A Champion's Soul

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Evaler lives

After we left the pool grandma showed a vacant cave in the area. It was dug out by another dragon, but they’ve since left. She wouldn’t tell me who’s cave it was though. To be honest with how secretive she was trying to be, I think may have been mama’s before she left this place.

The cave was cozy though. Whoever made it was a larger dragon than me. Though I do still have a lot of growing to do. I believe I heard mama or Zavirer say that dragons keep growing till their around five-hundred years old.

I slept in that cave and while I was awake, I was laying down. Sometimes it’s comfortable enough to just lay down and be awake... The sun was coming up and I could see it peaking its way in as well.

I heard some voices outside the cave, they were higher pitched, so I’d assume either a young dragon or a human. “Are they in there?”

A slightly deeper voice replied to them. “I don’t know, it’s like dead silent.” Humph, I guess that fits then. Ever since grandma shoved me under the water, I haven’t felt the need to breath. “Should we be snooping in on the leader’s granddaughter?”

Ah, so they’re just young dragons. I’ll avoid startling them for now.

The high pitched one spoke up. “I’m sure it’s fine, let’s take a peak. I’ve really wanted to see what a wyrm looks like.”

The deeper voice didn’t seem so enthusiastic. “I heard mumblings that she may be an undead. We really shouldn’t do that. Undead humans like to eat each other, for all we know she might do the same. We are snack sized to her anyways.” For trying to be sneaky those two are talking rather loudly.

I heard them step inside, to be honest I was little irritated about it. I was fine when they talked about doing but as soon as they stepped in… I got up and barked at them. Without missing a beat, they spun around and bolted out; kicking rocks and dirt along their way.

I got up, stretched, and then walked out of my cave. I saw the other dragons leaving their caves as well. I stood around for a minute and grandma landed a few feet in front of me. “I heard you gave some younglings quite a fright?”

That was quick. “Not really, they stepped in the cave, so I barked at them. They talk rather loudly.”

She nodded. “That sounds like them. I was just making sure you didn’t do anything else. Now there’s something I think you might be interested in checking out.”

Oh? “What’s that?”

She waited a moment before answering. “Well before… before you were in this state, I heard from Demmyrth that you’re quite good with younglings. We haven’t had any issues but some of the neighboring clans have had younglings go missing. I’ve sent out others to search the area, but I want to search around the nearby human settlement. You seem to be able to tolerate them far better than everyone else here.”

Alright then. “Sure, where is it?”

Grandma nodded and took off. I followed close behind. We flew for maybe ten or so minutes and she shouted back at me. “The city is just ahead, I’ll leave you to it and search with the others.”

She turned around and I saw the city peak over the mountain line. I stopped just short of their walled and walked around to find a gate. There were guards scrambling about the wall and they watched me along the way. Once I found the gate, I changed into my human form an approached it.

A guard was standing on the other side of it and I could see him through the gaps in the wood. He shouted in a fearful tone. “W-what do you want!?” Maybe showing up in my dragon form wasn’t a good idea.

I told him. “Just wanted to look around. We’ve had some younglings vanish, so I was sent to see if you knew anything.”

A stern voice shouted at the guy behind the wall. “Soldier get away from that gate! Let me handle this!” He nodded and then that soldier ran off inside a building. He walked up to the gate and stared at me. “Why haven’t you attacked us yet?”

Huh? “I didn’t come here to attack anyone? I’m’ just looking for our younglings. I’m trying to be polite, but this is important. Can I come in?”

He eyeballed me for another minute, they motioned towards someone else. The gate slowly raised up. “I suppose we don’t have a choice, do we? I don’t let you in and you burn the city down, or I let you in on the small chance you won’t burn the city down.”

He doesn’t like dragons I take it. “To be honest that’s probably what would’ve happened if I wasn’t the one my grandmother sent. She hates human, while I don’t. I was actually raised around your kind, my mother did everything she could to keep me from hating humans.”

That guard followed me around the city, but I didn’t find anything. I asked as many people as I could, but no one knew anything.

I turned to the guard and asked him. “Are there any other human cities around here?”

He seemed a little surprised I asked that. “Ah yes, but it’s a much rougher city. Perhaps your dragon form would be a better choice when you visit that one, it’s genuinely not safe for women to be there alone.”

What? “What do you mean by rougher?”

