A Champion's Soul

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A Confusing Moment

I woke up to the sound of crying... I was, really confused and opened my eyes. There was a young woman on the ground in front of me, crying for some reason? “Please let me go. I’m sorry, please.” What’s she talking about, and for some reason my hand was wrapped around her wrist?

I heard mama’s voice as well. “It’s alright Tesyrir, you can let go now.”

I turned to look at mama. “What’s going on?”

Zaivrer was behind her, and he started laughing. “Holy shit, she has too much of father in her. Defending herself and she’s not even conscious.”

Mama then smacked Zaivrer. “Watch your tongue around her.”

Mama walked up to me and picked me up. “It’s okay Tesyrir, you’re safe now.” She pushed my head into her shoulder. “Cover your ears sweetie.”

I did, but it didn’t stop the noise. Mama took a few steps forward, and I heard the woman scream. Just before a loud cracking noise.

I don’t know what mama did, but I could take a good guess. Not that it matters. She doesn’t want me to see the result. I don’t know where we are, but once I saw there was sunlight mama pulled my head away from her shoulder.

The first thing I saw was her smiling face, but she had blood on it. The second thing was Zaivrer, but he had a stupid grin. “Good job Tesyrir. I thought being around the mortals would’ve made you soft. I guess I should have expected more. Given our father’s blood.”

Mama sighed. “Your father was powerful, but don’t attribute his accomplishments to yours. You need to earn the title Zaivrer.”

I saw Zaivrer roll his eyes. “Yes, I know mother. You don’t need to tell me this every time I talk about father.”

Mama scoffed at him. “Then stop making me think you don’t realize it.”

... “Where’s Eimrass?”

Mama smiled. “He’s at home sleeping.” I tried looking at the ground, but she pushed my head against her shoulder again. “I think you should take a nap dear. You’ve had a rough day.”

But... “I just woke up.”

Mama shushed me and started running her hand down the back of my head. “Go to sleep dear. We’ll tell you everything once we get home.”

I couldn’t sleep, so I just listened to them talk. Zaivrer seemed to be in a better mood than yesterday. “I’m surprised things went that way. Honestly, I was expecting worse. Mortals are typically more, barbaric.”

Mama sounded irritated about this. “Some mortals are barbaric. While I don’t know the reasons for these particular one’s actions. It shows they wanted her unharmed.”

Zaivrer chuckled to himself. “Well, I know why they did it. One of the men guarding that room spat it out while I was breaking his bones. Someone paid a hefty sum of gold to have her delivered, somewhere. They wanted her unharmed.”

That caught mama’s attention. “Did they say what for?”

Zaivrer probably shrugged. “Don’t know. The bastard passed out before he could get the rest of the information out... Either way, I’m pretty happy about how she reacted to a knife being pressed against her neck.”

Mama sighed. “I’m not happy about it. Even if it was the wrong metal she could have been hurt. Although, I didn’t think she had the strength to crush mortal bones yet. I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone’s wrist go limp like that before. The bones might have been turned to powder, but I’m not sure how hard she was squeezing.”

I could hear Zaivrer chuckled. “Yes, well that was a messy affair. She’ll need that blood washed off of her arms. The bones broke out of the woman’s skin so it’s possible they weren’t crushed, but rather forced out.”

They talked a bit longer, but I heard father speak up. “You’re confused I bet. Listen, don’t say anything. They’ll probably just think you’re crazy if you start talking to me right now. I’ll explain... While you were sleeping a group of people snuck into your room and snatched you. They brought you to this city that is currently unknown to me, but due to the actions of your mother and Zaivrer the city will be lost.” So that’s what happened... I guess I’m a heavy sleeper then. “As for what you did. The woman who was in charge of it all tried using you as a bargaining chip for her life, but you grabbed her wrists and crushed the bones. Mortals and humans should never fight, as it’s never a fair one. Even at ten, you contain enough force in your hands to crush a mortal, but don’t think this applies to anything else... For now, you are safe, but be wary of what comes next. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time.”

Why would someone even try to kidnap me? I’m not all that special? Well, mama and Zaivrer were talking about it so I should start paying attention.

I first heard mama. “Zaivrer, you should know why someone would want to steal a young dragon.”

Not sure really sure where this is going, but Zaivrer didn’t seem to understand. “I’m afraid I don’t.”

Mama sounded dissapointed. “I’m disappointed Zaivrer, you need to know these things to better protect our kin. There are three reasons I could see someone wanting to steal a young dragon. The first would be to obtain strength by absorbing their soul, but I don’t think that was the reason or they wouldn’t have wanted her unharmed. The other is to try and use them for power or protection. I could see that as it would require gaining her trust and friendship. The third is a much baser desire in mortals. I don’t know if that’s what they wanted, but that’s why we made sure to leave none of them around to try again later.”

Mama sighed again, but this was towards me! “Someone isn’t sleeping...” How’d she know!? “Go to sleep dear, we’ll wake you up when we get back.” I felt mama put her on the back of my neck and pinch... Everything went dark when she did it...

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