A Champion's Soul

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Cassius, mama, and Eimrass were all in the room with me when Demmyrth came barging in. “We need to leave! There’s a wurm on its way here!”

Mama looked surprised, and Cassius shouted in a worried and confused tone. “Are we talking like Tesyrir, or the giant snake looking things?!”

Demmyrth answered. “Giant snake thing, as you call it. It seems they have far more than giants on their side. We have at most an hour before it arrives, so we need to leave! That includes us, and all of the people living here!”

Cassius didn’t sound happy about it. “You can’t expect us to up and abandon everything!”

Unfortunately for Cassius, it didn’t sound like Demmyrth was going to argue. “I’m leaving with Tesyrir. I’m supposed to protect her, now if you want to fight a losing battle that’s your choice.”

Father was pretending to sleep. “This seems to be a bad situation. No one here is in a state to handle a wurm, perhaps if the fighting started with one we could’ve handled it... That man was smart to save his strongest force for last.” I tried to get up. It hurt but I got to my feet. Father fell from my lap when I did. “Tesyrir don’t push yourself!”

Mama picked up from the ground. “No, I’m not letting you even try!” She gave Demmyrth a nod. “Cassius, we can’t fight this. I understand your father gave everything for this city, but we both know he did for the people in the city. Not the city itself.”

Cassius just huffed and left the room. Eimrass went up to father and nuzzled him. “You should climb on my back.” Eimrass lowered his head and Father scrambled up onto his back. His little legs didn’t make it easy for him.

Mama carried me out of the room and we all made our way to city walls. We didn’t talk, and I saw people scrambling around grabbing things from their homes. I guess Cassius told everyone to get out of the city.

The second we stepped out of the gate a dragon landed in front of us… It was grandma? “You’re all running?”

Mama did not sound happy. “We have three younglings here. Zaivrer left and there’s only two of us to fend off a wurm. It’s an impossible task with too much at risk.”

Grandma sneered. “I raised you better than this. All the more shame that you’re of my blood.”

Mama growled back at her. “I never wanted to be like you!” It sounds like mama is getting really angry. She sat me down and got up in grandmas face. “You are no mother! You want power, not a family!”

Mama changed into her dragon form and grandma raised her head to speak down to mama. “There goes your wild tongue again. Talk is all you’ve ever been good for." Father and Eimrass were growling now.

Demmyrth spoke up. “We don’t have time to argue here. If you two feel like fighting, then how about we take this somewhere more private?”

Mama calmed down a little. It took me a minute, but I managed to stand up. Everything either feels sore or stings. “Grandma, why are you here?”

She sneered. “I was interested in seeing the human that managed to gain my daughter's loyalty. I will say it was a treat seeing you all fight that army. While my teachings may be lost on you, Chyllypheith the strength was not. I'm particularly interested in you, Tesyrir, even when you stand no chance against an opponent you try. You remind me of myself when I was young.” Grandma turned towards mama again. “Had you been stronger Tesyrir wouldn’t have sustained these injuries.”

Mama sneered back at her. “She also wouldn’t have been hurt if you wouldn’t sit on the sidelines.”

Grandma changed into her human form, but she had a mask on? Mama changed back into hers and grandma walked up to me. She knelt down in front of me and grabbed my arm. She started unwrapping the bandage. “Let’s have a look here.” The skin underneath the bandage looked scorched. Like a burnt tree, black and ashy. “This won’t do at all. She won’t recover from this on her own.”

Mama looked worried now. “Then what would you suggest we do?!”

I started feeling light-headed and grandma caught me. “These humans don’t have the means to treat the injuries, and Demmyrth I doubt your clan has the spare resources to aid her.”

Demmyrth looked down. “This is trgraue, we’re just maintaining our numbers now. Should anything go wrong we may not be able to feed all the little ones.”

Grandma picked me up and walked up to mama. She sounded smug when she said this. “Then how about I take her? We can treat her injuries, or would you put your pride before your daughter?”

I’m starting to feel tired… I heard mama scream before I passed out. “FINE!”

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