A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: An Egg?

I’ve been in and out for the most part. It’s just far easier to sleep than to deal with the insistent throbbing in my head. This time was different though, it wasn’t the pain in my head that woke me up. It was a very sudden and sharp pain in my crotch.

Startling, would the be the gentlest word of choice for this feeling. “OW! CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK!”

I’m stuck in the infirmary and it didn’t take long for someone to come in. “Are you okay? I heard shout-” They stopped mid-sentence… I heard them run out, and after a few minutes more people came in.

A very annoyed woman’s voice yelled. “What do you mean she’s bleeding? Dragons don’t have periods!”

A confused guy replied to her. “I-I-I don’t know! Just look! There’s blood?!”

What in the hell are they talking about?!

The woman yelled at him. “Fine fine, get out of here I’ll take a look.” I would rightly assume it’s the guy that left then. She walked over to the bed stole my blanket, I still had my eyes covered so I couldn’t see who she was… “Oh, well that would explain it then… Sweetie, are you awake?”

Well now she’s talking to me I guess. “Yea, I’m awake.”

She ruffled my hair, ouch… I have a damn head injury why is she messing with my hair!? “Well, I have some good news for you, but it might be a little awkward.”

What? “I’m going to guess it has to do with that pain that woke me up then?”

A nervous chuckle came out of her. “Well, it appears that you’ve laid an egg. Your first one by the looks of it.”

I’m sorry what? “I’m not a chicken, why would I lay an egg?”

She sounded a little uncomfortable. “Uh, well you see… Lizards lay eggs, as do chickens. Dragons and Drakes are kind of like big scary lizards, so they lay eggs too. As well as their hybrids… I’ll be right back, you should get some sleep.” … Whatever, I closed my eyes and was out in just a few seconds.

When I woke back up some people were talking… One of the voices I recognized, it sounded like Hades? “What did you want to talk to me about?”

Another man replied, his voice was a bit deeper. “I understand you have a contract with that dragon correct? I was wondering if we arrange something, and I take over the contract.”

Hade sounded interested, for some reason. “I suppose I could, but it would have conditions to it.”

The deep voice man replied. “What are these conditions?”

Hades answered. “My contracts are made so that they are not impossible for the individual. This only applies to events out of their control, if they’re simply too weak to get the job done it’s their fault. As long as what you want them to do isn’t impossible then I’ll consider the offer, but maybe we shouldn’t discuss the details here.”

That deep voiced man seemed, pleased. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t give a creature with a limited life span an impossible task. Well, let’s discuss the details then?” They both walked off. This is worrying, at best.

Right, what did that lady say about me laying an egg? I tried pulling the bandage off of my eyes, things were a little too bright but I was able to look around. I couldn’t move my neck without an intense pain shooting down my back and I didn’t like that. I saw an egg, wrapped in a blanket on a stand next to the bed… I’m going to guess that’s it then. My eyes started hurting so I put the bandage back over them.

I heard a door open and familiar tapping on wood, that had to be miles. He doesn’t wear shoes either and he’s also the only other person that I know can make that noise. “Hey Miles.”

I caught him off guard! “Oh! I didn’t think you were awake!”

Funny. “I’ve been up for a while. Mostly because of that damn thing.” I pointed at the egg. There was a splash and then choking noises. “Are you okay?”

He coughed for a minute or two before answering. “Jesus Christ Tithe! Any type of warning would have been better than just pointing at a fucking egg!”

What? “How am I supposed to warn you about that?!”

He sounded frustrated. “I don’t know! This is stuff you’re supposed to keep to yourself anyways!”

I’m getting annoyed. “Then let’s stop talking about it!

He stopped. “Fair enough…” He walked up to the bed and handed me something. “I got you this.”

It’s soft. “What is it?” It smells good.

He chuckled. “Well, I found a mouse and cooked it.”

OH! “THANK YOU!” Okay, mice taste a hell of a lot better cooked than raw.

After I finished it Miles spoke up. “So, maybe we can talk about the egg. In a less, stressful manner?”

Sure. “What about it though?”

I heard a scratching noise. “Well, do you know why it’s there?”

No. “Not entirely, I woke up because of a sudden sharp pain. Someone came in, had a small panic attack. Then said I laid my first egg.”

There was a sigh of relief? “That’s good to hear then. I guess this means you’re a woman now…”

Uh, sure? “Not sure what that means but whatever.”

Miles made a startled noise, then said something else. “It means you can have kids if you want… It’s a little awkward to talk about, but basically, you’re bodies able to push eggs out now. That usually happens around seventeen for female hybrids. I don’t have a clue for actual dragons.”

Why does he know this? “How do you know this much?”

Another scratching noise... “Well, I’ve been around. I’ve had conversations with other hybrids about it in case I ever had a daughter.”

Fair enough I guess. “I was wondering. How bad did I get hurt? I noticed that I can’t move my neck.”

It sounded like he leaned back in a chair. “Well, from what I’ve been told when you were hit it cracked your skull, and the amount of force that takes ended up torqueing your neck. The bones are realigned but this is going to take a while for you to recover.”

Dang. “I want to go outside though. The air in here is getting stuffy.”

Miles chuckled. “I’m sure you do, I can open a window though.” I heard him get up, that was then followed by a high-pitched clack, and then a sliding noise. I heard leaves rustling right after. The air was clearing up and that was nice.

Fresh air. “Thank you.”

I heard miles sit in the chair. “You’re welcome. Is the pain getting any better?”

A little, it’s a dull throb instead of a stab. “A bit, it doesn’t feel like I’m being stabbed anymore… Oh! I’ve been meaning to ask. Who pulled me out of the water?”

Miles paused before answering. “Well, I tried jumping in to find you, but I couldn’t. It ended up being Poseidon that pulled you out.” I think that’s one of the gods of water?

At least he tried. “Thanks for trying to pull me out at least.”

There was a gust of wind, and it had a strange smell to it. Miles made a comment about it. “Summers almost here. You can smell it in the air.” So that’s what the smell it… “That means the summer mating season is going to be happening as well.”

What. “What now?”

I heard Miles smack himself. “Ah shit! Sorry, you shouldn’t worry about it. I just won’t be around when it happens. I don’t want to bother you while you’re trying to recover, but the windows will have to stay shut.” Aw… “Well, I have to go. Don’t do anything to stressful okay!”

Alright. “I’ll try not to.” I heard him leave the room and shut the door. Nothing else to do but sleep I guess.

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