He answered. “Corrupt. The heads of that city line their pockets with smugglers money. Crimes go unsolved because the one committing them pay off the guards.”

Alright then, that sounds like the kind of place I should check then. “Can you point me towards it?”

He nodded and pointed roughly northeast. He followed me as I left the city and then I changed into my dragon form and flew there. It was another twenty or so minutes before I found that city. It was larger, and it seems to have large gaps between all the buildings. Big enough gaps for me to fit into actually. I landed in the middle of the city, much to many guards surprised and they quickly ran off in multiple directions.

I won’t be able to talk anyone like this, so I changed into my human form. I stayed in the city center for another minute or so when a large mass of guards ran out from the buildings all holding giants shields and spears. One of them was a bit overzealous and charge at me. I still didn’t have my armor, but the spear still snapped when he hit me. It’s slowly growing back, but it’ll take some time.

He was knocked to the ground as well. “I’m not here to fight you.”

He crawled away and the guards kept their distance. None of them were even trying to talk to me so I started walking around, and they followed a good distance behind.

The people living here would see me and not really care but as soon as they saw the guards, they’d all clear out. Some people watched from alley ways and others went inside buildings.

I searched and searched but didn’t find anything here either. After searching the entire city, I changed into my dragon form and took off. I sniffed the air and could smell grandma. I flew in her direction. She probably won’t be happy that I couldn’t find them. She was really far away. I flew for well over an hour, but I came upon a city that had her scent. As I got closer, I saw a blue dragon fly out of the city, but it was her. They looked familiar, but they definitely weren’t grandma.” I was going to follow them but when I looked down, and I saw pins filled with little younglings.

That dragon can wait, this needs to be done now. I landed near the pins and all the younglings were crying out to me. There was a barn next to the pins, I slammed my head into it and knocked them in…

There was a yellow dragon inside, they were chained down and had multiple spears pinning their wings to the ground. They didn’t say anything, but just looked at me…

I walked closer to them. “Are you okay?” they didn’t reply. They just stared at me… I ripped the chains away from their arms and pulled the spears from their wings.

As I went to pull the chain off their neck they spoke up. “Kill me.”

Why? “Why would you want me to kill you?”

They just screamed. “I’ve suffered too much, please just kill me!”

There was a clutch of eggs behind them… So, these would be her eggs then? “Why would you abandon your young like that?!”

She snapped back at me. “THEY AREN’T MINE I DIDN’T WANT THEM!”

What happened? “What’s wrong? I’m helping you get out of this barn?”

She went quite again. I could hear humans outside. “Please, just do it already. I don’t want to keep reliving these memories.”

Fine. “alright, if that’s what you really want then.”

I don’t know how to do this quickly, but I’ll try. I clamped my jaw around her neck, she said one last sentence before I pulled. “Evaler did this.” I yanked my head back and I felt the cracking in her neck. She started turning to ash before I was even halfway back.

That demon spoke to me again, for the first time in a few days. “Destroy this city…”

The dragon’s soul floated in front of me, and I wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted to die so should I release her soul or take for myself? Well, the soul made that decision for me and floated into my chest. I felt a rush of power and a tower of fire destroyed the barn around me. I could hear a word repeating in my head, over and over again. I couldn’t repeat the word itself, but I understand it’s meaning. It felt like it meant “fog of death” or something like that. I imagine the word in my head, and the tower of fire fizzled out around me. As the fire faded a black fog took over the area, it wasn’t thick, but it was there.

The soldiers were far away, likely fleeing from the flame. As I started freeing the younglings they approached. Thought they stopped a good bit away

The soldiers stared at me. They all watched as I released the younglings from their pins, they seemed too afraid to do anything.

Except their captain. “STOP THIS AT ONCE!”

I’m not going to follow the orders of a bunch of monsters. “You’re lucky I don’t burn this city down! The younglings are coming home with me!”

He drew his sword at me. “You release one more dragon and I will cut you down.”

His blade isn’t gold. “Your sword can’t cut me. I wouldn’t suggest that.”


I screamed back, I don’t know I knew this, but I did, and my voice sounded deeper. Much deeper, like it does in my dragon form. “YOUR GOD WON’T ACT AGAINST ME! HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR CITY! YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT ZIT ON THIS WORLD!” My voice started getting deeper I felt my dragon form changing, I felt heavier. My wings cracked as they grew larger, and my armor started showing on my feet.

