A Champion's Soul

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Growth and Gold!

It’s been quite a while since Eimrass started living with us, and I can say it’s nice having him around… I like having someone I can play with, I guess it’s just like having a brother around. Well, little brother. He’s smaller than me now. So far, the only interesting things that have happened is when we learned to fly.

When it happened we almost gave mama a heart attack! We managed to climb our way on top of the building and she started screaming when saw us up there. I slipped and Eimrass tried to grab me, but we both fell off. Before we realized it, our wings were stretched out and we were gliding slowly to the ground, but it was right into mama’s angry arms. We got into a lot of trouble for that.

Something did happen though. Mama lets me follow her around while she does stuff, but Eimrass has to stay inside. I don’t think mama trusts him quite yet, and I do feel bad leaving him alone. We were walking to the blacksmith for something, but I’m not sure what. I think we were halfway there when my body started hurting. Everything started hurting, extremely. I fell down and started crying out for mama, and she turned around to check on me. I had my eyes clamped shut because of how much it hurt, but she kept telling me to calm down.

I kept crying out, and I think people were gathering around us… This is when it happened, my high-pitched scream got deeper. Much deeper, and I feel my limbs moving, with cracking noises following them! It went on and on, but then stopped all at once…

I opened my eyes, and saw mama’s smiling face… She held my head in her hands and hugged me. “You’ve started growing!” What?

I tried standing up, but I was too shaky to stay up. I also didn’t feel hungry anymore?

Someone walked up to us. “Is she okay?”

Mama smiled. “She’s fine. This is normal.”

They seemed shocked, and I don’t blame them. “It’s normal for dragons to scream out in agony before getting bigger?”

Now mama looked annoyed. “It only happens once, but yes it’s normal. She’s finally grown her armor.”

They seemed even more confused and stepped back. I’ve grown my armor? “What just happened?” Wait, that was my voice?

Mama squeezed me tighter. “Just relax sweetie. It’s nice to finally hear your voice.”

I can talk! “Mama! You can finally hear me!” I pushed tried nuzzling her.

She laughed. “Yes dear, I can hear you!”

We stayed silent, until I felt strong enough to stand up. Once I did I was shocked to see that I was at eye height with mama… Wow. “I’m at tall as you now?”

Mama smirked. “Don’t be so sure, you’re only as tall as my mortal shape.”

I nuzzled her again.

Mama laughed, and then Godefro ran our way. “I heard screaming!”

Mama turned towards him. “Don’t worry. Everything’s fine now.”

He stared at me for a second… “Tesyrir?”

Yea! “That’s me!”

He took a step back. “You got big, quick. You’re the size of a horse!”

I looked around myself and, ended up chasing my tail for a bit.

Mama laughed. “This is what happens once a dragon is old enough grow their armor. From here on she’ll slowly get bigger.”

Godefro was a little shaky. “How big is she going to get?”

Mama shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ve seen wyrms the size of an elephant, but I’ve also seen wyrms the size of mountains.”

I called out to Mama. “Should we check on Eimrass?”

She looked at me. “OH! You head back, and I’ll be there shortly!” Ok! I took off to the building we sleep in. Once I got there I encountered a problem. I couldn’t open the door. I tried I wasn’t going to be able to use my feet, so I tried my mouth. I slowly pulled it open, but the second there was a gap Eimrass bolted out the door! I chased after him!

I tried yelling out to him! “Eimrass! Stop!” He kept running. I could see him sniffing the air! He was looking for mama! “Slow Down!” I followed close behind him and we found mama. He ran up to her and she picked him up.

He stared at him. “How did you get out?”

He looked at me! “Hey! I didn’t mean to! He was waiting by the door for someone to open it!”

Mama stared at Eimrass. “Don’t do that. Ok?” he nodded.

Mama sat him on my back, and for a moment he seemed confused. Until he sniffed me, then he figured out who I was. “Hi Eimrass!” I turned my head to look at him and his ears went down, but they came back up. He seemed happy! A little confused, but happy.

Mama had a container with her, and I could hear jingling coming from it. “Let’s head back you two.”

We followed her back, but Eimrass was determined to sit on top of my head so he could see everything. I had to be careful or he’d fall off, and I don’t want him to get hurt. He was using my newly grown horns to balance himself, so it works…

When we got back mama told me to sit down. “Sit next to me dear, this was good timing, so I need you to trust me.”

What’s she doing? “What’s going on?”

She dumped what was in the container on the floor, and it was a bunch of knives of various colors, they all had an etching on them. I saw, Silver, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Gold, and several others.

She finally answered my question. “When a dragon grows their armor two things happen. Your body sustains itself from your magic, so you no longer need to eat, and well your armor grows. There is a catch though, every dragon is weak to a specific metal. Your father was weak to silver, I’m weak to steel. Those are the only metals that can pierce our armor. Your big brother Zaivrer is weak to aluminum. We need to find out what your weak to, and this is the safest way I could think of. I don’t want you to find out the same way I did.”

That’s a little confusing, but I think I understand. “So, I don’t need to eat anymore, and I need to be careful around a specific type of metal. Got it. So that’s these are here for? To see what I’m weak to?”

Mama nodded. “Yes, I’m glad you understand. Now just bear with me, there’s going to be some unpleasant noises while I do this. I’m going to start with more common metals first.”

First, she tried the iron knife. It made an unholy screeching noise when she dragged it across my front right arm. Then steel, and it made that awful noise again. Same with aluminum, silver, cobalt, copper, lead, and something called titanium. That one in particular was very crude and rough, almost like they couldn’t shape it properly. The last one was gold, and it cut right though.

I jerked back out of shock, and my foot started bleeding. “OW!”

Mama grabbed my foot and put a bandage around it. She smiled at me. “Gold, you’re weak to gold!”

She seems happy about this? “Why are you smiling?!”

It sounded like she was going to cry. “Gold is rare, and no one would dare use it as a weapon because of how soft it is! You’re the safest of my children!” She grabbed my neck and started hugging me. “The only thing better would be titanium, that metal can only forged by the greatest of blacksmiths, and it’s even less likely to be used as a weapon.”

We spent several hours just talking. I loved finally being able to talk to mama, but our time was to talk was cut short. With the sound of drums in the distance, and a horn.

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