A Champion's Soul

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Who are the Siblings?

I heard voices in my sleep, but it’s been a while since I’ve last heard any. It sounded like an old man, and young woman were talking.

The woman spoke first. “I think we found one of them.”

The man seemed intrigued by that, though I don’t why. “Really? Exact location or general vicinity?”

She didn’t seem pleased with the answer she gave. “Well, we know what country… Scotland. We’re not sure what race they are this time though.”

He seemed happy about that last part. “That’s good though. We shouldn’t have two elves this time. Let me know when you find out what race they are.”

I heard the sound of shuffling, normally I would have only heard voices, but I can hear movement. “That’s the thing… They… might be a dragon… or at least something draconic. It could be a wurm, wyrm, wyvern, dragon, drake, or hydra… or one of those giant snakes. All I know for sure is that it has scales.”

He also seemed pleased by this. “Any of those will do. We can hope for a hydra or wurm, but even a, giant snake, would be great… How about the others?”

I heard more shuffling. “No luck, but it seems like the seal is cracked.”

That really caught his attention. “WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT CRACKED?!”

The woman seemed to go sheepish at the screaming. “Well, I, it’s cracked. Look at it!”

More shuffling noises, and then there was a whooshing sound. It was almost like I could feel the air itself. “But how? It looks like four of them have broken their shackles of repetition. but one, no two are missing though… How are they gone?”

The woman interrupted him. “Look, one of the four is shining brighter than the other. It’s possible they’ve taken the soul of one of the others?”

I heard the sound, of… It sounded like the stroking of a beard? “Yes, it would seem so… The one that’s missing, I wonder where they went? At least it looks like the curse is lifted for those remaining two. If we can find at the very least one of them, then maybe we can break the curse on the others. Focus on that bright one first. Let’s see if we can at least get a glimpse of them, or at least the circumstance of how they took the soul of the other.”

I could hear more wind, it sounded like a building was rattling as well. The shaking of the windows and screaming of the wood being stressed. It was all very clear, far clearer than it was before.

The woman shrieked, before slamming into something. “They’re here, listening to us as we speak!”

Then I could hear the man help her up, and slowly I could see something… It was fuzzy, and there were symbols in the air. As everything came into focus I saw an old man with a long white beard, he was helping what… They looked like they had red lines going from their eyes down their neck and to under their shirt… Her ears were pointy? Is that an elf?

The man tapped the symbols in the air to get my attention. “H-hello?! So, you’re a wyrm then! A middle of the road creature is still better than nothing at all! Do you recognize me?”

I tried to speak but nothing came out, so I just shook my head. He nodded back. Who is he?

The woman jumped in. “How is it doing that?”

He paused for a moment, then tried to answer. “It’s possible that the curse is not quite gone. These may be the residual effects of it. We are all tied together in a way, the curse has to be lifted off of all our souls for it to be truly gone. This may be its way of trying to mend itself.”

I have no idea what’s going but they kept talking. The woman asked him another question. “So, what happens if it seeks them, out?”

He shook his head. “I don’t believe they have the power to re-bind them. It would be a warning though. We can’t lose the element of surprise. It will cycle through everyone affected, until it finds them. The question now is how frequently?”

I’ve had this happen before, but they were years apart. I think it was the girl that tried to kill me the first time, but why would it seek her out? Anyways I think I was a year-old before, but I’m not sure. I held up four of my claws, it’s not the right number. Hopefully it means something though.

They looked at me. Then woman spoke. “Days?” I shook my head. “Months?” I shook my head again. “Years?” I nodded. “So, every four years?” I nodded again…

They started getting fuzzy and the man shouted. “We’re running out of time! Quick see if you can figure out which soul they are!”

The woman held up a staff and as everything vanished I heard her say something else. “One of the siblings.”

I woke up to the sound of rustling, it was Demmyrth… I was sleeping under his wing, and it seems like he just woke up. He got up and stretched, then looked down at me. “That was a good job yesterday. Not everyone was pleased with the show, but you’ve at least proved your right to live here. Now, I think it’s best we got meet up with everyone. I’m sure we find you something to do that doesn’t involve fighting today.”

Ok… “Alright…”

He seemed concerned with that, I guess it was too obvious. “Something troubling you?”

I don’t think I should talk about it. It was probably just a weird dream. “Strange dream.”

He nodded. “Ah, yes I get those from time to time. Come-on, let’s get out of the cave for now.” I followed him out, but I’m still not sure if that was actually a dream though.

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