A Champion's Soul

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Neighboring Dragon

When I woke up everyone was asleep. Eimrass was curled up under a blanket, mama was sleeping in her bed, and Zaivrer was laying on the floor. As much as I wanted to wake them up. I remembered what happened yesterday. I don’t really want to talk to them right now. I climbed out of bed and left the room. I went somewhere that I could find sunlight, and I saw that it was early… Very early, the sun was just coming up.

Father broke the silence. “You’re irritated?” Yea… I guess I am. “I can understand that you are angry right now. She’s trying her best, but you’re the first child she’s tried raising alone. Zaivrer is around so things should get better. While he’s no replacement for a father, it’s better than nothing… I just wish I could do more for you though.” It’s fine. I know it’s not your fault. “Why don’t you go for a walk? I’m sure your mother will be fine with your wandering for a bit.” He didn’t sound confident about that.

I know mama said I’d be able to change back to being big, and I think I can feel it. It’s like I’m not able to stretch my legs, and I just want to get them out. “How do I change back to being big?”

Father paused a moment, and then answered. “Feel it in your chest. Magic comes from the soul.” I put my hand over my heart, but didn’t feel anything… “You’re not quite ready to change back yet. A few more days should be enough. I can tell you’re starting to feel it.”

If I’m going to go for a walk I might as well do it now. I know my way around this place somewhat. So, I was able to find the exit. I eventually made my way to the cities gates, they were open, so I walked outside.

Father didn’t like that though. “I don’t think you should wander quite this far.”

I shouldn’t but I want to. “We both know mama won’t be happy about me walking around on my own. If I’m going to get into trouble, I’ll at least explore somewhere new.”

Father sighed. “I guess I can’t fault you for feeling that way. Just be careful.” I will…

The first thing I noticed was the change from dirt to grass. It felt nice on my feet.

This place had a large grassy field all around it, and it would end with a tree line. Taking a guess, I think they might have cleared to it to get wood, but I’m not sure. When I sniffed the air, I smelled something familiar. I went towards the smell, but it went into the tree line… After a minute of debating I walked into the woods and followed the smell. I walked for a while, but I came across a lake. It’s not huge, but it felt familiar. The smell took me to the top of a hill, and I found a cave entrance. Now I know what the smell was. It was where me and mama would stay before we came to the city.

I went up the cave entrance, and well I loved the way it smelled. Familiar, and friendly. I started walking into the cave, but I saw someone. Well not someone, but something. Two glowing white eyes, and a smile. I couldn’t see their shape, but I could see those features of them.

They were staring at me. “Hello?” No reply. “I can see you.”

Father seemed concerned. “Tesyrir who are you talking to?”

How does he not see it? “There’s someone standing deeper in the cave.”

He seemed even more confused. “Tesyrir I can only look through your eyes. Please stare directly at it.”

I am! “I am staring at it. It’s right there!”

Now he seems worried. “I can’t see it. Tesyrir I think you should head back now.” I blinked and in just that short moment the person was directly in front of me! I screamed and fell backwards! “Tesyrir run!”

I couldn’t bring myself to move. It just stared at me. It was a like a shadow was staring directly at me. Only it’s mouth and eyes had features you could see.

A voice called out from deeper inside the cave. “Who’s there!?” That thing standing in front of me turned towards it, and then vanished into thin air. Shortly after a man ran out from inside the cave. “Who are you!? How did you find me!?”

Wait, hold on. What just happened? “I, don’t understand what’s happening right now…”

They were not the patient type. “Who are you, and how did you find me!?”

Wait, okay no. This person is more important than whatever that thing was. “I was just visiting my old home.”

The man walked up to me, and I heard father again. “If he lays a hand on you I’m going to kill him.” I’m, not entirely sure how he would do that, but okay.

That man stared at me for a moment. Then had a sigh of relief. “Oh, you’re just a child. You should run along now.”

But I just got here!? “Why are you here?”

The man reached his arm out to me and helped me back up. “Child I am a dragon. If you do not leave I will have to kill you.”

Wait, he can’t tell? “So that’s why you’re in the save. That’s where me and mama used to live. I chased a lot of mice in that cave.”

He was looking at me strangely, then smacked himself. “Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell at first. You have a such a strong mortal scent to you. May I ask, but where is your mother?”

Sleeping. “She’s a home sleeping right now.”

The man smiled. “That’s good to hear.” I heard some rustling down the hill, and the man went back into the cave. After a moment he came out holding an egg. “Do you recognize this?”

Yes. “That’s an egg. Is it yours?”

He smiled and sat down, putting the egg in his lap. “Yes, this is my child. I’ve been left alone to take care of it, since the hunters cut down my mate.”

Oh… “Do you know why they did it?”

He seemed reluctant but answered. “I’m not sure, but after they did they tried to take our egg. She always struggled to have children, so just one egg was a blessing to us. Even then, the world wouldn’t let her see a child. Those humans are gone, I made sure of that. Though more came, and I had to flee with the egg.”

Oh. “I’m sorry.”

He smiled. “No, it’s fine. The egg should hatch in the coming months, but I’m happy to finally talk to someone. While you may not be the ideal person to talk to. You’re still greatly appreciated.” I think that was a compliment?

There was a galloping noise coming up the hill, and the man suddenly became large with a loud crack and a his! He was big now, but shaped strange. His arms were a little thinner than mine and mama, but it made sense. He was holding the egg to his chest with one arm and using the other to stay upright on all fours.

I stood up and saw a horse coming up the hill! It was Cassius? The horse stopped halfway up and reared up. He fell off when it did. He fought with the horse for a few minutes and it calmed down but wouldn’t move any further up the hill. It was funny to watch, but I felt bad for laughing.

I should tell him who that is. “That’s Cassisus. He’s a friend.”

The man snarled, but not towards me. “Maybe a friend to you, but I do not know him.”

Cassius wouldn’t do anything, but maybe we should leave. “He was probably looking for me. I’ll leave now. I won’t tell anyone about you, if you don’t want me to?”

He started walking into the cave. “That would be appreciated… If you ever have time, come back by. It’s nice talking to someone, even if only for a moment or two.” He seems friendly enough, but I wonder if it’s loneliness that made him so willingly to show me the egg? I wouldn’t expect someone to be so trusting, or maybe he didn’t see me as a threat?

I started walking down the hill and heard Cassius. “Dang horse! What’s got you so spooked!?”

I called out to Cassius and he turned around. “Hey Cassius!”

He seemed relieved. “Oh, thank god. Your mother is very angry right now. We need to get back as soon as we can.”

Oh no… “I’m going to get in trouble?”

He whistled. “Well, let’s just say I’m glad I’m not you right now.”


He had a nervous laugh but picked me up and put on the back of the horse. Then he climbed up and turned it around. I had to hold onto him, so I didn’t fall off.

I don’t like being on a horse! It’s uncomfortable and it hurts!

We made our way back, and mama was waiting at the gate. Her eyes were glowing… I’m in big trouble!

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