A Champion's Soul

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Locked Armor

I opened my eyes to the light, I was laying out in the sun. I was in my dragon form. I don’t understand how I can change form in my sleep? Is it just something that happens, or are other people causing it?

I tried to get up, but my body wouldn’t move. Everything was trying to move, and my armor was creaking. It wouldn’t budge. I could move my head around. It was a little stiff, but I could turn my head enough to see all around me.

There was a large pond in front of me. I could water flowing into it from a waterfall in the distance, and then it seemed to stretch over the horizon. Maybe lake would be a better choice then. Whatever is going on I was put close enough to water, so I could drink it. This was definitely on purpose.

I wonder how long I’ve been asleep? I watch the sun slowly make its way across the sky. It was nice and peaceful, boring but peaceful.

Some more time passed when I felt a strong gust of wind followed by a thud behind me. I turned around to look and saw a very, strange looking dragon. Its armor was a strange alternating pattern of brown and blue, their wings has strange symbols I couldn’t understand, and their horns curled towards each other instead of towards their back. Their eyes were shade of sky blue.

They stared at me a second and spoke up. “I don’t recognize you. Are you traveling?”

No. “No, I just woke up here and I can’t move. The last thing I remember is my grandmother carrying?”

He seemed confused. “Your grandmother carried you? I would guess she’s a rather large dragon then. You do look quite different from other dragons I’ve seen.”

Grandma is a good big bigger than me. “Yea she’s a lot bigger than me.”

He walked over and stood next to me, he nudged my side a little bit. “Ah I see the problem. You may have been laying here too long, your armors seized up.”

Ok then. “Is there a way to fix it?”

He nodded. “there is, but we’ll have to break your armor. It’ll grow back, but there’s no saving your current armor at this point.”

Oh… “Will it hurt?”

He looked to the side. “Well just a little bit. I need to hit you hard enough to crack it, from there it should fall off when you start moving around.”

Alright then. “Let’s get this over with then.”

He stepped away. “Please brace for this, my intention isn’t to harm you.” He got further away and turned towards me. He lowered his head and pointed his horns at my side.

I felt the ground shake with every stomp he took towards me. As he got closer I clenched up side and felt his horn jammed right into it. He knocked the air out of me and the force rolled me over. He jumped over me as I rolled so as to not trample me and I heard a cracking.

I was trying to catch my breath as he made his way over. “You alright?” It took me a moment to breath, so I just nodded.

Once I was able to breath I tried to move. I could feel my armor cracking and chip away as I stood up. The cracking continued, and I started shaking my body. Chunks of armor started flying away as I shook around until it was all off.

My side hurts, but I can move. “Thank you.”

He lifted his head up and seemed to smile. “Your welcome. Do you know where you are?”

Nope. “No, like I said the last thing I remember is my grandmother picking me up. I’ve never seen this place before.”

He nodded. “Ah yes… I don’t mean to alarm you, but it takes an incredibly long time for our armor to seize up like that. To be honest I didn’t think the amount of force I hit you with would’ve been enough, so your armor was also quite brittle. You may have been in that spot for years…”

I hope he’s joking. “No, there’s no way it’s been that long?” I do feel bigger… “I was, wait how old was I? I think I was thirteen or fourteen.”

He walked around me and snorted. “Well your definitely much older than that now. No way a dragon that young would nearly be the same size as me. You’re definitely an adult dragon now, but surely not old enough to be ancient.”

Wait. “How can you tell?”

He sat back on hind legs in front of me now. “Your hide, it’s rough but not like that of an ancient dragon. It’s also too rough to be a sub-adult or youngling.”

Huh. “So how old are you?”

He though a moment. “Hmm, I stopped counting long ago. At least a thousand at this point… Perhaps you should come with me? I’m sure you can figure out where your family is once you know where you are. Either way I don’t feel comfortable leaving you alone without your armor now.”

Alright then. “Ok, I guess I’ll follow you then.” He nodded and jumped into the air. I followed behind him. Flying was, uncomfortable at the moment. My wings were a bit stiff and I couldn’t quite keep up. He eventually started flying slower, so we’d stay at the same pace. “Do you remember where you hatched?”

I do. “I believe it was in a small cave in Germany.”

He sounded confused by that. “Germany? I’ve never heard of such a place.”

Yea. “Me and mama stayed in our cave for around a year or so. Eventually some humans found us, and we moved into one of their cities.”

He let out a snort. “Surely you’re joking. There’s no way your mother would trust humans to be around you.”

She did. “Yes, we lived there for years. I’d even helped mama fight off another dragon that tried destroying the city. The people there were nice.”

He chuckled a bit. “Any notable humans there?”

Cassius and Godefro. “Yea Cassisus and his father Godefro. Cassius was a good friend, he spent more time with my little brother than me though… I noticed you have an interesting pattern to your armor. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Now he sounded confused? “Oh, I thought the same about you. I’ve never seen a dragon that is one solid color. Dark dragons are rare as it is but pitch black and red eyes is combination I never thought I’d see.”

Red eyes? “My eyes are gold? Just like my mamas.”

Her took another look at me. “Well they’re not certainly not gold now. Red iris and what would normally be the whites of your eyes are black.”

Really? I wonder what happened then. I heard a voice in the back of my head speak up. “Ah there we are. Tesyrir do you recognize this voice? If you can speak with your mind not your mouth.”

I tried. “I can hear you.”

A satisfied voice came back. “Ah good. This is how I’ll be relaying tasks to you, oh and it’s been about thirty or so years since you were last conscious. I’m unsure of the events that took place with your body since then, but it was enjoyable to talk to you over that time. I’ll leave you be for now. You’ll hear from me once I have something to tell you.” So, it was that guy in armor.

We flew for a bit longer, maybe another hour so. We talked a little bit on the way but there isn’t really much to say right now. I can’t believe it’s been that long. It didn’t feel like I was talking to him that long? He said it was enjoyable so maybe I just don’t remember everything we talked about…

He started towards the ground I followed close behind. Once we landed I asked him a question. “I didn’t get your name? Mines Tesyrir.”

He gave me a nod and answers. “Ah, well it’s good to make your acquaintance Tesyrir. My name isn’t particularly extravagant, you can just call me Talon.”

Alright then. “Well it’s nice to meet you Talon, and thank you for helping me out.”

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