A Champion's Soul

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An Old Human

I woke up to the sound of Demmyrth moving around, but ignored it. I was tired and didn’t really care at the moment. He wandered out of the cave and was gone for a little while. I felt him nudge me when he came back. “Hey, there’s something you might want to know about.”

Hmm? “What’s going on?”

He waited for me to get up before answering. “Well, it seems a friend of yours had passed on. Godefro was his name?”

Oh no. “What happened!?”

He answered. “Age, humans don’t live long. Only about fourty or fifty years.”

I liked Godefro, I mean I didn’t talk to him much but he was fun to talk to… This, for some reason my throat hurts…

Demmyrth interrupted my thoughts though. “I’ll give you some time. You mother wants to see you, so we’ll make our way down there later today.”

Ok… “Alright…”

After Demmyrth walked out father spoke up. “That is unfortunate. From what I’ve witnessed he seemed to have his heart set on keeping his people safe. He appeared to be a good person, but it always seemed like he was hiding something.”

What? “What do you mean? I didn’t get that impression at all?”

Father apologized. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean for you hear that. He was odd, staring into space when nothing was going on. Like he was contemplating something, sometimes straining at his thoughts. Maybe it was regret, or worry? We may not know now that he’s past. It likely doesn’t matter at this point anyways. It’s probably best that you find Demmyrth. Delaying our visit won’t do anyone any good.”

Ok… “Alright then.”

I walked out of the cave and look around for Demmyrth. He wasn’t too far away, but was talking to another, smaller dragon. They looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why?

Father butted in. “Why is a beta here?”

What? “Beta? What do you mean?”

He answered. “A beta dragon. Smaller, weaker, and looking much more like snakes than us. All of our family, and the dragons living here are alpha. That dragon you met in your old cave was a beta. It’s one of the reasons his mate was so easily cut down by humans, as unfortunate as that may be.”

Huh. “Are there any other types?”

Father answered. “Well yes, you being one of them. Wyrms, and colossals. Colossal dragons are, well much larger than us. They aren’t as intelligent though. Brawn over brain for them. Despite that they’re quite friendly, unless provoked. There’re other creatures like us, but they aren’t dragons. Wyverns, hydras, and wurms. Wyverns only have two legs, hydras have many heads, and wurms are either giant snakes, or giant worms. I never could quite tell. I have seen hydras the size of colossal dragons, but they’re smarter, it’s best to avoid them.

I walked over to them. The dragon he was talking to didn’t say anything, but just flew away.

Demmyrth didn’t notice me walk up. “Who was that?”

He waited a moment, then answered. “Just a messenger. It would seem your grandmother has decided to attend the human’s funeral.”

Why? “Why is she doing that?”

He tried to answer at least. “I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think she’s going to make herself known. No one has ever seen her human form, so it’s possible for her to hide amongst the crowd. Well, I suppose one person has seen her human form, but no one knows where he’s at. That being your grandfather.”

Oh? “Why doesn’t anyone know where he’s at?”

Demmyrth didn’t answer. “Anyways we should get going. We can both fly there, or you can ride on my back. Your choice.”

Well, I would like to lay back down. “Is it alright if I ride on your back?” He nodded so I changed to my human form and climbed up. His back is a lot wider than mama’s and much easier to sleep on.”

I didn’t wake up till we got there, and it was with a very sudden thud. “what?!” I was laying in the grass and Demmyrth was in his human form.

He moved over to me and helped me up. “Sorry I forgot you were there!”

Really? “That’s a really bad thing to forget!”

He started carrying me on his back. “Yes, I’m sorry.” He pushed his hand against my back. “We should hurry inside”

Right… we got the cities gate and there we two guards standing there. They had their heads down and just waved us in.

I heard some shout from up top. “Is that everyone?!”

Another person shouted back. “It looks like it, sir!”

The first person shouted again. “Good, now shut the gates!”

I watched the gates slide down with a resounding thud. I could almost feel the ground shake when they slammed into the ground… We walked through the town and followed the crowd. Eventually we made our way into the main castle, and to the memorial area inside it.

Demmyrth let me climb up on his shoulders so I could see what was going on. I saw a large casket, it was closed and Cassius standing next to it wearing plate armor, all but the helmet. Mama was standing on the other side, along with a horse sized white dragon. That must be Eimrass. He was looking around. I don’t know if what he’s doing up there is important, so I climbed down from Demmyrth’s shoulders. I don’t want to distract him.

I heard Cassius talking but couldn’t make out the words. We were too far away. I don’t know how long, but it felt like hours went by before anything else happened. When it did it wasn’t good.

A man came screaming into the . “SIR! INTRUDERS AT THE GATE!”

The first thing I was able to understand from Cassius was a shout of anger. He was not in the mood for this.

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