A Champion's Soul

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A Dragon's Conflict!

Mama stopped talking once she heard the noise, and she told us to stay inside. “Stay here, I’ll go see what that is.”

Eimrass tried following her but I put my foot on his tail to keep him in place. He squirmed around trying to get free, but I waited for mama to get outside. It was kind of funny seeing him squirm around like that. Once the door was shut I let, but he sounded angry. Eimrass was barking at me in frustration so I played with him. It got him to calm down, so that was good.

After a few moments I heard a loud roar, but that was mama’s roar. I wonder what’s going on out there? I tricked Eimrass into hiding in one of the hay piles and snuck out and made sure to shut the door behind me.

There were guards running around, but they didn’t seem concerned about me. They were all heading towards the northern side of the wall, so I followed. As I got closer I could see mama’s head peaking just over it, but she wasn’t look inside the wall. She was looking away from it. I think she was looking at something. While I was walking around I noticed there weren’t any other people outside, just guards.

that other group got closer I could hear them clearer. They wore leather with what looked like wolfs pelt on the shoulders and some type of fur on their boots. They had on metal helmets, but other than their shield and sword that was the only other metal I could see on them.

Just then I heard someone shout. “FIRE!” right after I saw the sky darken in the direction everyone was looking. The guards are shooting arrows towards whatever it is? I wanted to see, but I can’t here. I ran back towards the other side of the wall, and stopped by the building we sleep in. I shouldn’t leave Eimrass alone, but I also don’t want to bring him outside. He might run off, and if we get into trouble I shouldn’t drag him down with me. I decided not to, but he was scratching at the door and it made my choice a tough one.

I continued further towards the other side and got the watchtower. I flew up so that I would be behind it. I startled the two guards up in the tower, but after a moment they calmed down. I was sitting near the top now. I could see a large group of people in the distance. They were shouting but I couldn’t hear them. I could see them though. I looked like they were wearing leather and some type of fur. The only metal I spotted on them was their shield and helmets.

They were beating their shields and chanting something that sounded like barsmið. I don’t know what it meant, but it sounded bad.

I saw the cities guards charge at them, but mama stayed back. I watched as the two sides started swinging their swords at each other. I could see blood and viscera spilling on the ground, and I realized why mama wanted us inside. This is dangerous, and she’s worried one of us might get hurt. I’m glad I didn’t try to go back inside since Eimrass might have gotten out.

I saw the grass in the field slowly get washed red and heard a new noise. There was a roar in the distance, and it caught mama’s attention as well. It was coming from the direction those people came from.

I could hear the two guards in the tower talking. “You don’t think the Vikings have a dragon on their side, do you?”

The other guard replied to him. “We have one on our side, so I wouldn’t throw out the possibility. Let’s just wait and see, we need to sound the alarm if we see any of them inside the walls.”

There was a dragon though, and it was coming fast. Mama flew into the air and they met in the sky. I couldn’t see them all too well though. They were just flapping their wings and hovering. As the fighting continued one of them made a move, and it was that other dragon. He rushed towards mama, but she moved to the left. He swung his tail around and tried to hit her wing, but she clamped her jaw on it instead. The dragon cried out in and pain and jerked its tailback.

They hovered in place for another few moments. I think they’re talking, maybe mama’s trying to convince it to leave? I don’t know for sure, but this time mama rushed forward. She slammed herself into the dragon and they both went towards the ground. They disappeared beyond the tree line with a loud crash, and I could see dust being kicked up all in that area. Their roars were loud, and you could hear when one of them slammed into the ground. I could feel the tower shake with each slam as well.

The guards here seemed like they were holding off that other group, but I wanted to know if mama was okay. I flew around everything to try and avoid being seen. I got to where they were and I saw them both staring at each other. This time I could hear them.

The other dragon was blue, I could see that clearly now. He sounded angry. “You would defend such weak creatures?”

Mama sounded angry as well. “You would side with such barbaric animals?!”

They stared at each other for a few more moments, and then that blue dragon looks right at me. “I see you little one, it’s best you come out now.” I thought I was well hid!

Mama’s face went from stern to fear. “TESYRIR RUN!”

That blue dragon dashed towards me, but mama slammed into them. By the time I was up in the air again it was after me! I took off, but I couldn’t go towards the city! There’s no way they could protect me from a bigger dragon! I flew as fast as I could away, but that dragon was faster! I could feel his breath on my tail before he got jerked away!

Mama started screaming! “YOU WILL NOT HARM MY CHILD!”

That blue dragon started laughing, but he continued after me! “I knew there was a reason! You’re desperate to protect your young! I’ll make sure your work was in vain!”

Mama screamed again! “Tesyrir dive!” I listened to her and flew straight towards the ground. That blue dragon was going too quickly and blew past me! “Into the tree line!” I dove into the trees and started flying just below the top of the trees!

He screamed again. “YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM ME THAT EASILY!”

He crashed into the ground just in front of me and I slammed into his side! I fell to the ground and he put his foot on me! I couldn’t move, he was pushing down too hard for me to do so!

Mama screamed! “NO! DON’T HURT HER!”

I squirmed, but it didn’t matter how hard I tired. I couldn’t get free from him!

He was smiling! “Oh, and what do you plan on doing to keep me from crushing her right here and now?” Mama froze, and it seemed like she didn’t know what to say. “Nothing? Well, that’s too bad!” He looked down at me and started moving his head closer to mine. “Squirm all you want little one. You won’t be getting free.” He stuck his tongue out and licked my face! EW! I snapped at it and he reeled back in pain! He lifted his foot just long enough for me to get free and I took off behind mama! “AH YOU LITTLE SHIT!”

Mama sounded relieved. “Stay behind me Tesyrir!” Before she could turn her head back towards him she was launched backwards! He slammed into her and she flew backwards, far past me!

The dragon got in my face and screamed. “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT! I’M GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE!”

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