A Champion's Soul

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A Demon's Power

There were loud gasps from the dragons around us. “How is this possible?” “How can a half dragon become a wyrm?” “What have the gods done to this half breed?”

It doesn’t matter how it happened, just that it did. This person who’s been hunting me my entire life just became a wyrm. I was going to let her go this last time, I still might so long as she doesn’t try to go after anyone else here…

All the chatter was interrupted by her letting out a roar loud enough for the ground to quake. She’s a tiny bit bigger than me, but that’s just because of our age. I matched her roar with one of my own, mine coming out far more vicious than hers. Hers had a feeling of pride and pain to it, mine had a feeling of horror behind it.

She spat a fireball at me. Pointless it slammed into my chest and did nothing. “You can’t hurt me with fire, just like I can’t hurt you with it!”

She didn’t reply, only another roar. She started running towards me, no blade in hand and lowering her head! I did the same, we’ll see who’s the stronger wyrm! I could feel the ground quake with our weight. Two wyrms towering above the trees charging at each other. This didn’t feel like a fight to drive her off anymore! I wanted to win this! This is my home!

Our horns collided with thundering smash! The sound blasted into the distance and echoed back! In the corner of my eyes I could see the younger dragons running off, but the older ones stayed.

Our horns just pressing together had a weight to them. They sparked and shot fire out as they rubbed! They cracked and creaked but refused to budge! One of the cards father showed me came to my head. it slowly turned into a word, another word I couldn’t repeat but I knew what it meant. Something like Iron Ram. As I repeated the word in my head, I felt my horns thicken, my neck tense up, and I could feel more power in my legs.

I started pushing her back! I pushed and pushed until she lost her footing! As soon as she did, I pulled my head back and slammed my fist into the side of hers! She feel to the side and grabbed her face! She roar at me and jumped back, this a sword appeared in her hand!

She swung it up at me, but I jumped backwards! I got my sword ready and swung it back at her! The swords slammed together with a mixture of red and black fire spewing out of where they touched! The air flashed a bright purple before the grass and trees around us lit up in flames! Every time our swords clashed the flames would dance around their contact before flashes of purple formed in the air!

Eventually she backed off and used her wings to fly backwards. We both took a look around; the air had a purple haze to it. Our swords were glowing white, and the trees around us were in flames. The only dragon still watching was grandmother. The other were flying around us putting out the fires.

So much damage to the forest. The wildlife has probably run off, and the younglings may not have anything to eat… I’ve fighting her as an equal, or at least trying to. She would go on about fairness when I was younger, but this is too much of a price. I younglings are far more important than fighting fair.

I spoke to the demon. “How do I take advantage of the power you’ve given me?”

He laughed. “Well it’s a little late to ask that don’t you think? No matter, you need only embrace it. Look into your soul and the seek the seed of my power. You have many forms you can take, as does that one over there, though she does not know it yet. You can appear as a mortal, half breed, or wyrm. Though with my power you can bolster those forms, evolve yourself so to speak. You will need to end this fight quickly should you choose to use it, as its quite taxing on your body. You need to grow before you can wield like a blade.

I looked back at Tithe, she was keeping her distance from me. I just need to listen for her while I look then. I closed my eyes and tried to search my soul like he said, I don’t know what it means but I’ll try like when I used magic.

I searched and search, until I found something. It was glowing and chains wrapped around it. Is that my soul? That must be the curse then. I could see my hands in front of me and I tried to pull on the chains, no amount of effort would get them to budge even slightly.

I tried and tried but nothing, so I reach into my soul. I could feel a lump inside of it. “There it is” he spoke up and I pulled it out. I opened my eyes and funnel of black fire formed around me! My bones started cracking, but it didn’t hurt. I felt a second set of wings shoot out of my back below my first set. My claws grew out longer, and two fangs in the front of my mouth grew out. Large spikes started growing out of my back as well, they ran down my spine all the way to the back of my tail. The blade in my hand changed. It straightened out and a handle formed on back of the blade tip.

The funnel fizzled out and Tithe started at me, seemingly in shock. I moved towards her, and my body felt heavy. I used my wings to push myself towards her! It was far faster than I’d been able to fly before, dirt was being ripped from the ground as I move! I swung my sword at her and she raised hers to block it! The blades scream as they made contact! It as if steel was crying out in agony! Their glow had died down at point, but they were turning white at the point they touched! I used my other arm to grab that second handle and started pushing! Her sword screamed and started bending in as she was pushed backwards!

She was digging her heels into the ground, but she kept being pushed back with her blade and screaming and caving in towards her! Just as her sword snapped there was lighting bolt that struck the ground between us! It launched us both away from each other, and in the smoke, I saw three men standing there. The same size as us, just like giant humans. I was launched next to grandmother.

She looked down at me as I got back up. “That’s enough Tesyrir, it’s best this fight ends here.”

One of the men walked to Tithe and grabbed her wing, the other two walked over to us.

Grandmother stepped forward. “Odin, Jupiter. Why do I have the pleasure of seeing you here?” Only one of them spoke. “So that’d grandchild of yours was that source of demonic power. I should’ve figured it would have to with you. Your bloodline has only caused us trouble.”

Grandmother scoffed at him. “Well aren’t you in a bad mood today. My grandchild has never acted against the gods. In fact she’s done more to help you than anything, destroying a demonic cult just a few days ago.”

He sneered back at her. “Yes yes, I’m sure that’s all well and good. You best keep a short leash on her then. We’re not as lenient with demons acting against us as dragons.” I vision started blurring and I stumbled backwards. “You should tend her, we’ll deal with this one over here. She looks to be wielding power she’s not ready for.”

Grandmother turned around and walked back over to me. She changed into her human form and stood to my side, then looked up to me expectantly. My vision got worse and I fell out of my dragon form. She caught me in my human form just before I passed out.

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