A Champion's Soul

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Wyrm Vs Wurm

We flew for a long while. We ended up sleeping on mama’s back, since it started getting dark before we go there… If it took so long to get there, why were they so fast before? Mama and Zaivrer only took a day to get there and back before… Maybe Demmyrth was somewhere else when they found him?

I guess it doesn’t matter too much, but I woke up once I felt the sun on my face… It wasn’t the sun though, mama was blowing air in my face. “Wake up sweetie, we’re here.” I opened my eyes and she did the same to Eimrass. He kicked around a bit before waking, and he seemed just as confused. It’s pitch black out, so I guess it isn’t morning yet. “Alright you two, time to get down” We made our way off of mama, and she looked at me. “It’s best you go into your natural form.”

I changed back and Eimrass snorted. I wonder if he’s jealous. “Jealous Eimrass?” He shook he head and snorted gain. He definitely is.

Mama laughed. “Don’t worry little one. You’ll be able to do the same soon enough, just give it a few more years. Female dragons always grow faster than males. Though Tesyrir is a bit bigger than a typical dragon of her age.” Eimrass snorted again. “Oh, don’t give me that. It’ll come with time.”

Demmyrth interrupted the moment. “You should follow close behind me. Everyone’s been on edge with Almawt poking around the area. They shouldn’t be here. It’s just too far away from their territory.

We did, but mama asked him a question. “You’re worried about them? Aren’t they just a group of human savages?”

Demmyrth shook his head. “More than that. Even if they were just human savages, the young ones are still vulnerable. They have some creatures working with them, but to what ends we don’t know, or why.”

Mama snorted herself. “Creatures of savage nature would only align with savages as well. I wouldn’t expect anything intelligent to work with them.”

Demmyrth seemed relived at that. “Fair enough, but caution should still be enforced. A lone dragon is a dead dragon.”

Mama didn’t say anything for a bit. “I suppose I’ll have to get used to that then. Being raised with very different teachings.”

Demmyrth replied to mama but seemed more interested now. “Yea, I understand your mother teaches the World-Breakers very differently from us. Individual strength over family, right?”

Mama answered. “Sort of, but I consider it to be more about brutality. It’s about beating those around you into submission, rather than simply winning. These are her words not mine. A dead enemy makes a worthless servant.”

Demmyrth sneered. “Disgusting, there’s honor in death. She won’t even grant them that.”

Mama said something interesting about that. “That’s why I don’t want her anywhere near Tesyrir. With her being a wyrm taking on that lifestyle will anger the gods very quickly. It isn’t power that gets us killed by them, it’s arrogance.”

Demmyrth asked a question again. “Speaking of that. I’m not quite as old as you, or the others. Only around three hundred years or so. What truly makes a wyrm? I’ve only heard the legends of mountainous beasts able to take on even hydras.”

Mama took a minute to answer. “Well, I suppose that’s a bit complicated. First, I would you not confused a wyrm and wurm. A wurm to put it simply is giant heavily armored snake, but they’re closer to dragons. A wyrm can be seen as a much larger dragon. There is something different about them to us though. Even if two wyrms have a child, it is likely to be a dragon without help. Dragons becomes wyrms when they’re fed a soul before hatching. Khuzaima, her father gave his soul to her before she hatched… Though the circumstances are complicated, it’s something I’d rather explain when she’s not around.” We now I’m even more curious! “Another aspect of wyrms is that they can walk on their back legs or all four.” I can? I jumped onto my backs legs and they both turned to look at me… I wasn’t aware I could do this! It’s a little awkward, but I can Definity walk like this! “Just like that. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t aware of this beforehand, it’s not something that would occur to any dragon to try. If we were to try and do that we’d fall over, or at worst break a bone. It’s the structure of our bones, the ones in her legs are shaped ever so slightly different that they can withstand the force.” I got back down on all fours, its more comfortable.

Mama stopped talking and Demmyrth seemed lost in thought. He didn’t say anything until we saw light in the distance.

His face changed form thought to a smile though. “It would seem everyone is celebrating something. I suppose you three should introduce yourselves, they already know who Zaivrer is.” I forgot Zaiver was with us…

There were a lot of dragons here! A LOT! They were all different shapes, sizes, and colors! A bunch of little dragons started following up, and some of them started sniffing Eimrass. He ran up next to me and jumped on my back. Mama and Demmyrth stopped when he did that.

Demmyrth though it was funny. “I think we have a young stud here, but it seems he doesn’t know what do with the attention.”

Mama rolled her eyes. “Pff, you shouldn’t assume such things. I bet the girls are just curious. It’s a new smell.”

Demmyrth chuckled. “Well, surely being the sibling to a wyrm would get him attention.”

Mama rolled her eyes again. “Oh, I suppose. Now where’s your mother? I need to make sure she doesn’t smother Tesyrir.”

We walked a little bit further and the other little dragons ran back to the group. Eimrass got down once he saw they were gone.

Demmyrth made a strange barking noise, different from the one mama makes. Though it would definitely be recognizable. I didn’t see the distant cave until two large dragons walked out of it. They looked tired.

The one on the right spoke first. If these are his parents, I think that’s his dad. “Demmyrth why so late? What’s going on?”

Demmyrth sat down on his hind legs, and sound rather sheepish. “I’ve made a very important decision… We thought you should know?”

Me and Eimrass peaked around from behind mama. I don’t know why, but it felt safer.

I would guess his mother perked up. “Did you finally pick a mate?! Is this her!?”

She seemed to be gesturing to mama. Which mama caught on. “Oh no no, not me. My daughter.”

I peeked out a little bit further and she saw me. “Chyllypheith? Is that you?”

Mama was smiling now. “Yes, old friend. It’s me.”

She quickly ran up to us. “Can I see her?! I want to see who my baby boy’s mate is!”

Mama got in the way. “I accompanied your son because I was worried you would smother her. Calm down and we can have a nice long chat.”

She groaned… “Fine~ I guess. I’ll be good Chyllypheith.”

Mama stared at her a moment. “It’s alright Tesyrir, you can come out now.”

I guess I don’t have much of a choice. I came out from behind mama, his mom pressed herself flat on the ground. She had her head just a little away from me. “Well aren’t you adorable… Demmyrth, isn’t she a bit young?”

Demmyrth coughed, I think that caught him off guard. “ah, um, well yes. There’s no rush right now.”

Mama interrupted him. “Tesyrir is at that age now, and I didn’t want to send her off on her own. I’ve heard good things about your son, and well…” She whispered this to her, but I still heard it. “She’s a wyrm.”

She gasped and screamed. “REALLY!? MY SON’S MATE IS A WYRM!”

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