A Champion's Soul

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Out of The Nest

Seeing this place again felt like returning home. The area where the dragons were at was mostly the same, and the human city was built similarly to my old home. There was a single clearing in the trees that connected the two, and there seemed to a mutual agreement to not invade each other’s privacy.

Demmyrth stopped walking once he showed me the soldiers’ quarters. “That’s just about everything worth seeing. I’m sure you’ll find your way around from here.”

I suppose so. “Thank you for showing me around. I had a vague memory of what this place looked like before. It’s nice to see not much has changed, regarding where the dragons stay.”

He tilted his head at me. “I do have a question. Have we met before? You seem familiar, but I can’t quite figure out why.”

Ah right, grandma did mention this. “I don’t think so. As you can tell I’m not that old of a dragon, but I don’t know for sure how I long I was dead.” I hope I don’t mix myself up trying to lie like this.

Now he seemed even more confused. “Your mother didn’t tell you? Bah, I guess I wouldn’t be surprised she’d keep such important information from you. She told us that you were in the same clutch of eggs as Chyllypheith, so you’d be a few thousand years old at this point… I’m amazed someone was able to gather enough of your ashes to resurrect after such a long time. Though, your mother wouldn’t tell us how you died. She seemed rather ashamed of though.”

Hmm. What should I say about that? “I vaguely remember a wurm being involved. I got hurt pretty badly, and the last thing I remember seeing was her face before I dropped.”

He looked at me for a moment. “I see if you don’t mind me asking how is… death?”

Well, I can’t really say. “I’m not sure. I’ve spent all this time talking to that demon. I just woke up in his realm and we talked until I ended up back here. I can’t remember most of what we talked about though.”

I heard a man's voice come from around the corner. “Am I able to talk to this demon of yours?”

Demmyrth turned towards him. “Ah, Cassius. How long have you been listening?”

He pulled out a crystal. “A good while. The demon has remained quiet this entire time. Not even a peep.”

Speaking of a demon. “Do you think I can’t sense that crystal of yours, half breed.”

Cassius smiled. “So there you are.”

I’m sorry WHAT? “How is he talking through that crystal?”

Cassius blew off the question. “Not important right now. I’d like you to explain what your goal here is.”

The demon answered, surprisingly. “As it stands, I only need… Vallia here to get stronger. As my knight, she is to protect my realm and bare my insignia. As you can see, she lacks the strength to do either of those things. A mere seed of my power being enough to overwhelm her.”

Wait. “Why did you call Cassius a half breed?”

He chuckled to himself. “I supposed it wouldn’t be obvious to you. That blood, what is you call it in this realm. Ryders? It’s merely a fancy name for half-demon. Which I can tell your mother was the demon yes? I suppose your father must’ve had quite to tongue to seduce a demon.”

Cassius scowled. “You demons love to push our buttons, don’t you? I suppose you must be in a desperate situation to make a young wyrm your knight then?”

He waited before replying to Cassius. “Desperate, hardly. Unlike the demons you know of, I am concerned about potential. Wyrms have potential, and with the right guidance they can become rivals to even the gods.”

Demmyrth butted in. “That sounded like some rehearsed dog shit. What’s your real reason?”

You know. “It might be easier to just tell them. What’s the worst that can happen?”

He scowled. “The worst that can happen is you being revealed. I don’t need people hunting you right now.”

Cassius raised his hand up. “So long as it won’t bring any harm to our home or those in it, the information won’t leave this place.” He refused to tell them. “Very well then. I’m sorry but I’ll need you to leave this place. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here until that demon of yours tells us his reasoning.”

The demons scoffed again. “Watch your tongue boy. I am not a mere demon boy. You speak to an Arch-Demon.”

Demmyrth walked closer to the crystal. “Then what is your title Arch-Demon.”

He answered. “My true name has no meaning to your ears, but perhaps this one does. Bástardos Dimiourgós.”

Cassius scratched his chin. “Hmm… Greek yes? That sounds like Bastard Creator… Demon of creation. You expect us to believe that?”

The demon chuckled. “I created the very soul that stands before you.”

Demmyrth nodded. “That makes sense, given what she told me. When she died her soul went to the demon and they just talked until she came back.”

Cassius spoke again. “So, let’s say we believe you. How long has this soul been under your care?”

He answered. “Millenia. This soul is far older than even the gods of today.”

Cassius prodded him some more. “So then why is this soul in the body of such a young dragon?”

He didn’t answer that one entirely. “To tell you that would give away her reason for being here. Just know it has to do with the meddling of your gods. Vallia, it’s best we leave now. We don’t seem to be welcome here.”

Cassius shrugged. “You do you then. I’ll let you handle it from here Demmyrth. There have been some problems in the poorer sections of the city, I need to see what’s going on.”

Cassius walked away and Demmyrth started talking to me. “You are free to stay with the other dragons, but Cassius does not want you near the humans. You should just avoid this place during the day. At night you may come back to sleep, should you need to…Regardless I should go, do be careful.”

