A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: What is going on!?

She insisted that she’s my mother, but is that even possible? “How are you my mom if I’m an elf?”

She’s still holding my head to her heart. “I would take me a while to explain, but you must come with me.”

Now she wants me to leave…? “I just met you, so I’m not really sure why you think I’d be willingly to leave with you. Even if I was I can’t; Zeus and Hades want me to stay here.”

I felt her squeeze a lock of my hair. “You are a dragon, why would you bend to the whim of a god?”

Well… “I have a contract with Hades, if I don’t do what he needs me to I’ll be erased. That’s also a long story, and I’m not really sure you’d believe me anyways.”

She let go of my hair. “I see… I suppose we both have long stories to tell. Then may I ask why you take this form?”
What? “What do you mean?”

I couldn’t see her face, but I think she was smiling. “Why do you choose to have an appearance between a dragon and a mortal?”

I wasn’t aware that’s a choice. “I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve looked like this since a dragon gave me it’s soul.” Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

She tightened her grip on my hair again. “I see, so you do not know how to change. Then you will need to be taught… You said a dragon gave you it’s soul? I have a good idea of who that was. I can smell them on you, and it pains me to know this. Please, do not tell me what happened.” I was starting to get worried there. “Even in death, he found a way to protect his child.” I still don’t know what’s going on.

Not that I really had time to anyways. There was a loud crack and I was thrown. I tumbled on the round for several feet, slamming into rocks and stick along the way. By the time I righted myself there was another crack. This was familiar, but it feels more threatening this time. I saw Zeus, standing in front of the woman. She was a dragon again, and they were staring each other down.

The woman spoke first. “Zeus…”

Zeus smile. “Hello Chyllypheith.” I’m never going to be able to pronounce that right.

She crouched, looking like she was going to pounce. “What business do you have with my child?”

Now Zeus looked confused. “Who’s your child? I was unaware you had a child.” She raised her claw and pointed at me. “Oh, the little dragon. I suppose she does look similar to you. I see the resemblance. She was an elf though. I’m not really sure that is even possible for her to be your child.”

She growled. “She is my child! I’ve only smelled that once in my life, and they were taken from me before they could hatch!”

Zeus stroked his beard. “Now I’m rather curious. Perhaps we should calm down then. Come join us at the center building, and I’ll get Hades. He may know more, as he is her handler.” Zeus held his arm out to his side and the lightning bolt he was holding vanished. “Oh, and please refrain from harming any more of the people living her. That hybrid boy was hurt rather badly.” Miles is hurt!?

I tried running to the camp but I was grabbed by that woman. “My child, you must clothe yourself.” She looked human again.

Dammit her grip is too tight. “I need to check on Miles!”

She frowned. “Then use your wings to cover yourself.”

She wasn’t letting go. “FINE! Just let me go check on him!” She let go and I curled my wings around myself.

I ran to the camp, it didn’t take long. I saw the dirt that was thrown around. It lead to where he must’ve landed, up against a building. He wasn’t here though. I looked around, but I couldn’t find anyone. I ran to the infirmary to see if he was there, and he was.

He wasn’t moving though. “Miles!”

One of the helpers grabbed me and pulled me from the room. “Keep quiet! He’s unconscious.”

I gathered that! “Is he okay!?”

They shushed me again. “Yes yes, he’ll be fine. He won’t be moving around much though. Just let him sleep and come back later. We have work to do.” I was pushed out of the building. WHAT THE HELL!?

Someone grabbed my shoulder, I spun to see who it was… It was Nemilos, OH SHIT! “Hey there Tithe!” She was smiling and cracking her knuckles.

W-what?! “Why are you here?!”

She was frowning now. “I live here, just like you. I think it’s about time I beat you down again. No one gets away with humiliating me like that!”

THIS IS NOT THE TIME! “I don’t have time for this! Piss off, I’m busy!”

She snarled and swung her fist. I ducked my head out of reflex, ended up pointing the top of my head towards her. I felt my neck get jerked, then I heard her screaming.

She sounded to be in pain. “FUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!” I tried pulling away and screamed more. “OW STOP PLEASE STOP!” Why is she screaming? I stopped moving and I looked up. There was blood dripping down my face. “Fuck! I’m sorry I’m sorry! Just help me pull my hand off you horn!”

OH! Holy fuck things need to calm down. She pulled backwards and I backed up. Right when it came free she fell to the ground grasping her hand. She had her whole arm curled against her chest. That looks painful, but I don’t feel bad. My horn must’ve stabbed along the length of her hand.

She got back up and growled. “You’ll pay for this.” She slowly made her way to the infirmary. Serves her right.

I should find Zeus and that woman. I turned around, and it looks like they already found me.

Zeus was stroking his beard. “Well, she does take after you I guess.”

Hades was standing next him, sweating. That woman had a crooked grin. “That’s what someone gets for trying to bully my child.” She had a wet rag and walked up to me. “Let’s clean that off.”

What? “What are you-!” She covered my face with the rag and started wiping rather roughly. “H-HEY!” She pulled it away and wrapped it around my horn. As much as I want to protest I’m somewhat afraid of her. She could kill me so easily.

She put her arm around my shoulder and urged me to follow. “Come with us.”

We walked, and Zeus kept stroking his beard. Hades was sweating. What’s wrong with him?

Zeus asked Hades a question. “She seems rather determined that this is her daughter. I know you have a contract with her, and you had a significant amount of involvement with her birth. Can you confirm this?”

Hades had a nervous cough. “Uh, well. This is a rather interesting situation. I wasn’t involved with her birth. Not directly.”

Zeus stopped. “Why not?”

Hades answered. “There’s thousands of people dying every day. I simply can’t keep up with every one of them. I have assistants to aid with my work, and they handled it.”

That woman was hissing very quietly to herself, but Zeus was probably ignoring it. “You are aware of the details then yes?”

Hades was calming down. “At the moment I am not. I can investigate and get back to you in a short time.”

Zeus started walking again. “Good, good. Please do find out what’s going on. We do have occasional conflicts with the dragons. This is not a reason for us to steal their unborn children though. Our conflicts are with individuals, not the race. Now, if this is indeed her child. What implications would this have on her contract with you?”

Hades scratched his head before answering. “If this is the case, then it means she’s not actually an elf thus making her contract impossible to complete.”

The woman spoke up. “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?” She’s angry.

Hades jumped a little. He’s nervous right now, must be. “It would mean the contract is void. I do not force mortals to preform impossible contracts.”

The woman spoke up again. “You mean immortal. My child is a dragon.”

Hades replied. “No, I do mean mortal. This child was a mortal in a past life. The first was a soldier name Ezekiel, the second was a prince named Joshua. Well this trio of lives. They’ve been reborn multiple times. This was the first time they’ve died a hero multiple times in a row.”

Zeus laughed. “Perhaps we should wipe her memory and return her to her mother?”

Hades shook his head. “I can’t wipe their memory on my own. I would need assistance. Even if that was the case we should only wipe her memory of the most recent life. It would make things much smoother. Before we do any of this I need to investigate the circumstances of her birth. I shall return when I know more.” Hades vanished in a puff of smoke.

The woman hugged me rather tightly. I’m not really sure what this all means, but it’s making me nervous.

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