A Champion's Soul

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Mama woke me up, and she seemed worried. “Are you okay?” She was gently rubbing my snout. I didn’t feel like doing anything, because the dream sounded bad. “Nightmare?” I nodded. Mama pulled me closer and hugged me. “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” I went back to sleep after a little bit…

I’ve never seen mama sleep, does she? I’m sure she does, but what if she doesn’t? No, she probably does after I go to sleep. The morning was alright though. I woke up, and mama was here this time. She was sleeping. I nuzzled her, and after trying for a little bit she woke up.

Mama looked tired, and sounded tired though. “Huh, oh?! I’m sorry sweetie, did I scare you?” No, so I shook my head. “That’s good. I’m glad you’ve found another way to talk to me. Despite how cute your barks are.” I made the noise she likes because of that! Mama laughed, but she fell back asleep. She must be tired, so I snuggled up next to her while she sleeps. I think she was happy about that.

We woke back up later, and mama seemed much better. She got up and stretched. She walked to the door and I followed her. As she was about to open the door there was a knock. Mama opened it and let them in. It was Cassius! I haven’t seen him in a while! He didn’t have his dog with him though?

I guess I can’t really ask, and mama was talking to him. “Ah, good morning.”

He seemed nervous though. “Uh, good morning. Father told me to come down here, but not why?” He looked down at me, and tried hiding a small grin.

Mama told him why. “You’re supposed to spend time with her.” Mama pointed at me as she said it. “She’s supposed to get used to people, and what happened where your guards sleep is a good example as of too why. I think you would be a good choice, there’s something about you. She seems to be very comfortable with.”

Cassius smiled. “I see… I guess I should say thank you, but I’m still surprised about the whole situation.”

Mama smiled to. “Let’s step outside for a minute.”

We all walked out, and right when Cassius was about to say something mama held her hand up to shush him… She sniffed the air for a minute, I tried to sniff as well. Everything smells the same to me.

Mama was smiling… “Well that’s surprising. Cassius, is it alright if you we all spend time outside of the wall?”

Cassius was a little surprised but answered. “Um, yes I suppose. I need to get my dog if that is the case though. He’s good at smelling danger, and father wants me to be around him at all times once I’m not within the wall.”

Mama was still smiling. “That’s fine. We’ll meet you by the gate then.”

I followed mama. The people here don’t hide from us anymore, but they still stare at us. We walked by the man who cuts meat, and he tossed me a fish. Mama laughed while I scarfed it down. Fish is really good too, but not as good as mice. it’s very very close though. Mama’s in a very good mood today! We got the gate and waited. One of the guards there had a stick and they started tossing it… Mama didn’t like me chasing sticks, but she let me do it this time.

Cassius came back to us and he had his dog. I like his dog, and it’s friendly. The guards let us out and we walked to a field. It’s still within site of the wall, but not all that close.

Cassius seemed to be in a good mood today as well. “It’s nice out today… Won’t be long before winter comes around though.”

Mama shivered. “I hate the cold, but we should be fine.”

Cassius turned to mama. “So, what do you want me to do?”

Mama laid down in a patch of soft grass. “Just play with her.” She closed her eyes.

Cassius snorted. “You want a break? Alright, Tesyrir follow me. Let’s give her some space!” I looked back at mama, but she was already asleep. We walked away, but I could still see mama from where we were at.

Cassius had a stick. He would toss it while me and the dog raced to catch it. The dog usually won, but sometimes I got it first! The dog can keep going much longer than me though. I had to lay down…

Cassius walked over to be. “You alright?” I nodded. He slowly brought his had to my head, and started scratching… I like that. He sat down next to me, and the dog walked over and sat on his other side. I rolled over, and he started scratching my belly. I really like that, and he laughed. “You like that?” I nodded. “Alright then.” He was scratching his dog to.

After a little while the dog started barking, and it scared me. I jumped away and, ended up hissing… I quickly stopped though, and the dog kept barking. The dog was barking at the distance, and I heard distant roaring.

Cassius sounded worried. “We should get inside!”

Mama was behind us though, she was big right now. “No, it’s fine. That’s just family.” Oh?! Is my brother coming back!? “Mama looked down at me. You’ll get to meet some new people, and they’d like to see Cassius as well.”

Cassius was fighting the urge to run. “Shouldn’t I go inside?! Why would your family want to meet me?!”

