A Champion's Soul

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A Dragon's Egg

We got the gate and Cassius, along with several guards walked outside.

I followed close behind and saw a line of soldiers standing quite a ways away. They kept their distance but looked impatient. The guards didn’t seem to notice me so that helped, I just stood off to the side and watched. Some of the soldiers on the other side saw me, but they kept their eyes trained on Cassius.

There was a man on a horse that came forward. “Ah, the new lord. How are you on this fine day?”

Cassius was not in the mood for this. “Do you have any idea what you’re interrupting!?”

The man chuckled to himself, then spoke again. “I’m aware, oh and congratulations on your new position. I’m sure you’ll be quite useful to my kingdom.”

Cassius’s face was turning red. “Excuse me?! Who the fuck do you think you are!? We will not be taking any part in your kingdom!”

The man on the horse was probably smiling now. “Your city now belongs to the country of France, welcome.”

Cassius was angry, but to be honest I was angry to. These people have no respect for what’s going on. “Do you think this a fucking game!? The day of my father’s funeral and you choose to do this bullshit!?”

The man on the horse replied. “Your father’s wellbeing of us no concern to us. You will surrender your city, or we’ll destroy it.”

It was already cloudy out, but the rain started. There was a flash of lighting and the shadow of Cassius I saw was not his own. It had horns, and large wings... “YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG FUCKING DAY TO DO THIS!”

Cassius pulled his arm back, and in a flash of lighting and fire a burst of flame slammed into the man on the horse. He’s seemed unfazed by it though. In fact, he seemed happy. “Good, burn it down.”

A large man jumped off his horse and approached Cassius. He raised the axe he was holding and tried to strike him. Cassius is my friend, I won’t let anyone do that. I changed into my dragon form and screamed. “LEAVE NOW!”

it startled the man and before anyone else could do anything Cassius had his sword jammed into the gap of the man’s helmet. He backed away screaming! In another flash of lighting I saw mama, Demmyrth, Eimrass, and Zaivrer all jump over the wall and stand behind us.

Cassius had a twisted grin on his face. “Come on then, let’s see if your army can take five dragons!”

Something felt wrong, it was more than Cassius’s attitude, but my armor as well. It felt loose. I tried shaking the feeling away, but my armor started sloughing off. It hurt, but for some reason felt like it needed to happen. I felt lighter, a lot lighter. For some reason it just wasn’t comfortable on all fours now. I stood up on my back legs and let out a roar. Demmyrth looked over at me so I gave him a nod. I’m fine, a little sore but fine.

It must’ve been the sight of my armor falling off and climbing onto my back legs, but many of soldiers took a step away from me; even our own. I heard one of them scream is terror. “WHAT IS GODS NAME JUST HAPPENED?!” He was smacked over the head by the others.

Cassius pointed his sword at the army in front of us. “Your move.”

There was more lighting, but something was wrong. I could feel it, like someone was watching me. I looked around to try and find it, but I didn’t see anyone.

In another flash of lighting I felt something slam into my chest! I didn’t see, I just felt a crushing pain as I flew off into the forest! I felt wood shatter and break as I moved on until there was a rush of cold and a splash! I stopped moving as soon as I touched water…

I was under the water? What? I swam up to the top and saw a man wearing a white robe, with large white feathery wings. His eye glowed a bright gold as he frowned at me.

As I climbed out of the water he started speaking. “You’ve hurt my friend quite a number of times. Now why is that?”

What? “I have no idea what you’re on about? Now how did you just do that?!”

He sneered at me. “Unimportant, you know of a girl. Bright red hair, red scales, and red wings? Goes by the name of Tithe?”

Oh god not this again. “Yes I know her, the monster that’s tried killing me twice and tried attacking my little brother!”

He rubbed his nose and looked down. “Doubtful, she’s not the type to attack someone for no reason.”

She’s a monster! “Then you don’t know that monster well enough!”

There was another flash of lighting and he was in my face. “You know nothing!”

He raised his arm to swing a sword at me when a voice called out. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” There was a loud crack of thunder and we shot into the forest!

I looked to see where it came from… It was the dragon living in our old cave! He flew down to where I was at and was still holding his egg… it hasn’t hatched yet?

Before we could say anything that man flew out of the forest and nearly cut our heads off! He narrowly missed and blew past us, but started coming back around! I blew fire at him which he flew right through igniting his wings!

He tumbled to the ground and smothered his wings, but the feathers were scorched. He couldn’t get up in the air anymore!

