A Champion's Soul

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A Wild Chase

Mama like this is much softer, she lets me rest my head on her legs. Their soft, and great for sleeping on. When I woke up I couldn’t find her. I made that noise she likes, but she didn’t come out from anywhere. I looked and looked, but I just couldn’t find her! It scared me! I started running around, but I couldn’t find her. I saw that the little door was open and left, but I still couldn’t find her. Where did she go. I made that noise she likes again, but she didn’t come out. Mama, where are you? I sniffed the air, and I could smell her. I just didn’t know where she was. I started following the smell, people seemed shocked to see me and moved out of the way. I started running, but I didn’t see her. Her smell was getting stronger, but I still couldn’t find her! I came to a door, and it was a big door. I couldn’t get in this door.

There was a smaller door next to this one, and it was open. I went in there, and her smell was still getting stronger. I saw lots of men wearing metal in this room…

I followed her smell more, but one of them noticed me. “Hey, do you see that?”

Another man replied. “Yea, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be in here? Should we take it back?”

The first man shook his head. “We were told to keep if safe if we saw it wandering. Send someone to let Lord Godefro know.”

The second man yelled. “OI! Johnny! Go let Godefro know that little dragon is in the barracks!”

A third man yelled back. “Ah, damn. Alright I’ll be right back!”

The first two men started approaching me! Why are they getting close! I just want to find mama! They got closer, but I ran away!

I heard them yell. “Hey wait! Get back here!”

I ran through the rooms. People jumped out of my way if they saw me coming, most of them did. I made a bad turn and slammed into a pile of metal. Something got stuck on my back but I needed to get away! I quickly smelled the air and started running to where I smelled mama!

One of them shouted again. “Christ that thing can run! Someone grab it!”

A man with metal jumped in front of me. I ducked between his legs but he fell over on top of me! It hurt, but I got back up! I couldn’t see! Why can’t I see! There’s something stuck on my head! It won’t come off! Someone grabbed me! I kicked, cried, and squirmed free, then I took off again!

One of them shouted! “I almost had it!”

I couldn’t see, but I could smell! I ran towards mama’s smell. I was slamming into stuff, and I could hear things falling to the ground, but her smell was getting stronger! She smells so close, but someone grabbed me! NOOO MAMA! I cried, and cried! She’s so close! MAMA!

That’s when I heard her! “Tesyrir!” MAMA! I cried to her, and I could hear her run over!

One of the men chasing me said something! “She took off when we tried to get her! My god she can run. Took eight of us to catch her, but now she’s got a helmet stuck on her head.”

Mama shouted. “Step away from her!” The person holding me sat me down. I ran up to mama! I made that noise she likes! “Are you okay?” I feel fine? I made that noise she likes again. “That’s good.” I felt her pull on whatever was stuck on my head. It hurt and I cried! “Oh no… It’s stuck!”

I heard a familiar voice as well, I think it’s that Godefro person. “What the hell!?”

I heard another voice. “Holy shit, Godefro I came to let you know the dragon was in the barracks. I have no idea what happened between it showing up and now.”

There was sigh. “Fine, fine. Johnny help the others clean up this mess.”

His names Johnny? “Yes sir.” A set of footsteps left.

Mama pulled on that thing again, but didn’t pull as hard. “Dammit, it won’t come off. Tesyrir, how did you get out?” I made that noise she likes. She sighed. “I guess you can’t tell me yet…”

Someone walked up to mama. “Hey, get back to your posts!” Several people ran off. “Is she okay?”

Mama waited a moment. “She’s just as cheery as ever, but I don’t know h-.” Mama stopped talking for a moment. “I didn’t shut the door. That’s how she got out.”

Godefro laughed. “Well, we all make mistakes. As long as she’s not hurt, I think it’ll be okay.”

Mama chuckled to. “I guess… You sure are a wild one Tesyrir.” I think that’s good! I made that noise she likes again. “I guess you’re in a good mood to… I can’t get the helmet off though.” Is that what’s stuck on my head?

I felt someone else touch me. “Yea, that’s pretty stuck on there. She must hit it good. I’ve never seen a helmet so bent out of shape before.” Well, maybe we should get that uniform off of her first.

Someone started pull on me! I cried out, but mama calmed me down. “It’s okay sweetie. We’re just trying to get this off of you.” I trust mama, so I’ll stay quiet then.

There was some pulling in strange directions, and I had to squirm a bit to. Whatever they wanted off did come off though.

That man, Godefro laughed. “Well, that’s destroyed to. This’ll have to be re-smelted before it’s usable again… Now about that helmet, I think the blacksmith might have the tools to get it off.”

Mama tugged on it again. “I hate relying on others, but I can’t get this off without hurting her.” Mama tugged on it again.

I heard a sigh, from Godefro. “That is the nature of dragons, right? Isn’t that your trying to keep Tesyrir from doing? You want her to seek help when it’s needed, and not to die a stubborn death?”

Mama waited before saying anything else. “Yes, that is what I want… I just, I just need to swallow my pride. I need to do that, if I want to protect her.” Mama picked me up. “Let’s go to the blacksmith then. She’s a growing girl, and this’ll only get worse the longer I wait.”

Godefro said something else. “Then follow me if you will. This shouldn’t take long, hopefully.”

It took forever for us to get wherever they wanted to go. It, just felt like such a long time. I was bored, and getting hungry. My stomach made a noise to.

Mama chuckled. “Someone’s hungry.” I am, and made that noise she likes. “I know. Let’s get some food after they get this off okay?” That’s fine I guess. I do like to see what I eat.

It wasn’t too long after, and we stopped walking.

Someone shouted to us. “Ah salutations Godefro! How are you today? Ah, you seem to have a fair maiden with-” He stopped talking mid-sentence. “My apologizes. I was not aware that you were a dragon.”

Mama sounded annoyed. “Can you get this helmet off of her?”

Someone walked over, and touched my head. Mama was holding me, so I didn’t get scared this time.

After being moved around a little, that person said something again. “I think I can. I’ll just need to get the metal shears.” They walked off somewhere, and then came back quickly enough. “If you could bring her over here, it’ll be much easier.”

Mama walked forward. “Will this hurt her?”

The person answered. “So long as she doesn’t move too much. These things are sharp, and I can see that she doesn’t have her armor yet. Normally it wouldn’t be any worry, but her hide is soft right now.”

Mama spoke to me. “I need you to stay very still Tesyrir. Will you stay still?” I made that noise she likes. “I hope that’s a yes.”

Mama sat me down and held me still. I felt my head being moved around, with some very violent cutting noises following each movement. I don’t know how long it was, but when it was finally over that thing came off. I saw mama’s face first, and I tackled her.

She was laughing. “Well aren’t you happy to be free!” I am!

Godefro chuckled, and I looked at him. “That’s rather cute. I mean this sincerely; a parent and child is always a beautiful thing.”

Mama sneered, but stopped quickly. “Thank you.” Then she looked at me. “I found some mice for you to eat, do you want some?” YES! I barked happily. “Come on then, let’s go eat!” I followed mama to go get food.

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