A Champion's Soul

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A Demon's Power

Meeting everyone was easy enough. Everyone dispersed right after grandma had that announcement and I just flew around and talked to them all. They all seemed friendly enough, and some were tending to their children. It’s not what I imagined given what mama told me. She made it sound like grandma was evil and tortured the others, but they all seem happy. Demmyrth made it sound like grandma was abusive, and the members of the clan were mean.

I wonder what happened to them to make them think that? I laid down and tried figuring out why when I felt eyes looking at me. I saw a figure peak over a hill and then disappear behind it.

That voice shouted in my head. “THERE! That’s them go after them now!”

Okay then! I jumped into the air and flew in the direction they were at. I saw two humans riding horses away and followed them. They looked at me with panic in their eyes. It’s easy to keep up with horses and I saw where they were heading after a while. It looked like a small camp, so I let them get there first.

I spoke to the voice. “Should I be worried about anything?”

He waited a moment before answering. “Expect demonic magic. The magic may be strong enough to kill you so don’t let them actually hit you with it. Wipeout this camp and I’ll have rewarded you with some power.”

Alright then. I walked over to the camp the stared at the people inside. It was a small camp, and everyone there had symbols written all over their bodies. “Why are you here?”

The people inside stared at me in horror, but an old woman came forward and answered. “You! You! You server one of the demon lords!”

What? “Are you talking about the Arch-demon?”

She nodded. “Yes him! Our Lord wants us to find dragon bones for her rituals! We mean no harm!”

That’s, unfortunate… “Well, it seems your lord has lied to you. Dragons turn to ash when they die, there are no bones. My, lord as you call him wants me to kill you.”

She stared a moment. “I see, then it was a sacrifice she wanted.” She made some clicking noises to the others and they all walked up to me and got on their knees. “We are ready to serve our Lord in death, we only that you end us quickly.”

Really? “That’s it, no fighting back?” They didn’t answer. Alright then. I stepped back and blew fire on them… This felt too easy, and dirty. I couldn’t them all in one breath, but I tried to end it quickly enough. By the time it was over they were just charred husks in the grass.

The voice spoke. “Demon worshippers are not the brightest bunch. You can take the bones from a dragon, but the dragon must not die from the horrid act. Now as for the task, I wanted you to do something simple. I needed to know if you were willing to kill humans, and it seems that you…So as for the power, there are two types I can offer you. For simplicity’s sake, I will call one Demon-Lord and the other Demon-Horror.”

Oh? “What’s the difference?”

He answered. “Demon-Lord is named after what I am in a way. You will have lesser demons do your bidding, they will have no will and follow orders to the letter. Demon-Horror relies on intimidation and power. You will be able to scare the will to fight out of your enemies. Both equally as strong but have their own benefits and downsides.”

I don’t like the idea of minions, but that could be helpful. Though being able to scare people to avoid fighting could also help. I would rather avoid fighting altogether. “I guess Demon-horror then.”

He paused a moment. “Interesting choice, but very well. This may hurt a bit.”

I turned around and saw grandma standing there, but just as she was about to say something I saw red lighting come from the ground beneath me and searing pain run through me! I screamed out and for a moment it felt like I was going to die!

Then all at once, the pain vanished. I laid on the ground and grandma walked up to me. She had a look of, it wasn't disgusting. Was she proud?

She laid down in front of me and just stared for a moment. “Now I see how you're alive… I could smell the charred flesh from here, and I was rather proud of you for killing those humans. Though this is quite different from what I was expecting. So, you were brought back to do the bidding of a demon?”

I don’t think so. “He doesn’t know who brought me back either. You sound kind of sad?”

She brought her head closer to mine. “The fate you’ve fallen into. In a way, it’s my fault. I expected great things from you and I squandered it, but this quite different.”

It’s not really a problem. “I can still do whatever I want, he just wants me to do stuff for him occasionally.” My mouth feels weird, almost like there’s a split down the middle.

Grandma got up. “I will trust your words then, but if you bring harm to any of the clan I will ensure you stay down this time. How the dragons of this clan get strong do not concern, rather risk that power carries. I see you’ve chosen the path of nightmares… Don’t inflict them on any one of us… Now come with me and we’ll work on getting your armor back. I forbid from doing any more of that demon’s request while in our territory. Do you understand me!?”

Y-yes! “I do!”

The demon grumbled. “Well, that’s irritating. I’m not one to follow the orders of a lesser being, but I need you alive.”

I followed grandma back and felt around my mouth while we walked. Yea my mouth did split, it seems my lower jaw split into two other flaps I move independent of each other, and they’re connected by some fleshy flap in my mouth. “Will more power change my body like this again?”

He answered that faster than normal. “To a degree, yes, but you won’t become a grotesque monstrosity. Merely features that make you appear more intimidating.”

Ah ok then. Grandma led me to a large pool of water, and there little green lights floating around it. “Grandma, what’s this?”

She walked over and laid down in the water. “These fairies will speed up the growth of your armor. The name of this place isn’t a concern.”

Alright, then. I walked over and laid down in the water next to her. I saw the little lights float over to me and dive in and out of the water. While they did this I felt a chill, almost like a mint.

The demon grumbled this out. “Bah, talk to me when your out of the territories boundaries I can’t sit here and watch this!”

Alright then. “Ok, will do.”

I looked at grandma and she had her tail reach around me, she quickly smacked me in the head and push me under the water! I tried to pull myself out, but she put her weight on my back! I fought and tried to get her to move… at least I did before I realized I wasn’t drowning. I didn’t need to breath at all. I saw the fairies diving in the out of the water and they started floating around my face as well.

I watched for a while, and eventually grandma pulled me out of the water by my tail. I just stared at her and she didn’t seem all that surprised. “I knew you wouldn’t drown. The undead don’t need to breath. You merely do it out of habit.” Oh… Hopefully this calms down a little, too much is going on too quickly right now.

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