A Champion's Soul

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Cleaning Armor

Today’s my last day to explore. Demmyrth wants me to hunt with him instead of helping with the little ones tomorrow. This time I’ll be in the open fields. That’s nice so I can stay in my dragon form.

After walking around for a bit, and I noticed this area is a lot emptier than the forest. The only things I could that wasn’t grass was those dragons that fly around the border. I wonder how that girl got past them? There were some rabbits running around. I don’t think I’d ever caught one when I was tiny. They were always faster, but mice were easy to catch.

After some more wandering, I got to the border and saw one of the dragons flying overhead. I guess that’s the limit on this side, so I turned around. About halfway between the border and the woods, I saw some people. They looked like humans, but I don’t know how they got there. They’re just looking at the grass and wearing bright white cloaks. One of them had glasses. Their ears were pointy? No, those aren’t humans. I think those are elves. I changed into my human form and walked up to them. They seemed too distracted to notice me.

I heard one of them speak. “The grass here isn’t much different from our own.”

The other one nodded, and I guess I scared them. “Hello?”

They both yelped out in fear but calmed down once they saw me. The second one spoke this time. “Oh, it’s just a child. Wait, look at her ears? They’re different from ours.”

The other one replied. “Yes, it would seem so. Excuse me, little girl. Do you know what those giant birds flying are?”

Birds?! That’s really insulting! “Hey! They aren’t birds! They’re dragons!”

The second one spoke again. “Dragons… I think we’ll have to find an adult. This one seems to have a wild imagination.”

The first one spoke now. “I suppose so. It would seem that children are just as imaginative here, as they are at home. It would be interesting if dragons were real though.”

Excuse me?! “Your staring at dragons in the sky! I’m a dragon, what makes you think they aren’t real!?”

The second one waved it off. “Bah, we don’t have time for your wild imagination child. Dragons aren’t real.”

OHHH THIS PEOPLE ARE IRRITATING!!! I changed into my dragon form to prove it. “THIS REAL ENOUGH FOR YOU!?”

They both fell backward and screamed… it sounded like children screaming. “OH GOD! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!”

After they stopped screaming I spoke to them. “This real enough for you?” Something stinks? Why does something stink?

They both got up and brushed themselves off. The first one spoke. “Deepest apologies… Please don’t kill us.”

The second one interrupted. “I think we should go back.”

The first one nodded and pressed something on his wrist. A strange circle opened, and he walked through… The second one waddled through? There was a brown stain running down his pants. Oh, he must’ve crapped his pants.

A few minutes passed when another circle opened up and I heard someone screaming. “Get your pansy asses back in there! Dragons aren’t real!”

A man wearing a strange green uniform stepped through. His ears were pointy to? He looked around then at me, then away but suddenly snapped back to me. “Well I’ll be damned, they weren’t lying…”

Who’s this? “Who are you?”

He didn’t answer. “Huh, On behalf of my men I apologize for their actions… I’ll, I’ll be going now.” He very quickly walked back through the circle and it closed behind him… I have several questions, and I’m sure none of them are going to be getting answered!

After the shock of that went away I tried walking around some more. Eventually, I heard a very excited voice. “There you are!” I turned towards the voice and saw Demmyrth’s mother bounding towards me! She stopped just uncomfortably close to me. “I was looking for you!”

I backed up a little bit. “Is something wrong?”

She shook her head, and still had that cherry mood. “No no, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to see you. You’re just so adorable, I love seeing all the little dragons. It’s been so long since Demmyrth was little seeing you brings back so many happy memories. Now, I want to show you something. I noticed your scales are getting a bit, grungy.”

What? What does that mean? “Grungy?”

She chuckled. “Your armor is dirty, you need to keep it clean. If too much dirt gets between the scales they’ll form gaps large enough for swords to slide in.”

Oh, yea that’s bad! “how do I clean my armor?”

Now she’s smirking. “That’s why you need to follow me. Come on!”

She jumped up into the air and started flying away! I guess I should follow her? I got up into the air and caught up to her. We flew for a little while, much further than the boundaries of the territory Demmyrth told me about. When she finally started going towards the ground it was around a giant lake. There was steam coming up from the water? She landed next to the water and I landed right next to her.

She nudged me forward into the water. I got up to my ankles. Then she said something. “Lay down, I’ll lay over here.” She got a little bit further away and laid down in the water. Her entire body was covered leaving just her out of the water? I did the same.

So, what’s going on? “Is this going to clean our armor?”

She nodded. “Yes. There are little creatures in the water that like dirt. They’ll start picking at it in a little bit once everything settles down.”

Oh? About half an hour passed and I felt little nibbles on my armor. It was pleasant. I saw tiny fish swimming around the water. I’m surprised they can survive in it. Eventually, the nibbling stopped. “Are they done?”

She nodded. “They’re still cleaning mine, you can step out if you want but just wait for me.”

I stepped out of the water and shook the water off. I felt lighter, and my armor was a bit shinier? All around I felt better. I walked around the water. There was so much steam I couldn’t see the other side, but I was curious. I noticed another dragon on the other side? I got a bit closer and they turned towards me.

They seemed surprised. “Tesyrir? Well isn’t this a surprise!”

Oh? Someone, I know? I got even closer and saw that is was grandma?! I wonder why she’s here? Oh wait, right she’s probably here for the same reason. “Hi, grandma!”

She continued to lay in the water. “Hmm, well I suppose it’s fine for you to call me that since we’re none of the others are around. Are you alone here?”

No. “No, Demmyrth’s mom brought me here. She’s just on the other side of the lake.”

Grandma nodded. “Ah, well that’s good I suppose. So how do you feel?”

Good. “I feel lighter.”

She nodded again. “That’s good. You should try to do this twice a year. It’s good for your armor and muscles. The hot water lets your muscles relax and the fish inside clean your armor.”

There was a voice just from the tree line. “Sagaelia we’re back!” Two other dragons came out from the woods, they saw and rushed forward. “WHO ARE YOU!?”

I back up into the water and grandma shouted. “CALM YOU TWO! This is Tesyrir.”

They stopped dead in their tracks for a moment or two, then started walking towards me.

They got close enough that I could see their color through the steam. One was bright yellow, and the other was white. The yellow one spoke first. “Sagaelia, you said their name is Tesyrir?”

Grandma nodded. “Yes. This is my grandchild, she’s the wyrm.”

The white one seemed pleased. “Ohhhhhh, I heard about you. You’re the little dragon that busted out Evaler’s teeth out.”

Who? “Who’s Evaler?”

Grandma answered. “That’s the blue dragon your mother fought when you were tiny. It would seem he didn’t die, but he is holding a grudge against you… I wouldn’t worry too much about it, he’s terrified of confrontation without his army of humans.”

I heard Demmyrth’s mom call out. “Tesyrir, it’s about time we headed back.”

Grandma smiled. “You should go, just don’t tell them you saw us here.”

Ok. “Alright.” I ran back around the lake and bumped into Demmyrth’s mom.

She laughed. “Careful here. Come on let’s head back.” She took off and I followed close behind.

This was a good time, but I guess tomorrow things are going to get more exciting.

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