A Champion's Soul

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Tesyrir: Baby Dragon

Mama, that’s who the big dragon is. She’s my mama. She keeps me safe. I stay with her and I won’t be hurt. She’s kind, and I can understand what she says now.

She likes to talk to me. “How do you feel Tesyrir?” That is my name. I can’t speak, but I can bark noises. She smiles when they’re high pitched. “That’s good.” There are mice in the cave, and I enjoy chasing them. I’m clumsy though, and keep falling. “Be careful sweetie.” I made those high-pitched noises. Eventually I caught one, and brought it to mama. “Good job sweetie. You can eat it if you want.” It does taste good. I ate the mouse, but made a mess.

Occasionally there would be noises outside of the cave, and mama would growl at them. I don’t know what they are, but she doesn’t want them near us.

Her growling didn’t stop all the noises. One time a person came in, and they had a furry companion. The furry creature darted to us when it heard me make a noise. It was strange, it’s face was droopy and its ears were floppy. It was brown, white, and black in color. Mama growled at it, but it didn’t care. I walked up to it and it sniffed me. Mama was hissing, but it didn’t care. I sniffed it back. This creature was soft and I nuzzled it. It nuzzled me back. Mama was still hissing, but now it wasn’t at this thing. It was at the person coming to us.

There was a man calling for this creature. “Come here boy!” He whistled. “Where did you go?”

The man had a torch and mama’s hissing got louder. The man was able to see us now. I made those high-pitched noises, he was strange. He was young to. Much smaller than mama, but much larger than me. He saw mama and dropped his torch. He fell backwards and stared at her in fear. I ran over to him, so did that strange creature. The creature jumped on him and started licking his face. I sniffed him, he had a strange smell. It wasn’t bad, or good. Just different.

He saw me and calmed down a little bit. “O-Oh! You’re protecting your baby.” Mama got up and moved her head in close to him.

She was staring him down. “Why are you here?”

The man answered her, his voice was shaky. “M-my d-dog ran off. I c-came to look for him.” So that’s what the strange creature is called.

The dog was nuzzling him, it seemed to calm him down a little and I tried doing the same. Mama smiled. “It seems she likes you. You’re the first person other than me she’s met.”

The man was much calmer now. “T-thank you... That’s very flattering.” He stared at me for several minutes “Is it okay if I-?”

Mama interrupted him. “If you wish to touch her scales, then she must let you.”

The man slowly reached his hand out to me. I felt him touch the top of my head, and he moved it back and forth. I didn’t like that, but he quickly moved to scratching my neck. I did like that. I really liked that, but I could hear a very quick patting behind me. I turned my head and he stopped scratching me. The patting stopped. I ran to the back of the cave to find the noise.

I could hear mama talking while I was looking. “Do you plan on telling anyone where we are?”

I found a mouse and chased it, but I heard him talking. “I don’t think I can bring myself to do that.”

I heard mama chuckle and stopped chasing the mouse. “Then let’s keep this our little secret. She’ll need to get used to humans, so if you want to come visit her you can. Only during the day though.”

The man was surprised. “R-really?!”

Mama was happy. “Yes, but I need you to do something for us. Should the village come after us. Please let me know when they are coming, or planning on coming. I choose this place because the village is small. I can protect her, but I don’t want her to hurt any more than she needs to be.”

The man replied. “I see. I’ll do what I can then. It’s an honor to be allowed to take part in the raising of a dragon… May I ask, but what is your names?”

Mama answered him. “My name is Chyllypheith. Her name is Tesyrir.”

The man got up. “Thank you, those are quite a mouthful. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity, and for you not killing me and my dog. My name is Cassius.”

I ran back over when I saw the man leaving. Mama looked down at me. “You may have a new friend Tesyrir.” That sounds exciting!

I spent the rest of that day chasing the mice in the cave, and managed to catch and eat several of them.

Everything was dark when mama called me. “Come with me sweetie, we need to get some water.” Right, we do that.

I followed her outside of the cave. It’s big out here compared to inside. It scares me a little. There is a lake below the cave so we don’t have to be out here for long. I jumped into the water, it feels nice.

Mama drank from the lake and watched me. “Please be careful sweetie.” I barked back. I wonder when I’ll be able to speak? I eventually crawled out of the lake and shook the water off. “Did you have fun?” I did, and made that barking noise to let her know.

There was a noise in the woods though. “Did you hear that noise?” People?

Mama quietly yelled. “Inside the cave now!” We both tried to run inside. I tripped at the entrance, but made it inside.

I think the people heard us though. “It came from inside that cave.”

Mama started hissing. The people ran inside the cave carrying torches. It was two large men, wearing metal.

I ran up to them, I heard mama shout but I wasn’t able to understand it. They both saw me. I barked at them and they stared…

One of them spoke first. “Is that what I think it is?”

The other man answered. “Baby dragon? Yes, that is exactly what that is.” Mama approached from behind. The men dropped their torches. “And that would be the mother!”

Mama was hissing loudly. The first man shouted. “Wait wait wait! We’re not here to hurt you or your baby!” Mama was still hissing. “We’ve gotten several reports of strange noises at night. We just wanted to know what was making the noise! We can’t defend ourselves against a dragon!”

Mamas hissing got quieter. “Is that the only reason you came!?”

The second man answered. “N-no! We were worried it may have a lich. They are impossible to reason with and would need to cut them down sooner rather than later, but you are dragons. Dragons can understand reason!”

Mama lowered her head to their height. “What reason do I have to trust you?”

The two men looked at each other nervously. “We’re a small village, and can’t defend ourselves very well. You are a dragon, one of the mightiest creatures in the world. We would like to give you an offer. If you would protect our small village, we will provide anything you need.”

Mama waited a while before answering. I was sitting between them looking back and forth. She did finally answer though. “Very well, but should any harm come to her. I will burn the village to the ground.”

Something stinks, but one of them said something. “T-thank you! I promise we’ll do everything we can! If you would wait until sunrise we can get everything ready.”

Mama replied. “Very well.” The two men left, but one of them had a weird shuffle to his walk. He’s the one that stunk.

Mama kept watching the cave entrance all that night.

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