A Champion's Soul

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A Golden Blade

Mama wouldn’t let me leave the room for a month after that. I had to stay in there and keep Eimrass company. Mama and Zaivrer also recently started leaving for long periods of time. I don’t know why, but I think it has to do with what I overheard them talking about one night.

Mama sounded worried when she woke up Zaivrer. “Zaivrer, wake up. I think it’s time.”

I could hear mama nudging Zaivrer before he woke up. “What?”

Mama said it again. “I think it’s time. I can feel it, and it’s eating me inside. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.”

Zaivrer took quite a while to answer. “Are you sure?” I think mama nodded. “Then where do you want to look? Do you think anyone is ready?”

Mama stopped Zaivrer. “Outside, we shouldn’t talk about it around them. You know how easily she wakes up. I’m sure she’s listening to us right now.” HOW DOES SHE ALWAYS KNOW!?

I listened to them both walk away, and then shut door. I went back to sleep and woke up once the sun was out. They were gone most of the day, but Cassius came by and had some food for Eimrass. I like not feeling hungry, but I miss how good the food tasted. For some reason it just doesn’t taste as good anymore.

Eimrass ran around the room today, like usual. I would throw the pillows at him and he would do his best to avoid them. We spent most days doing just that. I’ve been getting better at hitting him, but he’s also getting better at dodging. I’ve grown quite a bit in the last month. I’m still nowhere near as tall as mama, but I heard them mention something about five feet. I don’t really know what it means though.

After a while there was a knock at the door. I went to open it and saw… I saw a girl with red hair, horns, wings, and covered in red scales. I’ve seen her before. It took me a minute, but I remembered where.

She smiled at me. “Hi there.” This, wasn’t a happy smile. It looked more forced.

I kind of smiled back. “Hi…”

She still had that smile. “Tesyrir, do you remember who I am?”

I do. “Yes, sort of. I don’t remember your name though… I’m sorry.”

She sighed. “Oh, that’s fine. Is it okay if I come in?”

Mama said I couldn’t go out, but she didn’t say anything about people coming in. So, I think it’s fine. “Um, okay.”

I walked over to my bed and sat down. She shut the door behind her, and Eimrass was hissing. She walked up to him and tried to touch his head, but he nipped at her.

He kept hissing at her. “Well you’re in a bad mood this time around. Don’t you remember me?”

He didn’t even seem to care about she said. I called out to him. “Eimrass it’s fine. Come over here.” He gave her a quick glare, then bolted to the bed and launched himself at me. I managed to catch him this time.

He curled up next to me and kept staring at her. “Why’d you come down here?”

She was leaning against the wall now. “I was hoping to talk to your mother, but it doesn’t seem like she’s around.”

Yea… “Mama, and Zaivrer left to go do something. I don’t what it was though.”

She titled her head a bit. “Who’s Zaivrer?”

Did I tell her before? “He’s my older brother.”

That seemed to take her back a bit. “Ah, I see. Do you have any other family members?”

Not that I’m aware of. “I don’t think so. I have a grandma, but she’s not very nice. I haven’t seen her for a long time… Can I ask you something?”

She smiled again. “Sure, ask whatever you like.”

Alright then. “Why do you have wings, scales, and horns?”

She opened her eyes in shock. “Oh, well that’s complicated… Let’s just say I’m part dragon.”

Part dragon? “So, one of your parents was a dragon?”

She was scratching the back of her head now. “Well, not exactly… I was an elf… You see when a dragon dies, they can give their soul to someone. I tried saving a dragon’s life, but I didn’t know enough about magic at the time to really do anything. They gave me their soul before they died, and well this happened.”

Oh. “Who was the dragon?”

She didn’t answer, at least not immediately. “His name was Khuzaima.”

That… She’s lying! I was about to call her out, but father stopped me. “Tesyrir, listen. Play along, but as soon as you can leave this room. I know your mother told you to stay, but you need to leave as soon as you can.”

