A Champion's Soul

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A Precursor

When I woke up the next day Eimrass didn’t do anything. Mama brought him food, and he didn’t eat it… Not immediately at least, he did eventually though. I tried to get his attention, but he ignored me. He reacted to mama, but not me. I think he’s angry at me. Mama wanted us to stay inside though, but I’m sure why. She would sniff the air, and scowl. I wonder what she smells?

I noticed a mouse in the room and chased after it. This one was faster than usual, and I couldn’t catch it, but it also couldn’t find its way out. We wore each other out and fell onto the ground. The mouse was panting, just a few feet in front of me. It couldn’t move, but neither could I.

Eimrass walked up and sniffed the mouse, and then ate it. He took it! That’s not fair! I did all the work! I barked at him, but he ran into one of the stacks of hay. I chased after him, and we were both running around in the hay. I couldn’t catch him though, he was much faster than me.

I kept barking at him, and I would just hear him happily bark back! He must think this is funny! That was my snack! We ran and ran, but I was still tired from chasing the mouse and had to give up.

He climbed into one of the hay stacks and hid while I rested. After some time passed the door opened and mama came in. He put a wooden board across the little door and made sure the ones on the big door was down. She came up to me and picked me up, then looked around for Eimrass.

She called for him, and he came out. Mama walked over to the back corner of the building and called for him to come over as well. He did but hid in a pile of hay nearby. Mama put me in there as well.

She sounded worried. “Stay quiet you two. We don’t want to make any noise.” She climbed in with us. This is weird?

Mama held me close, and I could hear voices outside. “I don’t think it’s hear. We should look somewhere else.”

An annoyed person replied back. “I know I know, but it just feels so close. Like it’s just out of reach, but being dangled in front of me.”

The first voice said something back. “Don’t worry, time is on our side right now. Enjoy what time you have now, and we can stress about it later.”

They didn’t sound convinced. “Fine, but let’s look around just a bit longer…”

The second person sighed. “Fine, but we can’t stay long. The people here are clearly bothered by us.”

Things went quiet, but mama didn’t move for a long time. Eventually she did, but had us stay inside the hay. After some more time passed she came and got us.

She picked me up and smiled. “All safe now.” She looked at Eimrass, and then me. “Come on let’s go outside.”

She sat me down and walked over to pick up Eimrass. He didn’t try to run from her, and I followed close behind. She brought us around the back and put us inside that fenced area the two men built.

This gives me a chance, so I ran after Eimrass for taking the mouse from me. There isn’t as much space here so I actually had a chance to catch him. As much as I’m having fun chasing Eimrass. I do wonder about those people. What were they looking for, and will it affect me? I feel like it will at some point, just because of how mama was acting… Maybe I can ask once I’m able to speak.

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