Mama shushed him. “It’s alright child. There’s ryder blood in you, and they’ll be able to sense it.”

He seemed confused. “What? What’s a ryder?”

Mama didn’t answer, Cassius’s dog was curled up between his legs. Its tail was between its legs at the same time.

I saw lots of dragons coming, and I mean lots. I tried count, and I got twenty. There was at least twenty, but they kept moving so I couldn’t tell. One of them roared, and mama roared back. I walked over to Cassius. He kept flinching and I tugged on his pant leg. He seemed confused, but I pulled a little harder. He did figure out what I was trying to do and sat down. I sat on my hind legs next to him. The dog curled up in his lap, and it was shaking.

The dragons got to us all of them landed, close to each other. All of them made a loud thump.

The biggest of them was the first to speak. “Chyllypheith!”

Mama was smiling. “Mother!” Mother? Is that my grandma?

That dragon looked around. “Chyllypheith, how have you been?”

Mama was very happy. “I’ve been good, just a little exhausted. I have to keep a close on her, since she likes to wander.”

So, this is grandma! I barked at her to try and get her attention.

She looked down at me, and saw Cassius. “Oh, well aren’t you adorable… Chyllypheith, why is this mortal here?” Cassius was sweating.

Mama answered her. “Don’t tell me you can’t smell it.”

Grandma seemed annoyed. “I can, and I don’t like it.”

Mama sighed. “I guess you still haven’t changed then. Cassius, you should run off home.”

Cassius got up, and he had to pick his dog up and carry him. “Y-yes ma’am!” He quickly ran off.

Once Cassius was within the walls again mama said something. “Well, let’s put this behind us and catch up then?”

Grandma nodded. “Let’s, while I don’t agree with your decision to raise her. It is still your choice, and I will not fight it. Now, let’s have a look at this little wyrmling!” She pressed herself against the ground, but her nose was still way above my head. She tiled her head forward and looked at me. Her nostrils were right in front of me. “Well aren’t you adorable.” I made that noise mama likes. “Well isn’t that cute. Chyllypheith how old is she?”

Mama answered her. “She’ll be a year old in eight days.”

Grandma got back up. “Oh, so she’s a winter hatchling?” Mama nodded. I saw Zaivrer come up. “Oh, why have you come up?”

Zaivrer answer her. “I wished to see my little sister. It’s been about a week since I’ve met her, but I had to leave on short notice.” He was smaller than grandma, and crouched down in front of me once she moved. “How are you doing little one?” I’m good, so I made that noise mama likes. “I’ll assume that means you’re good then?” I nodded. He got back up and sat next to me on his hind legs as well. Mama was doing the same, and grandma decided to do so as well.

I saw several smaller dragons behind grandma, and they were about the same size as me… She got up and moved to the side. “It’s alright, why don’t you all meet the new member of our family.”

They all started slowly walking over to me… I was wrong. They aren’t the same size as me, but rather I’m larger than them. Not by much, but I’m still bigger. They made the same noises as me though, and it seemed like none of us could talk. They all started sniffing me, and I sniffed them back. They all smelled very similar, but just different enough to tell them apart. I could smell mama on them to. I would guess this is the smell of our family?

Grandma said something to them. “Run along now, but stay away from that village.” They all barked at her and bolted across the field. I looked at mama and she nodded, so I took off after them!

I had to be careful since I’m bigger, but I managed to not hurt any of them. Two of them would gang up on and me and pin me to the ground. Then they’d get up and I chased after them. At one point all off them piled onto me, and it hurt a little bit. I was fine though. There was this green one that that smelled nice, and they kept tackling me. I’m not sure who they are, but I enjoyed playing with them. We played for a long time, so much in fact that I didn’t notice how tired I was… I heard mama call me and when I ran over to her I fell over. I felt like sleeping, but I needed to stay awake.

Mama nudged me with her nose. “Are you alright?!”

I tried making that noise she likes, but it came out to weak. Grandma reassured mama though. “I’m sure she’s just tired. I don’t imagine she’s ran around that much before.”

They gave me a while to breath, and I eventually got back up. I saw the sun was going down. I looked at mama, and then the village.

Mama smiled. “Well, I think we should head home for the night.”

Grandma sneered. “Very well, but we’ll be sleeping out here. I’ll never understand your choice to raise her around mortals, but I guess I can’t stop you.”

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