He swung his sword at me. It slammed against my neck, and then snapped in half. Even without my armor his blade can’t cut through my hide. He isn’t nearly strong enough.

He took a step back in fear and I brought my head to meet his gaze. “You are the best this city has to offer, and you can’t even cut my hide... now this city burns... YOU’LL ALL BE CUT DOWN LIKE THE RABBID DOGS YOU ARE!” I blasted fire at him and his soldiers. The flame change from a bright yellow to a blue, and then a black. I free the rest of the younglings and sent them into the forest, I told them to wait at its edge for me.

I flew up into the air and started scorching every building and person I could find. I don’t know what they did to that dragon, but they took our younglings and driven that dragon to seek death.

The sun went down, and sky was lit up by a black flame. I watched as the buildings crumbled when a man on horseback tried to flee.

I flew over and landed in front of the horse. It reared up and threw the man off, then ran away.

He stayed on the ground and screamed. “YOU MONSTER! YOU KILLED EVERYONE!”

They all deserved it. Every one of them. “You stole our young and tortured another dragon.” He started crawling backwards, so I slammed my foot onto his legs. I could feel the cracking of his bones and felt his blood pooling beneath my foot. “WHY DID YOU TAKE OUR YOUNG!?”

He just screamed in pain. I wasn’t going to get anymore answers from him than the others. I reared my head back to blow fire on him, and he screamed. “WHAT KIND MONSTER ARE YOU!?”

I lifted my foot and crushed him beneath it again, but that question came to my mind. I’m an undead that was brought back by no one. Perhaps… I’m to be a nightmare, and since the power is being given to me by a demon. I guess that makes me a demon as well… I can choose to be an undead or a demon I guess, but either way I’m a wyrm… I need to get stronger and being undead won’t help me with that. “I choose to be a demonic wyrm.”

The voice spoke up. “Your more than a just a mere demon, you’re my knight. You are my direct link to the outside, and for you will be my hell knight. Now for completing another task I’ll grant you some more power.”

Red lightning shot up from the ground again, and I felt a pain rip up my arm! I stood on my backs leg before falling on one knee! The pain slowly faded, and I realized I caught myself. Not with my arms, but with a sword… I looked, it looked like the knife that broke from the headstone… Though much larger, and more defined. I had gold engravings on it, and the tip ended in a curve on each side. The hilt was a deep red, and the blade was black instead of silver.

“Your soul held a fragment of a gods blade, I did what I could with it.” I stood up and looked at the city one last time. I could see white souls slowly floating towards me. “Souls that are wrenched from the body in your fog will become your power. All these people, their souls will contribute to your strength… Take your next steps carefully, you are mightier than human. Though that doesn’t mean you could hold your own against others of your kind. Also, by accepting your place as my knight, you’ve gathered the attention of the gods. They’ll be keeping a close eye on you… Wyrm Hell-knight, it has a pleasant ring to it doesn’t it?”

I’m not sure. “I don’t know… She said Evaler did this. I remember that name. I think it belongs to the blue dragon that tried to kill me and mama when I was little. If I see him again I’ll make sure he doesn’t get away again.”

I started walking to the forests edge, and all the little ones were waiting just like I asked. I knelt down to get a better look at them and I heard a series of thuds behind me. I turned towards the sound and saw grandma with several other dragons…

Grandma was in front. “Well done, I see you’ve found the younglings.”

Huh… “They’re all here, but there some eggs in a burn out barn. They dragon that laid them didn’t want to live any longer.”

Grandma lowered her head, and then spoke. “It’s a terrible day when mortals drive a dragon to kill themselves. You head on home, we’ll handle the rest.”

Alright. “She said a dragon name Evaler did this.”

She snorted. “I knew he would cause trouble again. I think it’s time you finished what your mother couldn’t… Oh, and congratulations. It seems your armor has grown back, and you now have a soul weapon.” Oh, the blade’s still in my hand. I let go of my grip and his vanished. After tightening it again the blade reappeared. Interesting.

Grandma motioned for the others to leave and she walked up to me. “Don’t fight Evaler yet. Your getting stronger, but your still not strong enough to take on an ancient dragon. Give it time and you’ll get there. You might just be strong enough to take on dragons two or three times your age, but that stills only one hundred-fifty years at most.”

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