put the fire out. I noticed the back of his shirt was red. And pointed it out, but he didn’t seem worried. “It’s fine.”

That’s not fine. “That looks like blood?”

He waved it off. “I’m fine, I’ll just go to the infirmary when we get back.”

Well he should. “Can I see what it is though?” He sighed and took his shirt off, he had eight deep holes in his back! “WHAT HAPPEN!?”

After clearing his throat, he answered. “You happened.”

How? “Funny, we should at least cover that!”

He waved it off again. “It’s not bleeding. I’ll just go to the infirmary when we get back. Also, I’m being serious about you doing that.”

I doubt that. “How would I be able to do that?”

He made a coughing noise. “Well you, last night you dug your claws into my back.”

Oh! “OH SHIT! Miles I’m so sorry about that!”

He laughed. “It’s fine. I’ve been through worse, plus I liked that face you made.”

Alright that’s enough! “Let’s go back! No more talking about this!” He was snickering the whole way back…

When we got back he went off the infirmary and I went to my room. Everything looked to be where it should. My bed was a mess so I fixed it. I left my room and walked to the infirmary to see what was going on with Miles.

When I got here I heard talking. “Miles, how the hell did you manage to do this?”

There was a laugh, and that’s definitely Miles. “Wild night in the woods. Can you patch me up?”

I started making my way to where they were when they replied. “You expect me to believe that? I’ve seen you try, and you have no game.”

I heard Miles yelp. “OUCH! Damn that hurts, in both ways.”

I made it to the room and they said something else. “Now are you going to tell me the tru-.” They stopped when they saw me at the door. “Oh, who are you?”

I said hi to Miles first. “Hi Miles, and my names Tithe.”

They nodded. “Ah, you’re the girl who was in here for a head injury.” I nodded. “It also made its way around that you laid an egg. Unfertile, but still.”

Right. “Yea…”

They finished patching up Miles and he walked over to me. “How are you Tithe?”

Fine. “Good I guess. I checked my room and then came here.” He wrapped his arm around my wait and carried me out of the room. At the same time, I heard the person in the room start choking on whatever they were drinking.

He carried me all the way out of the infirmary. “Miles can you put me down?” He set me down. “Thank you.”

He put his hands on my face. “Thank you. Really, I mean it. The season has always been painful for me.”

Pff. “You’re welcome, but don’t expect me to do that every time.”

He smiled. “Right, I won’t. I should get back to the horses. I guess you don’t really do much around, here do you?”

No. “No one has ever asked me to do anything. I was just told to stay here without really knowing what else to do.”

He let go of my face. “Why don’t you come help me with the horses?”

Why not. “Sure”

He smiled. “Well that didn’t take much convincing.”

Why would he have to? “Why would you need to convince me? It’s just horses.”

He shrugged. “Fair enough. Follow me.”

We were on our way there when a huge gust of wind came in, and it kept blowing. It was about to knocked me off my feet, but Miles tackled me to the ground. “What’s happening!?”

I couldn’t hear his reply, but it stopped all at once at the time I felt the ground shake.

I could hear him now. “You okay?”

I answered as he helped me. “I’m fine, but what was th-.” There was something behind him. It was huge, and covered in scale, and staring right at us. “Miles, there’s a dragon behind you.”

He spun around far too quickly for me to see and held his arms out shielding me. The dragon looked at us confused. “You’re not my love?”

Miles hesitated and the dragon took its claw and flicked him away. He was launched far out of site. The dragon pushed it’s snout against my body and inhaled.

I’m terrified right now, but I don’t feel threatened for some reason. “What are you doing?” Dammit my voice is shaky.

It pulled back and stared down at me. “You smell like him, but you are not him. I wonder why that could be?”

Who’s it referring to? “Who are you looking for?”

It answered. “Khuzaima.” That, that was the dragon that forced me to take its soul. The dragon opened its mouth and I was engulfed in flame, but it didn’t burn. It was warm, but not hot. When the flame died down I was still standing, much to both of our surprise. “You live?!”

I was looking myself over, my clothes must’ve been incinerated, but I was fine. “What just happened?” At the same time my mind moved to my tail, and I don’t know why, but for some reason I think it’s cute.

My thoughts were pulled back by the dragon being engulfed in flame. When the flame died down there was a tall woman in front of me. She had black hair with the ends being a crimson red. Her eyes were Red, kind of like mine. She looked human and was wearing a black cloak, but her eyes were slits. Like that of a lizard's

She approached me, and sniffed me again. “That smell, but it can’t be… No, I suppose it can.”

She was taller than me. I’m like six feet tall, but she’s taller. Why is it that everything related to dragons is so damn tall? I tower over almost everyone as it is, but this!

She smacked me. “OUCH!”

She took her hand and grabbed my chin. She moved my head back and forth, then she let go and looked me over.

She nodded, then smiled. “I suppose it is possible.” She hugged me.

Uh… “What’s going on?”

She touched the back of my head and pushed it forward. I could hear her heartbeat. “Shush my child.”

My child? “I’m sorry, but I think you have me confused for someone else.”

She pushed on my head a bit harder. “I do not. You are a dragon, one of my children.”

Well no, not really. “Um, I’ve been told I’m a hybrid. I’m part elf.”

She shushed me again. “Quiet my child. I am aware of this, but I can feel the kinship. There is no other way.”

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