A Champion's Soul

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A Lord?

Mama nudged me to get up in the morning. “Sweetie, it’s time to get up.” I didn’t want to and just whined. “I know. You’re tired, but we need to go.” I whined again. “Do you want me to carry you?” I opened my eyes, and made that noise she likes. “Alright then. Look at me first.”

I looked at mama, I’m not sure why she wanted me to. After a moment there was a flame around her and a woman with black hair was standing there. Was that mama? The ends of her hair was fiery red. She was tall, very tall.

She was smiling. “Come here Tesyrir.” That is mama! She held her arms out. I ran and jumped into them. She smells the same, but looks very different! “Well aren’t you excited!” Her eyes were slits, just like before. She carried me out of the cave and rubbed my belly. I liked it, and fell back asleep.

When I woke back up I heard shouting. I looked up at mama, she smiled and sat me down. She pat my head before saying something. “Stay here sweetie.”

She walked towards a large wall, and there was a gate in the wall. She spent some time over at the gate. I couldn’t hear here, but she turned back to me and wave for me to come over. I tried running as fast as I could to her. I was almost there when I slipped and tumbled the rest of the way. Mom chuckled and I got back up. I followed close behind when she walked into the gate. There were lots of people here. Several men wearing metal, and carrying either long pieces of wood or sharp metal as well.

There were smaller people to. I think those are the children of these people. I heard someone say something. “It’s so cute.” Are they talking about me? THEY ARE! One of the children was saying it. They said I was cute and pointed at me!

We’re still walking by people. Two of the men wearing metal are walking next to mama. I was just behind them. These children are bigger than me. I know I’m small, but I’m not smaller than the dogs.

When we stopped walking it was because of a person in front of us. A man with a small beard, he had metal on as well. He spoked to us, and I snuggled up next to mama. “Hello!”

Mama picked me up and replied to him. “Greetings.”

The man said something else. “I would like to thank you for considering our offer. My name is Godefro, and I am the lord of this village.”

Mama waited a moment. “A lord? That is a rather high position among mortals.”

He nodded. “Indeed, my family has lived and died her for generations to keep this village alive and well. We’re nearly large enough to be a city. That carries its owns risks, but alas we cannot acquire enough guards to keep the city safe.”

Mama paused again. “So, you ask of me to help protect the city, and in exchange you will help me protect my child?”

The man answered. “Yes, that is what I would like us to do. We would only ask of you to protect us from things that we cannot defend ourselves from. Our guards can handle the common criminal, but we cannot withstand an army… Or other large creatures.”

Mama stared at him. “You fear being attacked by another dragon then… Very well, but know this. Should any harm come to her. This village will be left as ashes.”

The man took a deep breath. “I swear it on my life. We will do everything we can to help you protect your daughter. So long as you help protect the citizens. We have arranged a place for you sleep, but we were unaware that you have a human form.”

Mama corrected him. “Mortal form, I only appear to be a mortal. I was under the impression that this would be easier. We both need to eat, and I don’t need to eat as much in this form. In time she will learnt to do this as well, but it won’t be until she at least learns to speak.”

The man nodded. “I see, then I will thank you for sparing us that expense. If you would follow me I can lead you to the arrangement we have. Let us know if anything is wrong, and we will do what is within our ability to arrange something.”

Mama carried me and she followed him. They walked and walked, but eventually got to something. It was a large wooden building. It had a large gate in the front. There was a smaller door next to the gate and we went in that way. Mama had to duck to get inside though.

The man waved his arm out. “These are the accommodations we have arrange.”

Mama chuckled. “Large, very opened, and filled with hay. You have a better idea of what dragons like than I thought you would.” Hay, so that’s what the sticks are.

Mama sat me down and I jumped in it. This stuff is very soft, and feels nice. I could still hear them talking over the hay crinkling.

The man asked a question. “How old is she?”

Mama answered him. “She’ll be a year old soon. She can understand what we say, but cannot speak herself.”

The man chuckled himself. “Their always so full of energy when they’re young.”

Mama seemed interested in what he said. “Do you have children?”

He answered. “I have two daughters and a son. My girls can be brash, but they mean well. My boy, Cassius. He prefers to spend time with his dog rather than his duties.”

Mama spoke to him. “Cassisus? He was the first to find us.”

The man turned to mama. “Oh?”

Mama laughed. “His dog wandered into our cave. Poor boy got a good scare when he found us. We had a short conversation, and I’ve allowed him to interact with her. I want her to get used to mortals. Should she be able to get along with mortals. It’ll mean she won’t anger the gods as well.”

The man stroked his small beard. “I should thank you for not harming him then. If you would like I can have his duties be to help care for your daughter. He keeps skipping out on his current ones as it stands.”

Mama smiled. I was just watching them now, instead of running around. “She’s watching us now. She seems drawn to him, but she may not know why. Perhaps it’s because he is the son of a lord. So long as he doesn’t bring any harm to her, and it’s only during the day. I would like the two to interact. Briefly at first, maybe a few minutes at time. I want her to be eased into being with mortals, rather than thrust into it. As time goes on, perhaps she could spend time with the villagers?”

The man was smiling. “I think that’s a fine plan. We’ll bring you two some food in a little bit. You can walk around the village, but I would wager you want to get the feel of your new home?”

Mama smiled as well. “You would be correct.”

The man went to walk out, but stopped just before leaving. “I’m truly grateful for this. You may be just what we needed in these dark times.”

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