A Champion's Soul

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The Arch-Demon's Deal

I opened my eyes and saw a giant room. I was sitting on the armrest, with that man in dark armor in the chair. I’m also in my dragon form. Here again? I seemed bigger, far too big to fit in the palm of his hand again. I think I would be about the size that a cat would be to mama in her human form, as I am to him.

The man was tapping his fingers on the other armrest, and he had his elbow on the armrest I was on. I was resting his head against his fist. He didn’t seem to notice me. I thought about jumping off the chair, but I couldn’t fly here last time. I think it would end the same.

I tried talking to father, but he didn’t answer back… Maybe he can’t hear me?

I walked over to his elbow and nudged him a bit. It was hard, but I nudged him just enough for elbow move a little. He looked down at me right after. “Oh, you’re here again… You’ve gotten bigger.”

I have. “Sorry, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t know if it was a good idea to jump off the chair.”

He stared at me for a minute. “Well, I need a distraction at the moment. Here.” He wrapped his hand around my belly and lifted me off the ground. He pulled me close to his ribs and held me there with his arm. I’ve seen Cassius carry small dogs this way. “I would guess things are going well for you. You being bigger here means your soul has gotten stronger.”

Is that why I’m so small around him? “Is that why I’m so small compared to you?”

He got up from his char and started walking. “Yes, in your current state your size is limited to the strength of your soul. If we were to meet in person you would likely appear larger than me, but you would still be weaker.”

I thought dragon souls are strong? “Aren’t dragon souls really strong?”

He answered. “They are typically, but with all creatures all souls are different. Your soul is certainly stronger than any mortals, be it human, elf, or demigod. Though it does not quite match up to other dragons and certainly not a wyrm. This is something you can fix with time and attaining more power.

Ok then? “So, do I get stronger faster by training or by absorbing souls?”

He chuckled to himself. “Well your soul can only get stronger by absorbing other souls, but your body can gain from both. More so from physical training.”

Ok then. “Why would I need a powerful soul then?”

He seemed rather happy I asked. “The strength of your soul determines how it can be manipulated, and by what. You see gods, and beings like myself can force lesser souls to change. In your current state, you are safe from gods or demons forcing your soul from your body by pure will. I could force a soul to join my ranks, but yours I could not. I or another being would have to kill your first, and then latch onto your soul as it passes into the afterlife. From there they could do almost anything.”

Wait… “Does that mean the stronger my soul is the harder it’ll be to take from my body?”

He nodded. “In a way, but it’s more than that. You see to become a wyrm, a dragon must absorb a powerful soul before hatching. Like the god who gave you their soul, it was much stronger than you could take. So, they exist with you, rather than in you. That soul remains its own consciousness, and it tries to guide you. Once your soul becomes strong enough you’ll absorb their entirety. Though, I do not sense the god?”

Oh, “Well something happened, and he ended up going into a different dragon egg. He’s a hydra now, though he IS the hydra instead of talking to it like he did me.”

He stared at me a second. “Well, that is certainly not the strangest thing I’ve seen occur. I’ll be sure to add that to my list of possibilities then.”

We made it to a room with a small table in the center, he walked up to it and sat me on it. “What are we doing in here?”

He pulled up a chair next to the table and sat in it. “I have a deal we can make. You remember what I said about your soul’s creation?”

Yes. “You said that you created my soul, right?”

He nodded. “Good so you do remember. You see that curse you bear. Do you know what it does?”

I do not. “No, I’ve heard people talking about. A strange old man and an elf, as well as you.”

He sneered. “I see, well that old man and elf you speak of. It is best you avoid them. They are the very reason you bear the curse, it was their failed attempt at a spell that causes this.”

Oh? “How did they cause it?”

He shook his head. “That is something I will tell you at a different time. The curse is more important now. This curse, albeit partially broken from you. It is a curse of repetition. The curse has doomed your soul to repeat the very same events that lead to your first death. Though things may change, your species, race, or age. The end result will be the same. You will die because of the curse, which prevents you from getting strong enough to break free from it. This curse is not limited to just you though, it will also affect those around you in such a way to match the events required. So, let’s say your mother must die, then the curse will ensure events line up to kill her, or perhaps you must lose a sibling or a lover. The curse will them to. Though they are set free upon their death. You will not be.”

That’s bad! I don’t want anyone to get hurt! “How do we stop it!?”

He leaned back in his chair. “We must make a deal. You see I am affected by this curse as well. I am doomed to repeat the same day, locked in his castle. For all of eternity. You make a deal with me and we can work to get your stronger. Once you are strong to break the curse entirely, it will line up events for me to be freed as well.”

Ok then. “So, you free me, and I free you?” He nodded. “Then what do you need me to do?!”

He leaned forward again. “First I need you to agree to the terms. You are to serve me, while you will maintain your freedom, and will you must perform any task I ask. The method of how these tasks are up to your own discretion. For every task you are able to complete I will provide you will more power, but for every task you refuse, I will take power back, even if that stretches into your own strength. The terms of Our contract will be complete upon both our freedom from this curse.”

That’s it? “That’s all you need me to do?” He nodded. “Then I accept.”

He seemed to be smiling under his helmet as he raised his hands around me? I saw some sort of red lighting come from his fingertips, and strange symbols I couldn’t understand float around me? I felt a sharp pain in my chest and woke up in darkness.

I could hear his voice fade out when is started seeing light. “It’s been a long time, I hope you haven’t lost your touch.”

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