A Champion's Soul

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An Arch-Demon

I had another strange dream. This one was weird, instead of only sound like before I could see as well. There was a what look like a giant room. There was a large throne, and someone sitting in it. For some reason I was standing on the armrest, just in front of their hand. I was tiny compared to whoever it was, but I couldn’t see their face. Just a helmet with two piercing white dots coming from the eye holes. They were staring at me. It was creepy, but I didn’t feel threatened… They tapped their fingers on the throne and rolled their hand over. It’s just a dream so I stepped on it. After I was in their palm they slowly raised me up to eye height with them.

They stared some more, before saying anything. “So, you are still amongst the world… Though I suppose you do not know who I am?” I do not, so I shook my head. “May I ask, but where is your soul sibling?”

What? “I don’t know what that is?”

They paused a moment. “I see… Perhaps I expected too much hoping to see you both survive. Nevertheless, it is good to see you. You are a dragon, just like before. It’s good to see some things don’t change... Now while I don’t think this dark color suits you, it is still better than bright yellow.” I am very tiny compared to him. He’s even larger than Demmyrth.

Who is he though. “Who are you? I’ve been having some strange dreams lately, and I don’t know if they’re real or not.”

They paused again… “You have forgotten everything then. It has been quite some time. I imagine too many cycles would do that to anyone.”

Father spoke up, and it’s the first time he’s done this in a dream. “Tesyrir be careful with your words. This being’s power, I can feel it is only rivaled by the arch-deities. This, this is much more than a mere dream.”

They seemed slightly annoyed now. “So, a little god accompanies you. May I ask for what reason?”

My father? How does he know? “He’s my dad. I’m a wyrm, and he gave me his soul before I hatched.” Father didn’t say anything.

He let out a small chuckle. “So, then it is a powerless god. His only purpose left is to teach and guide you... Well even a weak teacher is better than wandering aimlessly. So long as the teacher puts you on the right path.” After he finished that sentence he stood up from the throne and carried me in his palm. I thought he was going to grasp me, but he kept his hand flat for me to stand on. He began walking down a corridor and talking again. “I suppose I will remind you of who I am. I am one of the three arch-demons. You and your soul sibling were my first and only perfect creations. A soul born with free will… It may be a simple feat for a god, but not an archdemon. The gods are beings of creation, and I am a being of destruction. Nevertheless, I am proud of what I’ve created, and do not wish to see it destroyed.”

Father spoke up. “This story sounds too farfetched to be true, but I do not sense deceit in his words. We should keep what he says in mind, but not let it control anything we do.”

The giant man spoke again. “The tiny god speaks again.” How is he able to hear him? “I cannot understand what he says to you but know that I’m aware of when he speaks.” He stopped a window and looked out. I saw what looked like a kingdom. Many people were walking in the streets, and there were rolling green hills just beyond the walls. “I suppose it’s time for you to go then. Live the life the gods have given to you. The curse seems to have been lifted from you, if only enough to set you free. A soul will always seek out its creator in time. I’ll see you again, and hopefully you will have a greater understanding of the world.”

He reached out the window and dropped me! I tried to fly but just keep falling! I woke up with a scream when I hit the ground! It jolted Demmyrth awake. “Tesyrir what’s going on!?”

He raised his wing, and I saw that it was still dark out. “Sorry, just a bad dream.”

He stared at me for a few seconds, then lowered his wing. “Ah, I understand. Just, please don’t scream again.”

Right. “I’ll try.”

Father spoke to me once Demmyrth laid back down. “That was an, interesting experience. If we ever encounter that being again I thinks it’s best avoid getting on its bad side as much as possible. It seems to have a fondness for you, so I wouldn’t do anything to anger it. At least not yet.” Right…

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