A Champion's Soul

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Tithe: A Second Season...

I woke up to a conversation, it was a strange one. “You’re looking for a dragon’s egg?”

They replied. “Yes, I understand it’s an odd question. Do you know of any eggs in the area?”

It was two guys talking and the one not looking for an egg didn’t sound happy. “What, a fertile one? I’m not going to help you look for that.”

The person replied to that a little shocked. “Oh, no no! I’ve been tasked with finding a non-fertile egg… For Loki.”

I heard a deep sigh. “What does Loki want to do with a dragon egg? Is he planning on egging Thor’s homes?”

There was a pause. “I’m, not going to say that isn’t a possibility. Though I think he wants to eat one.”

Another sigh. “Well, I don’t know where a dragon’s egg is. You can try asking some of our dragon hybrids though, some of them lay eggs. I’m sure you’ll have to give them something in return for it though.”

A moment of silence. “Dragon hybrids lay eggs?”

The guy answered. “Yes, but don’t be surprised if some of them smack you for asking about their eggs. Also, if I get any complaints about this you’re leaving, so keep it subtle.” Is that Joshua? “There’s a hybrid girl in the infirmary, you can try asking her. Keep quiet and don’t you dare get pushy.” Oh jeez…

A few minutes passed and I heard the door open, he sounded rather sheepish about it. “H-hello?”

Eh, I don’t want to deal with this. “I already heard your conversation. You can take it, it’ll just sit there and rot otherwise.”

He sounded shocked. “R-really!?”

Yea. “Yes, if you want to give me anything for it that would be nice. I don’t really care about that thing if you don’t so you don’t have to.”

I got an interesting reply. “Uh, why are you in here?”

Interesting story, but I should keep it short. “I got my head busted open with a shield, also hurt my neck pretty badly.”

He waited a moment. “If you’ll let me, I can help you recover.”

What, wait, is he saying he know how to use healing magic far better than I do? “You can?”

Now he sounds excited. “Yes, I can’t heal your wounds fully, but you should be able to take that bandage off your head… Possibly walk around as well.”

I would very much like that. “Sure, go ahead.”

He wrapped his hands around my head and my vision went white, but while it was happening that throbbing was fading away. Eventually the pain was gone all together, and he moved to my neck. It hurt the second he touched my neck, but it faded quickly as well. I felt pretty good actually, and pulled the bandage off.

He almost shouted. “Hey hey, slow down. The injuries are, mostly gone. They’re still swollen though. You need to give that time to go down.”

I was surprised by what he looked like. He had white hair with golden eyes. He had wings, but they were large and feathery. He was tall, but shorter than me, and he was muscular. Not quite as large as Miles though.

I’m happy though. “Well, thank you. The egg is right here.” I pointed to desk, it was still in the blanket. He wrapped it up and walked out. He gave me a smile before leaving though. Weird, but he seems nice.

Oh my god it feels so good to be pain free. It’s hard to twist my neck, but I guess that’s the swelling. I stepped out of my room, for once it wasn’t to relieve myself. I saw Joshua.

He was surprised to see me. “You’re up?!”

I am. “Yes. Is it okay if I go for a walk?”

He waited a moment before answering. “I can’t stop you, but please be careful. Make sure to come back here before sun down though.”

Alrighty. “Will do.”

Clean clothes, and walking around. Far better than being stuck in bed. When I stepped outside I got slammed with smells. The air felt hot, and there were so many different smells in the air it was unreal. I’ve never smelled something sweet and bitter at the same time, some things smelled good and other stunk. I’m not really sure why everything smells so much more intense, but I’d guess it’s because I was stuck inside that room. I was in there a while, it’s quite a bit hotter outside. It does feel hotter than usual for summer though?

I finally had an opportunity to stretch my wings again. I went to the usual spot and started flapping them, just trying to get off the ground. This time, this time it was working. I wasn’t getting very far, maybe half a foot; but I was off the ground!

It didn’t matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get any higher. This is something so I’ll still take it! I spent an hour or two just trying to get any higher off the ground, but it wasn’t happening. Plus, I’m sore now. I went and sat under a tree to take a break. I haven’t seen Miles in a few days, whatever he was worried about had probably started.

A few minutes passed, and something that smelled. Rather terrible was getting closer, I’m not sure what it was though. I tried looking around, but I found out when there was an abrupt thud in front of me. The stink was awful, it was nearly burning my eyes. I almost had to hold my breath, but I saw what it was.

A guy with black scales, and pale skin landed in front of me. He was taller than me, with blue eyes, but he was scrawny. He stunk.

He said something to me. “Milady.” He bowed when he said it. Why the hell does he smell so bad?

Ehhh, please go away. “Who are you?”

He smiled. “No one in particular. I merely noticed you have a rather pleasant scent about you.”

You definitely do not. “Is that all?” He stinks, but I don’t want to be rude.

Get briefly stepped back, then regained his composure. “Well, seeing as it is the season. I was wondering if you have found a partner yet?”

What? “Why would I need a partner?”

He blushed, a little bit… “Oh, you’re aware of the season, correct? It is that time of year, you wouldn’t be giving off such a pleasant aroma otherwise.”

I’m starting to get numb to that smell, it’s bad; but not unbearable. “It’s summer. What about it?”

He paused for a moment. “I see, you are not aware then. Allow me to show you.” I didn’t realize it before it was too late.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him, before I could push him away he started kissing me. EW EW EW EW EW HE STINKS AND NOW HE’S KISSING ME EW! I slammed my knee into his crotch.

He fell to the ground gasping for air. “DON’T TOUCH ME! YOU FUCKING REEK!”

I started walking away from the hill when I heard him shout. “A simple no would have sufficed you bitch!”

I was staring at him, disgusting. He slowly stood up, with a quick flap of his wings he launched towards me, but he didn’t make it. Miles was between us now, but I didn’t see him. Where did he come from? There was a loud thud and Miles had him pinned to the ground by his neck.

Miles sounded pissed. “That’s enough out of you!” Miles picked him up, punched him in stomach, and then started punching his face repeatedly. It ended with the guy falling to the ground, most likely unconscious.

Miles started quickly walking towards me. “Uh, thank you…”

He gave me a smile. “Let’s go.” Miles grabbed my wrist and started leading me.

How did he get here? “How did you get here so quickly?”

He answered. “I heard you scream. I was helping with the horses when I heard you scream for someone to not touch you.”

This is the second dragon guy I’ve met, and they went on about smell… “What is it with you guys and smells? I’ve met two dragon guys now and you both went on about how I smell? It’s weird, and creepy.”

There was a deep sigh that came out of Miles. “I guess you wouldn’t know, you weren’t born this way. During the first month of Spring, Summer, and Fall. Dragons and their hybrids go into heat. Men and women alike give off a particular scent. While you might not want to, your body does. It’s the Mating season. We don’t reproduce like humans, it’s seasonal rather than year-round.”

… “So, it’s sex then…”

He waited a moment before answering. “Yes, some of us can’t control ourselves. That was likely one of them, but I can’t kill him. As much as I’d like to protect others and do it, I can’t; just not here.”

I see. “How hard is it for you to control?”

Miles stopped walking. “Almost unbearable… It’s why I’ve been avoiding you.”

That’s bad… “Wait.” Miles let go of my wrist and turned around. I hugged him. “That sounds bad. I don’t want you to suffer.”

I felt him hug me back. “Are you sure?”

I just noticed it, but he has a pleasant smell about him… This must be what he meant by smell. “Yea. I guess it’s not the most elegant, but you’ve been very good to me. Despite your, moments.”

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