A Champion's Soul

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Tesyrir The Undead Wyrm

I woke up and Talon was staring at me. “Why are you staring at me?”

He seemed to be froze, but my caught pulled him out of his daze. “I’m sorry, it was just weird. You don’t breathe in your sleep… Honestly it was rather unsettling. You looked just like a corpse laying there, but that’s impossible.”

What? “Well yea, I’m alive. What do you mean I wasn’t breathing?”

He answered. “Just that. No air coming in or out of your lungs, just pure silence. I don’t think you understand though, when a dragon dies we turn to ash. A dragon corpse is something that simply can’t be.”

Huh. “Well if a dragon turns to ash when they die doesn’t that mean I can’t be undead. I’d just be dust right?”

He shook his head. “Not quite. Dragons can be resurrected. I don’t quite understand how one actually does the resurrection, I only know that for mortals they need some form of magical item. Usually a red crystal with massive amounts of energy in it. Gods can also do it, but it takes an immense amount of effort on their part. There some strange incantations they use, I’ve stopped a few attempts at it before, but I never bothered to study the symbols.”

Ok? “So, then what does it mean if AM undead? I feel no different than I did when I was little, well a bit heavier but not much else.”

He tilted his head. “Well you said your eyes were a different color before. So that could be one thing. I do know that undead are harmed by healing magic and potions. So, you should avoid those. Those crystals at the entrance of this room were made to detect undead, and they’ve never been wrong before, so you can be revealed that way as well. Other than that, I don’t know, as you would be the first undead dragon I’ve ever encountered. You’re quite friendly, and able to talk. Very different from mortal undead, as you don’t seem to be driven by a bloodlust.”

Hmm. “Then why did your grandmother react the way she did? If an undead dragon truly isn’t much different from a living dragon?”

Talon shrugged a bit. “Not sure. She’s a strange one.”

We sat in silence for a bit and the stone started rumbling. It lifted up off the ground and stayed in the air as two dragons walked in. It was Talons grandmother, and what look like. “GRANDMA!”

Talon’s grandmother shouted. “Silence filth!”

She stayed back, and grandma walked up to me. She sniffed me and walked in a circle around me. “What are you doing?”

Talon’s grandmother shouted again. “I SAID SILENC-“

she got cut off by grandma. “Hush you grouchy old hag. I can’t think with you shouting like that.” Talon’s grandmother snorted back but didn’t say anything else. Grandma eventually stopped in front of me. “I’m told you named me specifically as your grandmother, and you claim to be my late granddaughter Tesyrir.”

Well yea. “That’s because I am Tesyrir, and what do you mean by late?”

She stared at me a moment. “Tesyrir, she was an aspiring wyrm ripped from the world too early. Soul fire, she couldn’t survive the burns. I wasted too much time bickering with her mother and she turned to ash in my arms… that was thirty or so years ago. I have not seen my daughter since then, nor have I seen the hydra or that little white dragon she was raising.”

Oh no. “So, you don’t know where mother is?”

She snorted. “Frankly I’m glad I don’t. We never got along, she was a trouble child since the day she hatched. Always going against my commands. Now as for you, I want to see your human form.”

Ok. I changed into my human form. Grandma lowered her head to stare at me and then changed in hers. She still had that mask on. She walked up to me and touched my face, she moved my head around and brushed my hair to the side several times. “You share my families physical features. You are certainly share my bloodline, undead dragon. I still have doubts about your claims to be Tesyrir.”

Talon’s grandmother butted in. “That undead filth there is a wyrm as well.”

Grandma replied to her. “Tesyrir was not the only wyrm that shares my blood. I have some wyrm children as well, and many of them have passed as well.”

Talon’s grandmother sneered. “That’s why you’re a terrible matriarch, you never could keep most of your children alive.”

Grandma sighed. “I never tried to be a matriarch. That was never my goal, I only intend for my strong kin to carry on. Whereas you raise the weak as well.”

