A Champion's Soul

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A Glowing Crystal

It turns out he was taking me to a city, a city of dragons. “Wow, this place is huge.”

He seemed pretty proud of that. “Yes, biggest dragon city on this landmass.”

Dragon city? “This isn’t a clan?”

He answered pretty quickly. “There are clans in the city, but they all work together. One of the few places outsider dragons can come and go so long as they don’t cause trouble.”

Huh. “So where should I start looking around?”

He started walking forward. “Follow me. I can take you to our map.”

Ah alright then. I followed him around the city. There were a few dragons flying above, but I noticed that most of them walked around. “There’s not a whole lot of dragons that fly around here.”

He stopped and turned around to answer. “Different clans have a claim to different elevations here. The biggest clans are allowed to fly above the city to get around, but outsiders and the small clans are expected to walk around. It seems a bit unfair, but it helps keep things from getting crowded.”

He turned back around and continued. I couldn’t see any dragons here that didn’t have those symbols he had. Their horns were all shaped like his as well, they varied in color and shape, but none looked even remotely similar to me. It’s like they’re all entirely different types of dragons.

We walked past massive buildings, which I found strange. I know mama and I lived with humans in their buildings, but we stayed in our human forms. These dragons seem to have built dragon-sized buildings. They looked like some form of stone. I could see holes in the buildings some dragons had their heads sticking out of them.

As we walked along I heard a shout from above and small pink and brown dragon landed in front of Talon. They shouted gleefully. “Talon you’re back!!!” It sounded like a girl, she was wagging her tail around and talon was about to speak when she noticed me. “Who’s that?”

He looked back at me, then at her. “Her names Tesyrir. I found her by a lake, and her armor was locked up.”

I walked forward. “Hi.” She stared up at me. “What’s your name?” She lifted her nose up and snorted. Then flew away. “Huh, well that was rude.”

Talon chuckled and looked at me. “That would be my little sister. Don’t mind her, she’s only twelve. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it.”

She was flying around. “So, are you part of the bigger clans? I noticed she was flying around.”

He nodded. “Yes, you catch on quick. Our clan’s name is Sun Tamers.”

Interesting. “My clan at home was called Man-Eaters. We didn’t actually eat humans though. My grandmother’s clan was the World Breakers.”

He stopped and turned around again. “Did you say World Breakers?” I nodded. “What’s your grandmother’s name?”

I told him. “Her names Sagaeliphieth, but she told me to call her Sagaelia.”

He stared at me for a moment. “Change of plans. I have someone who needs to speak to you. I’ll take you to the map right after. We’re going to be flying so keep up.” He jumped up into the sky and I followed after him. He was barking at the other dragons and they cleared out of the way for us.

I didn’t feel as stiff now, but it was hard to keep up with him. He didn’t slow down at all this time. After having several near misses, he landed on a platform that leads into a massive tower. I landed next him and collapsed onto the ground.

My chest hurt, and it was hard to breathe. “You could’ve… slowed down… a little…”

He snorted out a chuckled then spoke up. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

He was gone for a while, or at least it felt like a while. It was enough time for me to catch my breath, relax a bit and stand back up. Shortly after I stood up Talon came back with a much bigger, and older dragon. They had a pinkish color to them, so I would guess it’s a girl.

He walked over to me and nudged me forward. “This is my grandmother. You should speak to her.”

She stared down at me and didn’t look pleased. “You claim to be Sagaeliphieth’s granddaughter?”

Well, yea. “She’s my grandma. Why wouldn’t I?”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Her granddaughter was a wyrm. Prove to me that you’re a wyrm.”

Easy enough. I stood up on my hind legs and that put me at eye level with her. “I can do this, but I don’t know any other way to prove that I’m a wyrm.”

She grinned. “We will see. Talon step inside.”

He nodded and went inside that tower. She stared at me and I could see a red haze forming around her. “What are you doing?”

She got closer to me and that haze got thicker… then all at once, it dropped. “You can stand up on your back legs and are unaffected by imposing presence. Two signs of being a wyrm, but any strong dragon can also do these things. Follow me but stay on your back legs. Being mobile and walking as a mortal are things only a wyrm is capable of.”

I followed her into the tower. Talon was waiting for us. “Did she pass?” His grandmother nodded. “Cool.” He started following her as well. We were heading for a doorway that had crystals on each side. As we got closer they started to glow.

Talon’s grandmother stopped, and I almost bumped into her. “Those shouldn’t be lighting up. You, Tesyrir. Walk over to those crystals.”

Okay then. I walked closer to them and they glowed brighter. I got right next to one of them and it started producing a low hum.

Talon’s grandmother walked over to the crystals as well and stared at me. She clamped her jaw on my wing and dragged me into the room. “OW OW OW WHAT ARE DOING THAT HURTS!?”

She barked at Talon “Seal the doorway!” he kicked the wall with his back leg and a large rock covered the hole. Let go of my wing and got in my face! “You should not be alive! You died in your grandmothers’ arms! How are you here you damned undead!?”

What?! “What are you talking about!? I just woke up next to a lake and couldn’t move!”

She looked at Talon and he confirmed what I said! “That’s true. She had to of been there a long time. Her armor was completely seized up. I had to help her break it off to set her free. Even had grass growing overtop of her tail and back.”

She sneered at him. “Boy, I told you that helpful nature of yours was going to get you into trouble. You should have left her there to return to the earth. She shouldn’t be alive right now.”

What is she talking about? “I’m standing right here. Breathing, and my heart is beating what do you mean I shouldn’t be alive!?”

She growled at me. “I spoke to your grandmother shortly after your passing. She said you died in hers and turned to dust. Now I’m going to go get her and we’ll figure out what do with you from there. Talon, stay here and watch her. DO NOT let her leave this place! There will be others outside as well, they’ll be told to stop her if she attempts to leave as well.” She stomped over to the doorway, raised the rock up and slammed it back down.

Talon looked a bit sheepish now. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think this was going to happen. You mentioned your grandmother’s name and I only knew about her through my grandmother.”

She left bite marks on my wings. “Your grandmother is as cold to me as mine is my mother…” Did I say, mother? Why didn’t I say, mama? It, for some reason it felt right to say that instead.

Talon walked over and sat next to me. “Well, nothing to do now but wait. I’m sure your grandmother will resolve any issues. Honestly, I’d rather my children be undead then gone; as long as they aren’t in pain. My grandmother doesn’t feel the same way though.”

I laid down and closed my eyes. “Yea, I’m sure she will. She’s always been nice to me.”

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