A Champion's Soul

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I heard mama’s voice, she was speaking software than usual. “Tesyrir, sweetie I know your hurt, but you need to wake… We have, several questions right now.”

I tried to fight it, but mama persisted, so I opened my eyes… I was sitting up in a bed. Mama, Demmyrth, and Zaivrer were standing around me in the human forms. Eimrass was watching me in his dragon form.

What’s wrong? “What’s going on?” Mama pointed towards my lap? It hurt a little bit but I looked down… There was? What, why is there a baby hydra in my lap!? “What!? What is this!? Why is it here?!”

Mama put her arms out and shushed me. “Shhh, be quiet dear. It’s sleeping. That’s the very same thing we wanted to ask you. That egg you had, it got caught in that soul fire with you… when the fire burnt out it hatched and seemed very concerned about your wellbeing.”

I looked at the little hydra some more. It had three heads, and all of them were softly snoring. It’s cute, but I also saw my arms are covered in bandages? “What happened?”

Mama stepped away and Demmyrth answered. “Well, I saw you reach into the giant’s eye. That would’ve been a good move if you had gotten away fast enough, but it grabbed you and in a fit of pain and rage slammed you into the ground. Shortly after it stumbled backwards bellowing in pain and a blue fire erupted from where you hit. Then a massive, translucent dragon came from the ground and started mauling the giant. You mother was trying to pull you out of the fire, but it was too much for her. That blue fire is called a form of soul fire. Not even our resilience to flame can stand up to it. It burned you, quite badly. You’ll be in these bandages for a while.”

But why am I in my human form? “I thought I was in my dragon form?”

He shook his head. “We don’t know. When we finally got you out of the hole that little hydra was tugging on your cloak crying out for help, and you were in your human form. The egg hatched while you were trapped in that small crater… Now for the important matter, how did you get a hydra egg?”

Oh… “There was a dragon that lived in our cave. He didn’t give me the egg, but he died and I couldn’t just leave it there. There was a guy trying to kill us and he threatened to take the egg.”

Demmyrth seemed to accept that answer. “Alright then, now the question is how did that dragon get a hydra egg… Was he a beta, or an alpha?”

Beta, he looked kind of like a snake. “He was a beta.”

Mama interrupted. “When did you tell her about the types of dragons?”

Demmyrth paused for a moment. “Wait, right I don’t think I did. How do you know about them?”

Father told me. “Father told me.”

Mama nearly jumped on the bed when I said that. “Father?! Do you mean Khuzaima!? When did you talk to him, and how?!”

Mama woke up the little the hydra and it looked at her, then back to me… Then I heard father speak up. “Tesyrir, why is your mother acting like this?”

Oh. “I told her I can talk to you.”

Mama’s eyes went wide, right… I can only talk to him outload. “Is your father, speaking to your soul?”

Father told me to answer. “Just say yes.” I nodded, mama stared at me for a moment. Then she left the room in a rush. The little hydra started looking back and forth at the others.

Demmyrth sighed. “Well, we should leave you alone for a little while then. I’ll try to find out how a beta could’ve gotten ahold of a hydra egg.”

Eimrass followed Demmyrth out, and Zaivrer gave me smile before leaving.

After the door was the shut the hydra turned to me and started wagging his tail. He made a couple of different noises with each of his heads. Then father spoke up. “So, I seem to have made a fairly large error in my judgment.”

Why? “What’s wrong? Did you break something?”

He answered. “Well it would seem I am inside this hydra’s body…”

What? “How, and how are we still talking if you are?”

The hydra barked at me and kept staring. “Well, to keep a long story short. When you got hurt I used some of my own power to manifest for a short while. It left me too weak and when I tried returning to you I ended up getting trapped inside the egg instead… I’m in control of the hydras body, and it is very jarring having three sets of eyes and three heads… I just, if this is to be my life I’m going to need some help getting used to this… Of all the things I planned on doing in life, being raised by one of my own children was not on the list.”

Wait, does that mean? “Does that mean you stole that body?”

He tiled two of his heads. “I don’t believe so. From what I could tell is that the egg was never going to hatch, for reasons unknown to me. I should apologize though. It’s my fault you got those burns. I know the giant only left you unconscious. I felt like I needed to do something. I’ve never seen your mother fight so hard for something before, this place must mean a lot to her.”

I’m not in pain, sore but not in pain. “It’s fine I guess. How often can you do that?”

He answered, but he wasn’t happy about it. “I can’t feel any of my power now… It’s like I’ve been dropped down to the power of this little hydra. I can talk to you, but that seems to be extent of what power I have left. I think I’m going to have to build it back up…”

Huh. “I guess we’ll be working together on that then?”

He nodded all three of his heads. “Yes, that actually sounds like a great time. Joining my children in battle, even if only one of them knows who I am for now. Try to be careful, when I manifested myself it drained all your magic… As for right now, I’m actually quite tired…” He curled up in a little ball and the laid back down in my lap… He’s not any bigger than a cat right.

I laid my hand on his back once he started snoring… A tiny purple hydra… it’s cute.

A few hours went by and mama came in. She seemed to be feeling a little better. “Hey Tesyrir, I’ve got a question.”

I wonder she wants to know? “What’s going on?”

Mama walked over the bed, it looks like she had some food with her. “Well, what do you want to name him? He needs a name.” Mama gently scratched her head and woke him, once his eyes were open she gave him the food. I watched him snap it up and it seems like his three heads were fighting having a little tug-of-war over the food.

I hadn’t even thought about a name. “I don’t know. A name hadn’t crossed my mind.”

He looked at mama, then back to me. “Ah, I understand what’s going on here. I guess you would need to give me a name. Well, just don’t pick anything humiliation then.”

Mama smiled and scratched behind the ears on his middle head. He seemed to enjoy it. “I think we should call him Zaima. He’s not blood, but it can be in memory of your father.”

Yea. “That sounds good.”

Father spoke to me again. “Well, that’ll make things easier then… I’m going to go back to sleep then. For some reason I’m still quite tired.” He curled back up into a ball and laid down.

Mama was smiling. “He’s cute. Demmyrth should be back tomorrow, I’ll go get you some food.”

Alright. “Ok. I’m happy to see you again, mama.”

Mama gave me light hug, it hurt my skin though. “I’m happy to see you to Tesyrir.”

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