A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: A Camp?

It didn’t take long for someone to come back. It was the girl, but a tall man was behind her. He had reddish brown hair and a large beard. He was incredibly tall.

The girl shouted. “See see, it’s awake!”

The man replied to her. “Yes, I see that little one. Go back and join the others.” He walked over and handed me a blanket. “You should cover yourself.” I hadn’t noticed. I’m confused, but I should remember I’m not around the Dryads right now. I’ve gotten a little comfortable in my skin.

I covered myself the best I could with it, the wings are an issue with that. “Thank you.”

He smiled. “Ah, I see I choose the right language to speak to you in then?”

Not really sure what he means by that. “I guess.”

He sat down on the floor, even like this he still nearly at eye level with me sitting on the bed. “You need not worry. This is the language everyone here speaks as well.”

That’s not what I’m concerned with right now. “Where am I?”

He stared at me a moment before answering. “What would you do with this information?”

What? “I’m not evens sure what you mean by that? I-” At that moment what happened came back to me… “I was in the forest when a dragon crashed into it. I’m not entirely sure what happened after, there was several flashes of light. Then I woke up here.”

He smiled again. “Good to see your memory is intact then. Judging by your appearance I’d say you did not consent to what happened then. Had you been you wouldn’t be able to fit in this room.”

What does he mean? “What do you mean by that?”

He answered. “If you were fully willing you would have become a dragon. Instead of you are a type of hybrid. If I were to take a guess, I’d say you’re a draconic elf right now?”

I was an elf. “Yes, I am an elf.”

He frowned. “Were an elf. You’re an immortal hybrid now.”

Ok then. “Can I go home?”

He was still frowning. “I’m afraid not. Zeus has forbidden you doing that for now.”

Why? “What why!?” I know who Zeus is, I’m going to go against what he says if I want to live.

He answered. “It’s dangerous for you, and by extension the forest. In time you may be allowed to return, but for now no.”

Dammit! This isn’t fair! “Can I at least go outside this room? It’s cramped in here?”

He paused for a moment. “I supposed, but first let me find something for you to wear.” He left and shut the door behind him. I heard a click, must’ve been a lock.

I don’t know how long it was but he didn’t eventually come back.

He seemed fairly indifferent as he handed it to me. “I was only able to find a toga in your size. It might be a little short, but it’s the best we have right now.”

He stepped out while I put it, that was far harder to do than it should’ve been. The damned wings got in the way, and once I had it past them my tail was in the way. I had to tear a small hole in the toga so I could the tail through it.

I should let him know I’m dressed. “You can come back in.” He opened the door and waved for me to follow. “Uh, how am I going to get these through the door?” I pointed at my wings.

He sighed and cocked his head at me. “I suppose I’ll help you get them through the door then. You should learn to move them on your own soon though.” He walked over, and rather aggressively pulled the wings in and wrapped them around me. It didn’t hurt at least.

We shuffled our way out of the room and I was greeted with the sky. It was warm out. “Thank you.”

He smiled. “I seem to have forgotten to ask your name?”

I answered him, he’s friendly enough I guess. “Tithe.”

He let go of me and my wings rolled back out. “My name is Heracles.”

I looked around, and didn’t see all that much. A couple buildings, what looked like an archery range, and a dummy with a bucket on its head while holding a wooden sword?

I’ll ask again then. “Where am I?”

He sighed. “For now, that does not matter. It would be best if you don’t know so you won’t try to find the forest.”

Fine then… “Can you at least tell me why I’m here specifically?”

He waited a while before answering. “Three reasons, Zeus wants you here. Hades wants you here, and we need you to be here for both your safety and training. Hades has requested that you be trained to defend yourself, it’s odd for him to do this but I won’t question go against it. You may also run into a few demi gods here as well, though there aren’t many these days. They’re all off fighting in wars most of the time, but there are some here. Mostly younglings.”

… “So, what now?”

He scratched his chin. “I am only here temporarily. I was visiting, but I have business else ware. I’ll take you to Demigod that runs everything here.”

I followed him for a little bit. This toga was short, but not any shorter than that leaf dress. That dress barely covered me, but this at least went halfway down my thighs.

We got a larger building, it looked to be a dining hall. Heracles opened the door for me and nudged me inside. Then he shut the door behind me. The room was filled with people eating… Most of them looked human, but a couple looked a little different, to put it lightly.

Huh, most of the people in here are shorter than me… A guy walked up to me, he looked very human. “Ah hello. It’s good to see your awake newcomer!”

Who is he? “Who are you?”

He smiled. “My name is Joshua. I’m in charge of this place.” That, is interesting… “Everyone is eating right now. You should join them. Lisa will show you around once everything is cleaned up.” He nudged me towards the table.

Wait. “How am I supposed to sit there with, well these?”

He smiled. “No worries.” He touched my right wing and wiggled it back and forth. “Many of the people here share similar issues. They can easily move them out of the way, just be prepared for your wings to be touched.” That’s not encouraging. He nudged me towards the table a little harder this time.

I had to sit down, and my wing bumped someone. They glared at me. “Sorry.” The guy walked away.

A little fairy floated over with a dish, it had chicken on it… That was weird. I ate it, another fairy took the dish away… I still don’t understand what’s going on, and I’m trying to lean back so my wings don’t push on anyone else. People kept pushing them away, and it was starting to hurt. I just got up and moved to a corner of the building.

I sat there, the wings were sore now. I don’t really know how to describe this, it’s just pain, but it just feels far away my main body… Some time passed and everyone left. I trailed behind them. I was walking out and the damn door shut on my wing.

I tried pulling the door open but it was locked tight. “OW! Son of a bitch!” I pulled and pulled and eventually the door opened launching me backwards. I grabbed my wing that was pinched, it looked fine but that hurt. “Dammit.” I was ignored by everyone else.

I got up and just started walking. The others went around doing other stuff. I saw some people shooting arrows, others fighting each other with wooden swords. There was an open area, if I’m going to do anything I need to figure out how to move these damned wings.

I spent some time trying to wiggle them, I’m not entirely sure what to do. It feels like I’m moving my shoulder blades, but not at the same time. Maybe a little closer to my spine than them… I got them moving, I could flap them. I could get them to flap, I learned something! I’m just kicking up a lot of dust but I’m moving them!

After some more trying I was only getting them to flap faster. I got tired from doing this and had to lay on the ground… I almost feel asleep when I heard a thump next to me. I opened my eyes and I saw… I saw a guy standing over me, he was looking down at me.

Who’s he… wait, he had wings to? “Who are you?”

He smiled and reached out to me. “Let me help you up first.”

I grabbed his hand and pulled me up, but he pulled me a little too close and I heard him sniff me. I pushed him away. “Could you not!”

He bowed. “My apologies. You’re not quite of age yet, but you are in heat. Maybe next year then.” What now? He took off and flew away. WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!?

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