A Champion's Soul

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We slept outside that night. It was kind of nice. I got sleep next to mama again, and Eimrass snuggled up next to me. I was warm out that night. Zaivrer slept a little bit away from us, and that person that came with them slept somewhere else. Turns out he’s a dragon to. He’s also even bigger than mama, and he’s a very dark purple color.

I was the first one to wake up. I could hear birds chirping, and one of them was sitting on my nose. I sneezed, and it flew off, but my sneeze woke up Eimrass. He got up, stretched, and I immediately heard his stomach growl. He barked a noise at me, and that woke mama up. Mama let out a loud sigh. I heard the snoring coming from Zaivrer and that other dragon stop. So, they’re up to now.

Mama got up and stretched, then she looked at Zaivrer. “Can you get Eimrass some good. I need to talk with Tesyrir.” He nodded, the nudged the other dragon to get up. I saw them talking as they changed got small and walked off. Eimrass chased after them.

Mama was looking at me now. “Tesyrir, do you know what’s going on?”

We just woke up. “We just woke up, didn’t we? What else would be going on?”

Mama chuckled to herself. “You’re too innocent for your own good my sweet child. Something quite big is happening. You’re getting older, and I think it’s time you left our nest for a while.”

Leaving? “like exploring?”

Mama smiled now. “In a way. That dragon, while I know you haven’t talked to him yet. I’d like you to. I think you’ll find him, enjoyable to be around.”

Oh… “Do I have to leave with him?” Mama nodded. “So that means you aren’t coming to.”

Mama didn’t seem happy now. “I don’t want you to go, but you’re getting older. I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet, but fighting is in our blood. It’s a part of every dragon, and now you’ll be coming around that age. I can feel the conflict coming. I don’t want that to happen, and I see that you don’t feel it yet. I’d like us to part ways before you feel it as well…”

Oh… I don’t, I don’t want to go… “I have to go?”

Mama nodded. “Yes, it’s for your safety. I don’t want to hurt you… We won’t be apart forever though. It’s just until you get older. Once you’re all grown up you can come back here, just like Zaivrer did. In time Eimrass will come join you as well, but he’s not quite there yet. I need to keep a watchful eye on that little ball of energy.”

I have to leave Eimrass to… I laid on the ground and covered my eyes with my wings… “When do I have to go?”

Mama bumped my head with her nose. “Soon, but when you’re ready.”

Alright then. I’ll spend the day playing with Eimrass when he gets back… “Who’s the other dragon then?”

Mama smiled again. “Well, I only wanted the best for my daughter. He’s a member of the Man-Eater dragon clan, and the leader’s eldest son. He’s proven himself to be quite powerful.”

That didn’t answer my question though. “What’s his name?”

She did answer this time. “His name’s Demmyrth. He will be your mate.”

Mate? What’s a mate? I’ve heard mama mention it before…? Right. She called father her mate… WAIT! “You picked someone for me to love?!”

That caught mama off guard. “Well I mean, I didn’t think. Tesyrir just trust me! You’ll like him I’m sure of it!”

How would she know? “How do you know that I’d like him?”

Mama didn’t answer. “Just trust me Tesyrir!”

Fine… “When will they be back?” Mama just shrugged.

Mama turned around and watched for them… I decided to go inside the castle. It took me a minute to remember how to change, but I did. Once I was walking through I saw people moving lots of bricks around. They were all headed to our room. I followed them for a bit, and when we got there… Everything was destroyed. It was just a great big hole that lead to the outside. That would be my fault. I didn’t have a choice though, so I shouldn’t feel too bad about it. Besides it looks like these people are enjoying themselves. They’re all talking and smiling. I watched for a bit longer when I heard mama call for me. So, I made my way back outside. They were back, and it looks like Eimrass had a fish in his mouth. He was very happy about that.

I ran over to mama, and Demmyrth came over as well. Him and mama both changed. Zaivrer kept pretending to take Eimrass’s fish instead of coming over.

Demmyrth looked at me and smiled. “How are you feeling? That was nasty stab you had yesterday.”

I forgot about that… I checked it, and the bandage was still there. It hurt to touch. “Painful.”

He nodded. “Understandable.”

I guess I should say high. “How are you Deem-earth?”

Mama snickered, he stared at me in shock for a moment… “Tesyrir, that’s not how you pronounce his name… It’s Dem-ear-th…” oops. I guess I should have said it the way mama did now that I think about it.

He smiled after that little accident. “It’s fine. I can’t expect everyone to pronounce it right on their first try.”

Mama chuckled again. “Oh, you have no idea. My own mother mispronounces my name from time to time.”

Now he laughed. “Your mother is a strange one alright. One of our messengers came by while we found Eimrass some food. It seems she’s taken issue with our arrangement.”

Mama tiled her head. “Oh? Does that make you nervous?”

He shook his head with a grin. “No not really. It took some time, but I’ve built up the nerve to do this. Your mother was the final push I needed. We can’t let her walk all over our clan anymore, and this will be the first step to stopping that as well.”

Mama nodded. “Then I hope you have plans to keep her safe then?”

He smiled. “Well of course. She’ll be under just as much protection as the young ones, if not more. As she gets older we’ll be sure that she has more free rein though.”

Mama seemed happy with that response. “That’s good. I’d like her to be as safe as possible, and away from that woman. I’ve worked hard making sure she can get along with humans, and I don’t want her destroying that.”

He nodded again. “Don’t worry. If not me, then someone else will try to keep them as far apart from each other as we can. It would also seem my mother has found out about this, and she wishes to meet Tesyrir immediately.”

Mama changed to her big form. “Tesyrir, get on my back. You can’t fly with that injury.” She barked over to Eimrass and he bolted over here. I watched him scamper up onto her back as well. “I think we should all meet go over and have a chat… It’ll also keep his mother from smothering you, she’s always been the hugging type.”

Oh… I climbed onto mama’s back. I can’t say I remember ever being up here. It just as warm as lying next to her though. She jumped up in the air and start flapping her wings… I guess this happening then.

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