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They wanted her broken beyond repair. Instead, they found her risen like a phoenix. Keira Deshayes believed in marrying the person she loved. But to get sacrificed to a powerful witch, betrayed by her own loved ones or being the soul mate of darkness was never her wish to begin with. But as fate had another thing coming she found herself torn between choosing love or death. Amelia Deshayes had lost her everything. Being a reaper is not easy. But being the soul mate of an enemy was worse. Doubting your soul mate to take your life or let you love was something she never thought of. But as these two sisters find themselves bound in a world where hell is only a yard away, maybe sacrifice is the only way to survive. *Sacrifice Series in novel version. More dark, more heartbreaking.*

Fantasy / Thriller
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Feelings are everything known to humankind. Love, affection, fondness, warmth and much more. All she ever wanted was to feel those. But she forgot that there were other feelings too. Like another part of the coin, there were hate, lies, deceit, loss, fear, anger and even sacrifices. So it probably took only one second. One second to relive all those precious moments.

And just one second to take it all away. Cause she was the unfortunate bride who they wanted to sacrifice.

Keira Deshayes.

The one who was fated to be dammed from the start. But there’s something way worse than being dammed. And if fate had anything to do with it...she was about to learn just how much.

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