A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: A Dragon's Soul

The flash was incredibly bright, it was followed by a thundering boom. The forest went silent right after and I went to see what it was. It wouldn’t be the first-time lightening has struck the ground here, but I intend to make it to see what happened first this time. I’ve always been to slow, this time I’ll run.

It only took me a minute or, I ran the whole way. I got there but I was gasping for air. When I finally caught my breath what I saw… it was huge. A dragon, a fucking dragon! It was lying on its back. It was breathing, but I heard a slight whimper to it. I walked around the thing, this guy was huge. It had a large hole in its left side. I don’t know if it’s friendly or not but I can try that healing magic. I’m not good enough with it though, the bleeding stopped, but I can’t heal the wound itself.

The dragon rolled over onto its stomach without any warning and nearly squashed me. After righting itself it turned towards me. I’ve never heard of dragons being hostile creatures. I’m not scared for my life, but still nervous.

It spoke. “You, little elf. What is your name?”

I can understand it! “uh, Tithe!”

It turned its head towards the hole. “That appears to be a problem then. I should thank you for the attempt, but it was ultimately a fruitless effort.”

… “What’s your name?”

It seemed surprised by me asking. “Hmm, My name is Khuzaima. Why did you come to my aid?”

I didn’t really. “I saw a flash in the sky and wanted to see what it was.”

It paused for a moment. “Hmm, little elf. Might I ask how old you are?”

Odd question… “Sixteen… How old are you?”

It laughed. “I am many millennia’s old. I am older than this planet, but I have been at war with the gods for that amount of time.”

Oh… “Is that what that flash was?”

He tilted its head to the sky, then back to me. “I suppose our meeting was fate then. I no longer wish to fight the gods, but they wish to fight me… I need a way out. I thought this injury would kill me, but alas I am an immortal. I cannot die, just as the gods cannot die.”

Huh. “What are you going to do now?”

It waited for a few minutes before answering. “I wish to give you something. I do not tire of life, but I do tire of this form. I wish to live as a mortal, but I need to die for that to happen. May I see your soul?”

What now? “What? I’m not really sure what you want with my soul, but even if I could show you I don’t know how to.”

He paused again. “I see. Then take this and place it within your chest.” He held out one of his claws in front of me, it had a large red ball on it. It was glowing.

What is this? “What’s this?”

The dragon chuckled. “A portion of my soul, this is my immortality.”

… “You’re just giving this to me? For, like no reason?”

There was another flash, then a boom that followed it. It was fairly close by.

The dragon said loud. “Take this now. At this point you cannot escape. Zeus, he is hunting me and looking for anything that moves.”

I don’t trust it, not that I had much of a choice anyways. There was another flash and I felt the dragons claw hit my chest. I didn’t hear the boom after this one, I couldn’t really see either. I think that bolt hit us…

My ears were ringing. I opened my eyes and I saw the sky, I was on the ground. I tried standing up but fell back down. I managed to crawl to a tree and lean on it. I used that leverage to look around. I saw, someone at the other end of the tree line. They were holding something glowing in their right hand.

I used the tree to push myself up, the ringing was going away and I could hear voices. “Found you!”

The voice that replied sounded like the dragons, but not quite as scratchy. “So, you did. I’ve already gotten what I wanted. I don’t have to take part in this conflict anymore.”

That other voice said something angrily. “Oh, how far you’ve fallen. A mighty dragon gives up their immortality, and to give it to an elf of all things. Not even a demigod.”

The dragon laughed. “Better to give up my power than to be imprisoned by the gods. Although may I make a request? For old times’ sake?”

There was a loud sigh. “Fine, say your peace.”

The dragon chuckled. “Let my crimes die with me. I only ask that you not punish the other dragons for what I have done.”

There was a loud crack and I got launched through the tree. I heard that man say something. “Do you think me a fool? I’ve never been one to punish a race for the actions of one.”

I was on my back again looking at the sky… Holy hell I feel weak. After a minute or two I heard footsteps approaching me. Eventually who it was came into view. It was what looked like an older man with a massive white beard and long white hair.

He smiled. “Well hello there youngling. I think it would be best if you come with me.” He picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder… It was at this moment that I noticed I had a tail. I could only see the very tip of it in front of my face.

What’s going on. “What happened?”

The man just shushed me. “It would be better for you to rest.”

There was another flash, then I heard other voices. “By the gods!”

This man shushed them as well. “Ignore the appearance of this creature. Let it rest, and we can decide what to do with it later.” What does he mean by that. “Bring Hypnos. It is weak, but unable to sleep.” Another few minutes passed and I felt tired, to the point of passing out.

When I woke up I was in a soft bed… I looked around, and my back felt strange… Like it had an extension to it. I reached for what it was and I could feel it being touched, but I couldn’t feel very well with my fingers… I looked at my hands. They were hands, but covered in scales, and had claws on the tips on my fingers. I didn’t have a blanket on and I looked at my feet. Same thing as my hands. They looked like feet, but covered in scales and had claws at the ends of my toes. I looked to my sides and I saw wings sprawled out across the bed… At the time I couldn’t remember what happened, so I was confused as all hell. I felt around, I had scales up and down my arms and legs. The wings had scales, mostly. A good portion of the wing was a very sensitive leather material. It hurt if I pushed too hard on it. I had scales covering most of my back, but around my shoulder blades was skin. My front was around half and half. The scales went around my torso and slightly above my crotch. My stomach and the center of my chest was skin. Half my breasts were covered in scales. This is weird. I touched my face, my neck and lower jaw had scales, but most of it was skin as well.

I sat up and looked around. I had to stick to just twisting my neck because I was I was bumping my wings off stuff. There was a door, but I’m not going to be able to get to it like this. Could I even move these wings? I tried, they wiggled a little bit. I can feel them there, but trying to move something I didn’t have before is just an odd sensation. The little wiggle kicked up enough wind to knock a vase over. I didn’t mean to that.

Someone came in shortly after the vase fell. It was a teen girl, maybe thirteen or fourteen. “AH! IT’S AWAKE!” She bolted out and slammed the door behind her.

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