The dragon seemed rather happy about this. “Well, it’s nice knowing I don’t have to worry about a surprise hair cut now.”

Father spoke up. “I like this one.”

The guy got up and glared at us. “One dragon, two dragons. It’s all the same. I’ll cut you both down if I have to.”

The dragon spoke again. “I think it’s best you leave now. You’ve lost the only advantage you had, speed.”

The guy smiled. “Speed I still very much have, flight… not so much.”

There was a flash of lighting and father scream for me to duck! I slammed down and felt the air heat up just above my head! The dragon let out a bellow before falling down on his knees! He was bleeding!

The guy was back in front of us again! “Told you.”

How?! “That’s not fair!” he scoffed at me and rolled his eyes. I tried helping the other dragon to his, but he fell back down. Almost onto his egg.

There was another flash and the guy was suddenly next to him reaching for the egg! NO! “DON’T YOU DARE!”

I swung my claws at him, but he leaped away in another flash of lightning! “I’ll be taking that egg when were done here.”

Father spoke up again. “No, he will not…”

The dragon tried getting up but fell back down. “Dammit, this isn’t how I wanted to die… All from a single strike. I couldn’t even see my child hatch! FUCK! TAKE MY SOUL! IT’LL BE MORE USE TO YOU THAN ME!”

There was a blinding flash of yellow and a blue orb launched towards me. It was just like with the minotaur. I felt a sudden burst of strength and shouted.

As the light died down I felt the egg roll to my feet, and watched that dragon turn to ash… I didn’t even know his name…

There was a flash of lightning and I heard the scraping of metal on metal? The guy bounced back and slid across the ground. “I reached down and picked up the egg. It was warm, I guess that means it’s still alive.

I watched him get back up, and stare at me. “How?” I looked around myself, and I had my armor? I was still standing on two legs, but I had my armor? How?

The guy darted towards me in another flash, and I felt the impact. Instead of being launched back I watched his blade shatter against my armor. As he lost his balance I used my free arm and slashed across his chest. I only made it halfway across before he darted away again.

He looked angry, very angry. “Dammit, we’ll finish this another time!”

In another flash he was gone, I could still smell him though… Should I follow him?

Father spoke up. “Don’t bother chasing him. It’s not worth it. Go find the others and see if you can help, having you armor makes a big difference. Even if you aren’t really any stronger. Don’t drop that egg.”

Flying up out the forest felt a little awkward, but I’ll get used to it. I could see fire in the distance and the clouds were clearing up. As I got closer I saw a giant standing there swinging a club. I didn’t see Demmyrth, or Eimrass anywhere. Just Mama?

The giant doesn’t see me. Good, I flew up at an angle. Once I got close enough I turned towards the giant dragged my claws down it’s back. It bellowed out in pain and Mama scorched it’s face with fire. It fell onto its knees before slamming into the ground… As it laid there I watched its eyes fall out of its head… Ew

Mama looked at me, then nodded and flew off. I followed her and found the others… They were fighting a much, MUCH bigger giant. Wow, that things is huge… Like the size of a mountain!

I was just staring at when Eimrass flew up next to me. “We’ve dealt with everything else, but this giant is getting closer to the city!” He flew back over and started hitting the giant with lightning bolts?! How is he doing that?

Wow. “How are we supposed to stop that? They’re attacks aren’t doing anything. Demmyrth and mama are much stronger than I am.”

Well, I guess father answered. “I have an idea, but let’s avoid that for now. Do your best to kill the beast.” Alright then…

I flew around it for minute. It didn’t pay me any mind, and my fire didn’t seem to phase it in any way. My claws simply couldn’t dig deep enough either. Maybe if I go for its eye?

I flew up and balanced myself on the bridge of its nose, it stared at me very briefly. It was enough time for me to jam my claws into it’s left eye! I felt squish the warm softness of it eye, like jelly. It screamed out in pain and, and before I realized it grabbed me! I heard them all scream, but it was drowned out by the rushing of wing. Then darkness… I didn’t feel myself hit the ground or hear the impact. It all just went black.

There was a flash of blue light, I couldn’t feel anything. I just saw blue fire, everywhere. It didn’t burn though. The couldn’t move my arms, my legs, or my neck… There was loud screaming, and I heard a roar that made the ground quake. There was a giant, translucent dragon standing above me. It was red, and very, very angry.

There were thundering quakes as the fire got brighter… I saw mama… She looked scared, and trying to grab me, but the fire kept burning her. Why is this fire burning her? Everything started going dark as the fire burnt out?

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