Demmyrth changed into his dragon form and flew off somewhere.

The demon stayed quiet. “So what now?”

He made a short grunt before answering. “That boy’s mother is a thorn in my side, the last thing I need is her thinking we’re on talking terms.”

Okay then… “Is that why you were rude?”

He answered. “Yes. I suppose I shouldn’t call him boy, by human standards he is a grown man. You may not be aware, but demon half breeds are immortal just like a dragon. Something about our blood mixes with mortals quite well, while god half breeds simply have longer life spans. Perhaps a few hundred at most for the gods half breeds.”

Half god… “Mother said my father was a dragon god, does that make me a half breed as well?”

He avoided the question. “Change into your dragon form and fly off, it doesn’t matter where. That is something I would like to answer away from prying ears.” Alright then. I changed into my dragon form for the first time since I woke up… I still had two sets of wings, and those spines running down my back. “My power has changed you permanently, but the strength the power offered has left you. You will need to call upon it each time you wish to use it; just remember the strain it puts on you…”

I took off and just picked a direction. Decided to go with the opposite way the wind blew. I was flying for about an hour before he spoke again. “Good, we should be far enough away now… Your father being a dragon god, while I did sense his power when you two were together. It has since vanished entirely. I do not feel any amount of godly power within you. Only that of the dragons, and my own… There was the fragment, but that is a tool; they are not infused with any particular gods power.”

I’m not sure what all that means. “So…?”

He didn’t seem to have an answer. “It could mean many things. Regardless that power not being there will make it easier for you to grow accustomed to mine… Quick land here.”

It was just an open field? I flew down the ground and landed on a thick patch of grass. “So, what are we doing?”

He spoke up again. “That uh, thing you can do in your human form. Where you bring your armor out. Do that right now.”

Alright then. I changed into my human form and brought my armor up. After I did that a strange oval opened up in front of me. It showed my reflection. I looked strange. Two curled horns on the side of my head, my face covered in scales and looking more beastlike than human or dragon. My eyes had a yellow glow with the whites being pure black. I was covered in black scales as well. The cloak was gone, but I at this point I believe that is my armor. When I do this, it clings to my skin and I get covered in armor. I had the four sets of wings and spikes running down my back and tail as well.”

He was making some noises, before answering. “I thought. Your dragon form was changed, and this thing you do is a partial change into your dragon form. You can pull this change back slightly, to look more human and keep from appearing as a demon. Try that now.”

Alright then. I did pull it back a bit, I could feel the cloak coming back. I stopped it once the cloak covered me again. My face was still partially covered in scales, kind of like… Kind of like how Tithe looked. Only my scales were black instead of red. “like this?”

The oval vanished. “Yes, that will do. It gives you some protection while maintaining a somewhat human appearance. I’m sure you’ll find a use for each form… Now I wanted you land here because there seems to be some realm meddling.”

What? “What does that mean?”

He didn’t answer. The ground rumbled a bit before a large green oval opened in the sky… It stayed open for a few moments when a what looked like a golem dropped down from it…

It looked around then I heard voices come from it. “Oh, shit it worked. Where are we exactly?”

The demon spoke up in anger. “Tch, destroy that machine. The high elves and their damn contraptions.”

Machine? “So, break it?” he said yes. Alright then. I changed into my dragon form. I stood at eye height with this golem.

The voice screamed. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!”

A second voice shouted. “It’s a dragon dumbass, we must be in its territory.”

It sounded like the voices were coming from the head of this thing. I put my hand around it pulled up. It popped off pretty easily, the body of the golem crumbled to the ground and I heard lots of people screaming while I was holding the head. “What is this thing?”

The demon answered. “The high elves are in a separate realm from this one. They have a bit of a pest problem. I think they call them, hive beasts. They built these machines to keep the creatures from their homes… It would seem they are trying to reach into other realms for some reason.”

Ohhhh… “I’ve met elves before. They popped through a portal just like that one as well.” I tiled the head around and shook it a bit. The voices screamed louder when I did that. “Are there people inside this thing?” I used my claw to dig into the head and pulled it open. I saw seven people inside. Six were strapped around a crystal, and one was near the front of the head.

I sat the head down and changed into my human form. They all climbed out and just stared at me. I saw a green glow behind them, and they all rushed towards it. I walked over to the open head and they were all gone.

Elves are weird. “I’ve met elves twice now and they disappear just a quickly as they show up.”

The demon snorted. “That’s an elf for. They have longer life spans than humans, so they’ve accumulated a lot more knowledge, but they’re physically weak. They aren’t fighters so they build machines to do the fighting for them. You’ll find them to be the opposite of dwarves. Dwarves are short, stronger, and have a great mastery of magic. They’re just stupid. Elves are tall, weak, and can’t use magic what so ever. They’re smart though. Now, there’s a human city nearby. They have some artifacts of mine. I need you to go collect them.”

Alright then.

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