She snorted back at grandma. “I turn the weak into strong dragons, while you only make the strong dragons arrogant.”

Talon butted in. “How is that you two managed to be friends when you speak so horridly to each other?!”

They both snapped their answer to him. “Bonds formed by time cannot be broken by words.”

Talon stared at them for a moment. “That was clearly rehearsed.” Grandma and his grandma chuckled to quietly. That’s the first time I’ve heard grandma laugh I think.

Grandma turned back towards me. “Now I need you to follow me, that is if you wish to prove who you are. I will not force you, but I also won’t stop that one over there from killing you. She has a strong hatred for the undead.”

Oh… “Ok I’ll go with you!” she changed in her dragon form and started walking out of the room, I changed as well and followed close behind.

Talon shouted to me before we left. “Be careful, a lot of people don’t like the undead.”

Once we got to the platform that lead outside grandma turned towards me. She walked close and wrapped her neck around mine and gave me a slight squeeze. I guess this is a hug in dragon form. She backed up and spoke to me again. “I know it’s you Tesyrir. You smell the same, and only look like an older version of the little dragon I once knew. How are you here?”

I don’t know. “I really don’t know.”

I heard a voice in the back of my head. “I am unsure as well. I was unaware that your body had passed in the time we spoke. We simply waited for you return to your body.”

Grandma sighed. “So many questions, with no answers. Here I find out the kin who died in my arms is alive, and on the other side of the world. Will you return with me? I’m sure Zaivrer would like to see you.”

Well yes! “Absolutely! I would love to go home!”

Grandma nodded and turned around. Instead of taking off she started chanting words I didn’t understand. A large oval opened in front of us and she stepped through. I think that’s a portal? I followed behind her and on the other side I saw more dragons, but this time it was an area filled with rolling hills, green, grass, and caves.

That voice spoke up again. “It is in your best interest to learn that incantation. Travel like that could prove quite useful. Now I have a task for you. It appears that there is a cult of devil worshipers nearby. I would like you to destroy them.”

Isn’t he a demon? “Aren’t a demon yourself?”

He answered. “Yes, but they do not follow me, they follow one of my rivals. Destroy them in any way you see fit and I will grant you some power.”

Alright then. “Do you know where they’re at?”

He did not answer. Well that’s just great, a task but no idea how to complete it.

Grandma was staring at me. “Tesyrir are you alright? You looked like you were in a trance?”

I’m fine. “Oh yea, I’m fine. Talon said I didn’t breath in my sleep so I guess things will be a bit weird for now.”

She nodded. “Understandable I supposed. Now I think it’s about time we introduce you to the clan, it’s well overdue.”

Grandma barked into the sky and after a few moments many dragons started showing up. I spotted Zaivrer in the crowd. He pushed his way forward and ran up to us. He stopped in front of me and froze.

After a moment he turned towards grandma. “H-how is this possible?”

Grandma didn’t have an answer for him. “She doesn’t know herself. Regardless she’s back, while not quite as alive as we once knew her.” Grandma turned towards the crowd of dragons. “It would seem we have a new member in our clan. My late granddaughter Tesyrir has returned from the grave. We don’t know why she’s back, but who are we to reject such an offer.” Grandma looked at me now. “Tesyrir the undead wyrm. We expect great things of you girl, don’t squander this second chance. Take some time to familiarize yourself, then we’ll work on getting your armor back.”

Alright then. “Alright, and is it alright if I look for mother?”

Grandma sighed. “You won’t find her here. I’m sure you will find her, but for now try to prove yourself here. You may find her faster if the others are willing to help you.”

Alright then. “Ok. I guess I’ll look around and talk to the others then? Also, what happened to Demmyrth?”

Grandma growled to herself. “His clan has decided to work the humans, they’ve built a city with that boy Cassius.” So, they’re all fine then.

I guess I’ll start now. “Okay, I’ll start talking to people then.” Grandma nodded at me and I walked towards the others. My stomach was a bit fluttery. I never got see grandmas clan before.

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