A Champion's Soul

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When an Undead Runs Out of Magic

I woke with my head throbbing. A Sharp pulsing pain with a thumping sound. I sat up and herd grandmothers voice. “About time you’ve woken up, it’s been nearly a month.” I opened my eyes. I was in a room? “Don’t worry too much about this. You’re in the city Demmyrth worked with that human to build. We don’t exactly have the accommodations for humans, so that also means we can’t accommodate dragons who are drained of magic. You’ll be back to yourself soon enough anyways.”

Ouch, what happened after. “Where did they take her?”

She waited a moment before answer. “Oh, you mean your sibling? They took her and that half breed to their home as they call it?”

What now? “Sibling? What are you on about?”

She chuckled to herself. “Any fool could recognize the resemblance. I understand you never saw your father, but her dragon form is nearly a spitting image of him, well other than the obvious differences. You take after your mother more than your father.”

There’s no way. “She’s tried killing me multiple times. Saying I stole her soul or something.”

Grandma walked over to the bed. “Well, she’s clearly mistaken. I could see the shine of her soul while you fought. It was weak, but very much there…” She stared at me for a few minutes before saying anything else. Still had that mask on. “Perhaps, you are both wyrms. I suppose it’s possible your mother took a fragment of her soul and used it to make you a wyrm as well. I have no way to know if this is true until we see her again. This is certainly something to keep in mind so you can ask her…” grandma paused again. “Well, I just remembered something regarding one of her children actually. Information Zaivrer may be very interested to know about.

She was just about to leave the room. “Were you sitting there the entire time I was out?”

Grandma turned back towards me and raised up her sleeve. “You’re still an undead.” Her arm was covered in bite marks… did I do that?! “When you run out of magic your hunger will take over. Keep that in mind next time; I may not be around to hold you back… Regardless I’ll be heading back, while your magic has returned you body hasn’t quite recovered from that yet. Do get stronger before you attempt to use that demon form again.” After that, she stepped out of the room.

I think she’s angry at me. Though I don’t blame her if I bit her like that. Is that what the young dragons were talking about? Human undead try to eat their own. So, an undead dragon will do the same when they run out of magic.

I sat up in the bed my stomach started screaming at me. It hurt, it felt like I slammed into something! I moved the blanket, for some reason I didn’t have my cloak on, but my stomach was covered in bruises. I would guess grandma had to punch to get me to stop biting her. I climbed out of the bed and look around for my cloak. I found it in the corner opposite the door. I started putting it on when someone walked in. I probably had it halfway on when I saw Demmyrth’s face. He glanced at me and then ducked out of the room nearly slamming it back shut.

He waited a minute or two and knocked. I just opened the door.

He jumped back a bit, seemingly flustered and started talking. “Ah, sorry about that. I should’ve knocked first.”

I turned to his left and grandma was walking towards us. She nudged him away from the door and pushed in, then shut it. “I forgot to tell you something, some to the other side of the room” she put her hand on my back and pushed me towards that opposite end of the room. “Demmyrth saw you die, now while you brother Zaivrer trusts my word… Demmyrth does not. Neither does anyone of his clan. They won’t believe that you’re the Tesyrir they knew before.”

… “You're saying they wouldn’t believe me either?”

Grandma shook her head. “Not likely. I haven’t told them anything about you, only that your undead. From what I’ve overheard of those around, is that they think you’re a long-fallen child of mine, of course, that demonic power you hold is quite obvious to everyone around. You’ll find mixed reactions to your choice. They may ask how you died, and who brought you back. I’ll leave those for you to choose, for now, they know you as Valliapheith.”

You couldn’t have chosen something else? “What’s wrong with that R at the end of my name?”

Grandma tried to hide a scowl. “That was your mothers’ choice. She wanted to change the family name, but since they believe you are my child that will be your title at the moment. In time you may be able to tell them and they believe you, but for now you had no ground to stand nor proof of who you are. I recognize your scent, Demmyrth may smell a familiarity to it, but he’ll likely assume it’s because you would be related to what he believes is Tesyrir.” Grandma went quiet for a moment. “Now I will be heading back, but you still need some time to recover. This may be the best place for you to so. The others at home are wanting to challenge you after witnessing that fight. We wouldn’t want you fighting injured.”

Grandma walked over to the door and opened it. She waived to Demmyrth for him to come in. After he stepped into the room, she grabbed his face. “Try anything and that tail of yours is coming off.”

He smacked her hand away. “Yes you’d hate that wouldn’t you… Regardless I have no plans to try anything, but you’re children’s choices are not for you to make.”

Grandma sneered at him and walked out.

Demmyrth shook himself off and walked up to me. “Sorry about earlier. My name is Demmyrth. I’m the head of the dragon clan here, and the leader of the humans goes by the name Cassius. I’m sure you’ll meet him soon enough. Now I don’t know many details, but your mother told me you were injured fighting another dragon, and used up all your magic to drive it off?”

I guess. “Yea a wyrm. I guess she didn’t tell you I’m a wyrm as well?”

He stared at me a moment. “No she didn’t. I swear your bloodline is the most chaotic I’ve ever seen. Wurms, hydras, dragons, and wyrms… Now to be rather frank with you I can smell the demon you cohort with. So what’s your relationship with it, also it what brought you back from the dead?”

I don’t think so. “Well I’m his hell knight, at least I believe that’s what he called it. He usually leaves me be but does talk to me when he needs something done. As for who brought me back, I don’t know, he doesn’t know, and Sagaelia doesn’t know. I just woke up next to a lake.”

He nodded. “Ah well that clears things up then on the undead part. You were must’ve been brought back by someone who was just strong enough to raise a dragon, but too weak to control it. You got lucky. As for the demon, so long as you don’t harm anyone here we’ll fine with that… Now if you’re feeling up to it I can show you around.”

Sure. “Alright I guess.” Demmyrth started walking towards the door and I followed… There’s a pleasant smell coming off of him…

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