A Champion's Soul

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Did I Made a Mistake?

We were both crying out whenever we almost fell. This giant stag was just barely staying ahead of the bear, and that bear seemed more interested in getting us than the stag. He was starting to foam at the mouth, and its eyes were bloodshot.

Eimrass sounded even more worried about that. “The bear has rabies!”

What? “What’s Rabies!?”

He screamed, and then answered. “I’m not sure, but I know it’s bad! It makes animals go insane!”

That sounds bad! “What do we do though!?”

A voice we didn’t recognize spoke. “It will be fine younglings! The bear cannot outrun me!” What? Who’s that voice!? “It is I. The stag of which your claws dig into.”

WHAT!? “Stags can talk!?”

Eimrass looked dumbfounded. “How?”

It answered. “Do not worry, and I will explain once we lose the bear!”

The stag ran and ran, and we saw the bear trip. It didn’t get back up, and the stag stopped.

Eimrass was staring at it. “Why isn’t it getting up?”

The stag pranced over to it, and sniffed… “I believe its heart popped.”

Did it? “Are we safe now?”

The stag stood tall now. “Indeed, it would seem we are. Now would you two please release your grip on my hide.”

Right… “Sorry!” I pulled my claws back, they didn’t want to move at first… I remember playing with that before. If I grip things really hard for a long time my claws don’t want to move. I climbed down from the stag and sniffed the bear… It wasn’t breathing.

Eimrass climbed off shortly after me. “Um, excuse me mister stag? We were sent to find a stag antler… Could we have yours?”

The stag stared at us. “No young ones…” In a blinding flash the stag changed. Where it was, was a man with a large beard. He was dressed in animal skins, and had a bow… “My name is Ullr, and I am not a stag. I was here to find this bear, and you brought happen to have brought it to me.”

Eimrass looked down… “That sucks…”

I wonder… “Eimrass, do you think they’d be okay if we brought a bear back instead?”

Eimrass shook his head. “Probably not, but I guess it’s worth a shot.”

He walked over to the bear and started cutting its fur… That man Ullr, just watched… At some point Eimrass needed my help, and we pulled on the fur really hard… It came free all at once and we rolled back.

Ullr laughed and walked over to us. “Good job, but you’ll need to work on your skinning ability. I’ll take the rest of the bear, and you two can keep that part.” He walked over to the bear and started dragging it… He’s strong.

It took us a while, but Eimrass found one of the trees he peed on… I guess that was helpful, and I followed him back… he sniffed, and I dragged the hide… He made sure for me to not bite it, and it felt weird using my back claw to drag it… It was also very slow.

We did get back though, and they all stared at us… Grandma was the first to speak… “That is not a stag antler, or hide…”

I dragged it over to her, and she sniffed it… Mama sniffed it to…

Mama seemed pleased. “A bear, impressive.”

Grandma, not so much. “It is indeed impressive, but not the goal… They’ve failed. I’ll keep this in mind, when their next test comes around though.”

I heard Eimrass. “Oh no…”

What’s wrong? “Is everything alright?”

Eimrass shook his head, but before he could answer grandma took that stone off his snout… She then took mine…

Mama sounded disappointed. “Just as merciless as ever I see.”

Grandma stood tall now. “There is no room for failure in this world.”

Mama shook her head. “This is the very reason I left… You have no compassion, no mercy, and you don’t enjoy the little things in life.”

Grandma snorted. “I see you still enjoy speaking out of turn as well.”

Mama looked angry. “Are you done with your business now?”

Grandmas grinned. “Indeed, as unfortunate as the outcome was. I’m sure they’ll make good hunters one day, but that day is not today. Come Eimrass.”

Mama sounded worried now. “So, he has to survive on his own now?”

Grandma nodded. “Yes, he will have to hunt himself now.”

Mama sighed. “I hope he won’t have any problems then… Having to find your own food is a tough life, even more for a young dragon.” He has to find his own food?

Grandma looked at him. “Indeed, but many younglings don’t survive.” What?! She lowered her head. “Come here Eimrass… We’re going home now.”

He has to find his own food? That’s awful, and unfair… Their might not be any mice where they live, so what will he eat? No! I won’t let that happen! I grabbed his tail. He yelped, but I dragged him over to mama.

Grandma raised her back up, and she seemed confused. “What are you doing you one?”

Mama stared at me. “What ARE you doing Tesyrir?”

I didn’t let go of his tail, but he stopped yelping. I tugged again and tried pointing towards the wall.

Mama seemed even more confused. “I don’t understand?” I let go of his tail, and he stared at me.

I jumped on him and pointed towards the wall again.

Grandma didn’t seem amused though. “We don’t have the time for this. Let’s go Eimrass.” He tried getting up, but I didn’t let him. No one should have to starve!

Mama figured it out! “Mother, I don’t think Tesyrir wants him to leave.” She looked at me, smirking. “That’s adorable.”

Grandma shook her head. “We need to leave. Eimrass come with us now, or we’re leaving you.” I didn’t let him get up. “Fine.” She flapped her wings and they all took off. Mama covered us with her wings, so we didn’t get launched away.

Mama moved, and I saw them flying away… I got off of Eimrass and he started crying out to them… He sounded very distressed… He wanted to go with them… I think I messed up. I tried nudging him, but he pushed me away… Mama turned into her small form and walked up to us.

She picked up Eimrass, and whispered something to him… He stopped crying. She started carrying him, and we walked back to the town… He whimpered the whole time, but wasn’t crying out…

Once we got back mama put him in the building… She shut the door and knelt in front of me. “I’ll try to help you Tesyrir, but you need to make him feel at home… Okay?” I will! “Head in, and give him some space… Once he calms down. I want to you try and play with him. I’ll get what I need for while you do that.”

She pushed me into the building and shut the door. Eimrass was curled into a ball, whimpering… I feel bad now. I feel really bad… I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

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