A Champion's Soul

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Khuzaima's Return

I froze, but it wasn’t from fear. I saw a bright flash. When the flash calmed down, that blue dragon wasn’t moving, the trees weren’t moving, actually nothing was moving. I saw a red dragon next to me. He felt familiar, but I don’t know why.

He did seem happy though. “Hello little one.”

I tried moving, but quickly realized I couldn’t. “H-hi… I can’t move?”

He took a breath. “Indeed, it would be cheating if you could. Time is relative to the individual, so I’ve made your perception of it far, far slower than normal, but only so we can talk. Your body cannot move with this perception though.”

Why? “But why would you do that?”

He walked over to me and sat on his hind legs. “I wish to talk to you. I couldn’t do it before, due to limitations to your body. You’re strong enough to handle this, but not much more. My name is Khuzaima.”

I remember that name. “Mama mentions you a lot.”

That seemed to bring a smile to his face. “I know, and that brings me some form of happiness. Even after all these years she still loves me. I am your father.”

Oh? “I knew your name sounded familiar… I’m not really sure how to feel about that though… It just been me, mama, and Eimrass.”

The smile faded from his face, and his ears went down. “That is my fault. When we thought you were lost, I had a moment of weakness. I turned to a god in the hopes of finding you, but it would cost me my life.”

I guess he found me then? “Did you find me, or mama?”

His voice was getting more solemn… “I did, but it was not how I had hoped. I think it’s best I not talk about what happened beyond that. Just know that before I died, I gave you my soul. At the time I was not aware you were my child, but I’m glad it turned out that way.”

That’s good. “Why’d you want to talk to me?”

He sounded more depressed now. “I see, there is an emotional disconnect between you and me. I love you, but you do not feel the same. I understand and can’t expect affection from you since you’ve never met me, regardless of how much it pains me to accept this. Your soul is unable to fully take in mine, so I remain separated though at the same time a part of you as well.”

Ok? “Is that why you wanted to talk?”

He was looking at that blue dragon now. “I wish to protect you, in any way I can. I cannot allow this savage to harm our family any further, but I cannot do anything without your aid.”

I do want to help mama! “What do I need to do?!”

He was smiling now. “Eager to protect your mother, that’s good. I cannot interact with the world directly, but I can share my knowledge with you. Despite being young, you can still use some forms of magic. It won’t be strong magic, but it’s something. I will share my knowledge of this magic, but it’ll require to focus on it, AND LISTEN TO MY EVERY WORD! Improperly using any form of magic will exhaust you quickly, and the more powerful kind will even kill you. I’ll show you cards with images on them, focus on the cards to the best of your ability, then you’ll cast the spell when I say.”

That sounds complicated, and simple at the same time. “How will I cast it?”

He chuckled. “You’ll know. I shouldn’t spoil the feeling of casting your first spell for you.”

He faded away, and I saw the blue dragon start breathing again.

He stumbled back for a moment in frustration. “What damned magic was that!? I can’t describe what I just felt, but something happened!”

I titled my head at him. “What?”

He shook his head and growled at me. “I can’t expect a youngling to understand, get ready!” I turned towards mama and she was running towards us, but that dragon was much closer.

He bared his teeth and lunged at me. I watched his teeth get closer, but an image came to my mind. It was strange and looked like a shield. Then another shield showed next to it. They started glowing, and I felt something well up inside me. The images shattered like glass just before he clamped his jaw onto me! I screamed out to mama and I was lifted into the air. I could his jaw squeezing tighter, but his teeth started to crack! He screamed out and swung his neck throwing me into the distance!

I don’t know how far I flew, but I couldn’t right myself. I felt too heavy and kept started slamming through trees. With every tree I hit it was followed by a loud crack and then the ground shook afterwards! I finally stopped rolling and stopped, but it took me a minute to right myself. When I tried standing up I felt really heavy. My feet were sinking into the dirt with violent cracking noises. It wasn’t muddy, but the dirt didn’t like what was happening.

I took a few steps forward and I felt the weight fade away. I don’t know what that was, but it was intense. That must’ve been what he was talking about. I heard mama roar, but it was followed by my name. I jumped into the air and roared back to her. I saw her head above the tree line, and she saw me. It was getting dark soon, but this is good. Me and mama are both dark, so we’ll be harder to see. That blue dragon ran at her and she charged at him as well. I saw the two slam into each other in another flurry of dust, but this time trees were flying out of this dust. Then there was an explosion of fire and ice! It was almost like the forest was quivering in agony at what was happening!

I heard that voice again. “No time to sit around. We need to help your mother now. Though they may be of the ice variety they are still a stronger breed of dragon.” Right!

I saw two more cards, one was what looked like shoes with feathers on them. The other was a what looked like a ram, and then a third card followed them. It was that shield symbol again. I saw them glow, and then crack. I felt heavy but started flying towards them. Despite feeling heavier I was moving faster! The dust cleared enough for me to see the blue dragon!

That voice screamed at me! “AIM FOR ITS JAW!” I flew as fast as I could and lowered my head just before hitting its face, but I didn’t feel anything! I was warm for a moment and then felt the breeze against my face again!

I turned around and saw the dragon fall over screaming! “AH YOU LITTLE SHIT I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Blood flying from its mouth with every word!

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