A Champion's Soul

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A Sibling?

I woke to the sound of slamming, and mama wasn’t here again. I’m used to waking up without her, but I don’t like it. The pounding was coming from the back of the room, but there’s a wall there. The door was open though. I walked out and went around to the back of the building. I saw two men pounding stuff into the ground, and they saw me.

One of them looked a little worried. “I forgot to shut the door.”

The other guy sighed. “I heard about what happened in the barracks, and if something like that happens here. You’re the one who gets in trouble.”

The first guy still sounded worried. “Should I try to get it back inside?”

I walked over while they bickered. This was the back of the building so there was a large shadow. I just laid down near the back and watched them. I wanted to see what they’re doing.

The first guy seemed a little relieved to. “Oh, thank god. It just wants to watch us.”

The second guy sighed. “Hurry up and get the fence up then. It’s supposed to be a pin for it to run around it. I guess we’ll have to make it a little bigger than planned, but hurry!”

They started moving faster. They were pounding wood into the ground, and then wrapping some metal with holes it along the wood. When they finally stopped I realized I was trapped! I got so distracted that they built this around me! That’s not fair!

The second guy was laughing to. “I guess it finally realized what happened. Come on, let’s get the fence reinforced. Wait, I’ll reinforce the fence. You get the little thing some water.” The first guy walked off, and the second guy started doing other things to this strange wall. He was looking at me. “Well aren’t you adorable. I can’t believe such ferocious creatures start off so small…”

He spent a pretty large amount of time putting wooden beams across this, fence. I could lean on it, and that would make him laugh. Some more time passed when we heard a distant roar… The man looked worried about that sound, and ran off. Mama came around at the same time…

She slumped down when she saw me. “Oh no, did you get tricked into walking in there?” She climbed over the fence and picked me up. “No, you’re still young. I suppose you could be tricked, as shameful as it may be.” We heard that roar again… Something smelled, mama smelled it to. “Looks like some family is here.” Family?

Mama took me to the front of the building and sat me down. She told me to look away, and then when she told me to look back she was big again. She towered over all the buildings here… Another roar in the distance, and people were scrambling to get inside… right around the same time everything cleared up, and a dragon landed in front of us. It was big and red, but not as big as mama.

Mama seemed happy though. “How are you doing Zaivrer?”

They seemed happy as well. “I’m good, how have you been mother?”

Mama chuckled. “Good, oh you have a new little sister.”

They looked at me… I made that noise mama likes, and they both laughed. “I was wondering what that little smell was.” He got in close to me and sniffed. I fell over from the air he was moving though. “Cute, but is my nose deceiving me?”

Mama said something, but I’m not really sure what it means. “Your nose is not deceiving you. That is a Wyrmling.”

He snapped his head and up and stared at mama. “But how?! Mother you are not a Wyrm?! Neither is father!” The dragon looked around. “Where is father, and why are you in a mortal village?”

Mama looked down… “Your father, has passed.”

The dragon looked down as well. “I see, and what happened?”

Mama sighed. “I don’t know, but I do know one thing. He gave his soul to her before his passing. That is why she’s a wyrmling…”

The red dragon sighed as well. “I see… His death was not meaningless then. He made sure his children carry on, even without him… That’s something many mortals wish for as well. Why are you here though?”

Mama looked back up. “I wish to raise her around mortals.”

The red dragon looked confused. “But why? You could raise her around other dragons. It would be much safer as well.”

Mama was smiling. “I know that, but she isn’t unsafe here either. You know that dragons and mortals don’t get along very well… I’d like to make that change, even if it’s only one of my children.”

The red dragon froze… He waited a long time before saying anything else. “I see, but I don’t think you should do this alone…”

Mama chuckled again. “Are saying you’ll help me?”

The red dragon sighed deeply. “I suppose I am. Perhaps this attempt of yours will be for more than one child then. I’ll do my best to help you, it takes a village to raise a dragon. More than a mortal village.”

Mama seemed very happy now. “Thank you. This means a lot.”

The red dragon laughed a little now. “You raised me, and I should repay you in any way I can… Plus she is my little sister, and I can’t leave you alone to bear that burden… Wyrms are powerful, and many of the other clans may get jealous about our families’ new addition.” He looked around. “If you would allow it, I would like to train her once she gets her armor.”

Mama paused a moment. “I suppose that would be best, but she is to be allowed around a mortal boy named Cassius, he will be here shortly. I feel that those two interacting could of a great benefit, to them both.”

The red dragon paused as well. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but I like hearing them talk. “Very well. I will do what I can then, but I will not be gentle with this mortal.”

Mama groaned. “DO NOT KILL HIM!”

The red dragon looked down. “Very well mother. I have some business to attend to, and I will return in some time.” After that the red dragon flew off.

I had a nightmare that night. There was a voice in my dreams. It sounded like an older woman... “You wish to reclaim your soul?” I could hear someone reply, but couldn’t make sense of their words. “Oh you poor thing, doomed to be erased from existence. I can help you.” I heard that other voice, but still couldn’t understand them. “You’re soul is within a young dragon, but there is a way to get it back.” That other voice again, but the woman interrupted them. “You must break the dragon. Destroy their will, destroy what they love, and dominate it. Break them and they will submit, and while they can’t fight back. Cleave the beating heart from its chest!”

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