Needing Her

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Vivian is determined to leave him. Carter is determined to keep her. He is a werewolf. She is a human... What happens when these two polar opposites meet? Is it coincidence or is it fate? Is there really such thing as a happily ever after? Is true loves kiss merely just a figment of our imagination imprinted there by the fairytales we watched as a child. Was John Green right in his perception of life? Was George Orwell accurate in his views of the world? Was Walt Disney simply trying to brighten a child's view of the world by making them think life is all chuckles and rainbows? See when reality hits.... It wipes that view clean off the table. Some people realise this... Just too damn late... ----------------------------------- She's a human. He's a werewolf. She is defiant. He demands obedience. She thinks her life is complete. He knows he is complete with her. She wants true love. He wants his mate. She will do anything to escape him. He will doing anything to Keep her. She doesn't want him. He needs her. What happens when their worlds collide?..... All hell breaks loose. --------------------------------- What happens when these two polar opposites meet? Is it coincidence or is it fate? Is their story one more to prove that some people just never get their happily ever after. Yet I just feel there is some bitter consequence hanging in the stars.....

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“Mommy, will you tell me how you and Daddy met?” I smile down at my two beautiful children as my thoughts drift back to a time when the future was blurry and undecided.

“Maybe when you’re older my darlings. It was a long time ago.” They both simultaneously pout their sparkling grey eyes glistening with growing curiosity. “Fine, Mommy.”

“Goodnight my darlings, sleep well.” I kiss both their foreheads before they both scurry into their rooms.

I hear the shower in my ensuite turn on whilst I’m getting dressed for bed. The deep voice of the love of my life rings out and my thoughts begin to drift back to 11 years ago when it all began. Memories flood my mind as I think back to my first day back at school.

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