She stared at me, more intently now… “Um, I should take Eimrass out. Mama gets angry when he pees in here.” I picked up Eimrass and started walking towards the door.

She got in front of me. “Wait, we should talk more.”

Eimrass was whining now. “I think he really needs to go.” She nodded and opened the door. I walked closer to the doorway and she grabbed my arm. Before I could do anything, she flung Eimrass out and slammed the door. “LET GO OF ME!”

She used her other hand to grab my shoulder and let go of my arm. “You listen to me. I want my soul back, and you’re going to give to me!”

What? “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Let go!”

She squeezed me shoulder harder, I could feel her nails digging in. “If you want give it to me then I’ll take it!” She reached around her back and pulled out a blade!

IT WAS GOLD! HOW DOES SHE KNOW!? WHY IS IT GOLD!? “LET GO OF ME!” I tried punching her but it didn’t do anything! I tried kicking her but it didn’t do anything!”

I saw one of those cards again! It was father! He’s trying to help! It’s a fireball! I tried to focus on it the best I could, and she dug the knife into my shoulder right when the card shattered!

There was an explosion of fire and I felt myself get launched away. I opened my eyes again and saw that I was falling! Wait, I’M FALLING! I was screaming, but I felt it. I could feel how to change back! It was just a moment, but that’s all I needed! With a deep scream I felt myself get larger, I felt my wings stretch out! I felt myself getting stronger! I still slammed into the ground, but it didn’t hurt! I got up. I felt fine, but everyone was starting at me. My shoulder hurt though… It was bleeding. There was a piece of gold shining in the blood… EIMRASS! I need to get back up there!

I ran past everyone; the pain didn’t matter. My shoulder hurt, but I need to make sure Eimrass is okay! I made my back up there, several guards decided to follow after as well. I heard Eimrass screaming, and it sounded like he was running. She was chasing after him! I ended up on the opposite end they were running. She stopped, but Eimrass kept running. He hid behind me once he was safe. She stared at me, her arm looked broken. She pointed the sword at me, but before she could do anything else guards started rushing past me! They tried to grab her, but she took off!

Eimrass needs to hide. “Go hide Eimrass. I don’t think they’ll catch her.” He nodded and then ran off to his little hidey hole. I was never able to find it, but that means she shouldn’t be able to find it either!

I know my way around this place and made it towards the entrance again. I managed to beat her there to! She was trying to take off, but it looks like her wing was hurt as well! She saw me, and I watched her eyes light up! She was going to try again!

She pointed the blade at me and charged! I let her dig it into my shoulder again and clamped my jaw on her arm! I raised my head and beat her into the ground! She let go of the blade and I flung her off to the side… She rolled into a wall and stopped moving. I did my best to limp over to her, and the guards me there… I was about to bring my foot down on her, but there was a flash of blue and black; and then she was suddenly gone. She was being carried away by two people. I could see one had blue wings, and the other had black wings…

I won! I beat her! She attacked me, but I won! For some reason that feels really good! My joy was interrupted by the pain in my shoulder, and Zaivrer shouting…

I turned around and saw him with mama, and someone I’d never seen before. Mama saw my shoulder and screamed! “What happened!” She ran up to me and pulled the sword out, then she dug around it! THAT HURTS! IT REALLY HURTS! She did pull out that shard though. “WHO DID THIS!?”

I tried to answer, but Cassius put his hand on mama’s shoulder. “A female hybrid with red scales did. Tesyrir here, thoroughly kicked her ass though. I think the lessons been learned.”

Mama let out a sigh of relief, then she looked into the sky. We saw them disappear into the distance.

Cassius helped mama bandage up that spot, while this person was eyeballing me up and down… He seemed nervous. Zaivrer put his hand the persons shoulder. “You can back out if you want, but once you commit our entire family is going to hold you to it.”

The man wiped his forehead. “I’ll admit. Even I’m nervous about this. A wyrm… I thought they were just legends, but even as a child she can take on a hybrid. I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity.”

What are they talking about?

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