A Champion's Soul

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Running Out of Magic

Mama yelled for me to get away, and that’s what I did. That dragon was getting angrier, and mama didn’t want me involved. “Tesyrir run! If you must fight then help the soldiers, not me!”

Father told me to do the same. “You’ve removed most of the dragon’s teeth, and now he can’t bite your mother. Perhaps it is best that you avoid him now.”

The dragon screamed and tried to rush me, but mama met him halfway and they slammed into the ground. I couldn’t see them anymore, but dirt and trees were being throw around.

Father said it again. “You should avoid this fight now. You’ve done your part…” I kept watching, and I just didn’t want to leave her alone. “If you keep intruding you’re anger her.” RIGHT! I don’t want to get in trouble! I want to help but I don’t want to make mama angry!

I left pretty quickly and searched for the city. We were really far away, but I did get back. The fighting was still going on though. Mama said help the soldiers, and I would assume she meant the ones that protect the city. I saw Godefro behind a line of shields and landed next him.

He fell of his horse and screamed! “SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!”

I felt bad about that. “Sorry!” He got back up and peaked over his horse…

He gave me a small glare and then smiled. “Oh, it’s just you Tesyrir. Why are you not inside the city?”

I was helping! “I was helping mama, but she told me to come help you instead!”

He looked at me confused, and then at the guys holding shields. “Everyone come close, I have an idea.” He told them something, and then looked at me. “Tesyrir, if you want to help I’ll need you to do something. Walk forward, but slowly. These men will form a wall around you. Do you know how to breath fire yet?”

I paused, but father told me what to say. “Just say you do. I can help you out with that. You still have some magic left, so we can use that, despite your fire glands not being developed yet.”

I nodded, and Godefro had a smile plastered on his face. “Alright! Keep the dragon safe, and we’ll push the line back!”

A bunch of people started pushing forward with their shields up, and I ran up close behind them. I could clearly see the ones who were attacking now. What they wore reminded me of the stories mama would tell me about Vikings. I wonder if these people are Vikings?

I don’t have time to ask. Actually I can’t ask at all, they’re just hacking and slashing at the shields and screaming words I can’t understand.

Father interrupted the violence. “Get ready!”

Right after he said that I saw another card, and it was ball of fire… This was very very easy to focus on as it shattered almost immediately. Immediately after it felt like my throat was on fire and I screamed. No sound came out though, just flame. Bright orange washed over the men attacking us. There skin boiled and flaked away turning to ash as it went, and they’re screams of agony went from agony to choking… They were being burned alive. The stench of burned flesh washed all around us, and I felt sick. It felt like I was going to throw up, but instead more fire came out!

Even through the screaming, I could hear father laughing! “It looks like that help jump start your fire glands! You shouldn’t need to use anymore magic to do it! Make sure to wait a few seconds between each burst though, you don’t want to hurt yourself!” That’s good! I think…

The guards pushed forward, and over the charred bodies. Whenever someone would touch a body, it would simply fall apart into ash… It took me a moment to figure out how to throw out the flame. The men got nervous, but I did. It’s a muscle in my chest. I can feel it, and I just squeeze. The harder I squeeze the brighter the fire gets, but it also disappears father as well. Squeezing right after a flame burst would simply hurt, and I understood what father meant by that.

We pushed forward, but it didn’t last long. There was a roar, and I saw that dragon headed towards us. Mama was close behind, but that dragon looked angry!

It screamed at us, but I think it was mostly towards me! “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE RUNT!”

Father shouted! “Get into the air now!” I didn’t have time to think, just listen. I jumped into the air and flew up. I didn’t hear any fighting down below, but I didn’t have time to figure out why! “Get ready to roar! You’re going to do this the second that dragon gets close!” Ok!

I saw more of those cards. They looked like war horns. One shattered, and another took its palace. I counted eight in total. My chest was filling up with air, and just before that dragon got to me I screamed. The dragon was launched backwards. The men fighting below were launched off of their feet. The grass swayed away from me, and I witness the trees do the same. It was like everything was trying to escape the noise.

The second the sound died down, something changed. There was a flash, and I felt different. I started falling and struggled to keep my eyes open. I heard the flapping of fabric against the wind. There was a brief flash of darkness and I saw mama’s face. She was holding me, and we were on the ground?

Mama was shouting at me! “Tesyrir! Can you hear me!? Tesyrir!?”

It took me a moment to understand. “I’m okay!” Mama hugged, and then quickly handed me to someone.

She started at them for a second. “Keep her safe!” and without another word she jumped into the air, big again.

I looked to see who was holding me. It was Godefro. He looked at me with a horribly confused expression. “What just happened?”

Was he asking me? “I don’t know?”

Godefro handed me off to someone else… Why am I small? I heard mama shout, and looked towards her. I watched as we rushed by soldiers, but just before getting inside the city I saw something… A large red dragon slammed its body into the one mama was fighting… The gate to the city shut, but now someone can help mama. I’m glad Zaivrer is finally back.

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