Igniting the Flame

By Aurelialobo All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter I - Monsters

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Did you ever plan out everything precisely as you see it happening. Having everything in its place and knowing that if you stay on your path nothing can hold you back.

You end up placing everything on hold knowing that when you reach your goal everything will be open to you, and then you’ll be ready for everything the world has to offer.

I am one such planner, or well to be more precise, I was.

I had everything mapped out and nothing was going to break my focus. I was on top of the gymnastics world and nothing was going to knock me down.

I’d placed everything in my life on hold. I graduated early to make more time for training. I was homeschooled and did online courses. I stopped going to public schools in the fifth grade.

It was a decision to either be the best gymnast, or the best student. I chose the best gymnast. My straight A’s, dropped to B’s until high school, where I got a couple C’s during a few out of country events when I had tests due but I stuck with it and used my Sundays too get ahead on my assignments.

In the gym however, I was rising slowly through the ranks until I was on top. I’m all power which caused me a few issues along the way, but I’ve learned some finesse. It took a long time for me to become good, it wasn’t overnight, and there’s times I’ve failed miserably but I’ve always gotten back up and always come back swinging.

I went from training three or four hours six days a week to six to eight hours six days a week. Typically, eight, I love to train. Even if I wasn’t in the gym, I’d still be running or hiking, or doing something energetic.

In my spare time I did my school work and spent time with my family. I didn’t have friends outside of the gym really, I knew a few neighborhood kids, but I didn’t have sleepovers, or girl time.

I did however have all of that at national team training camp. I went once a month to Texas for a four-day training camp. It’s the best part of my month besides competing.

I’m the best, three-time consecutive World’s Champion. Two-time floor Gold medalist, and a silver medal. Vault gold, and bronze medalist. And two-time beam gold medalist.

Then there’s the national Championship titles. Three-time National Champion, three-time floor national gold medalist. Nationals two-time gold and one-time silver medalist on beam and finally Nationals two-time gold medalist on vault.

I don’t podium in bars. I’m not good with all the pointy toes, and perfect symmetry of my body to the bars. I’m damn good at the rest though, and I bust my butt for it too. It’s a win - win for me. I hate sitting and doing nothing. Nationals, The Secret Classic, The Pacific Rim Championship, and the Olympic Trials. Those are what I’m training for right now, that’s what I should be doing.

That’s the path I’d chosen for my life, and everything I’ve done revolves around that path. I’ve never made friends, had a boyfriend, or even a crush. I’ve never had a sleepover or someone to talk to about everything.

I thought my life was perfect amd that nothing could ever go wrong. My path was perfect to win Five Gold Medal’s at the 2016 Olympics being the first ever five-time gold medalist in US gymnastics history.

I sacrificed everything for my dream and for my path. Nothing was ever going to get in my way. Nothing was ever going to stop me.

At least nothing I could ever fathom happening.... But I remember it clearly.... That moment it all changed.

I remember the moment that I realized that my life was forever changed, and that my plan for life was derailed. I let my mind flow back to that time as the cool stale air fills my nose and reminds me that I’m still there, in that same place I was when I realized my life was .... Destroyed!!

You see I have to take you back, before we can go forward. I must explain how it all happened, even if it pains me to remember everything that has happened since that fateful day. The day I woke up to my life completely changed forever.


What the heck happened?

I groan as I lift my head off the thin rancid mattress. I blink my eyes rapidly trying to adjust to the dull light emitting from the small flickering light outside the blurry door.

I rub my face trying to give myself a moment to let my eyes adjust to the dark area. I realize then that my hands are bound by a thick rope that’s rubbing against my skin making burns along my wrists from being tied so tight.

What the hell?

Where am I?

What happened?

It takes a few minutes before the flashes of red eyed monster’s float through my head. I see their red eyes, razor sharp teeth, and claws.

But it can’t be.... It just can’t be... Please be a joke, a nightmare... Please don’t be real...

Scrambling to my feet in the dark I mutter “This better be a freaking joke.”

I look around seeing with only a small orange flame, that’s more shadows than anything, the real horror of my situation.

I’m in a dank, cold cell. The walls are stone with veins of what looks like silver going between the stones. There’s cracks, and small holes in the stones. I know this because of the tiny light outside my cell door, and it glistens off the silver, and casts darker shadows when there’s a hole.

There’s a nasty thin piece of mattress on the floor against the right wall, that I was laying on. There’s also a banged up, green five-gallon bucket sitting in the left corner, with what looks like an old roll of toilet paper.

Well aren’t they accommodating, whoever they are.

What would someone want with me?

I’m nothing special.....

Someone must be pissed off at Team USA gymnastics?

This is like one of those novels I’ve read. Locked in a dark cell with a brooding male on the other side. Romance novels of any kind are good, but I have a partial love of paranormal romances and this is straight out of some creepy story.

Seeing a slight movement in a cell to the right, and across a dirt floor walkway I scramble to my feet running to the metal bars on my cell.

“Dad. Mom.” I scream frantically grabbing onto the bars, shaking them with all my might. My teeth rattle in my head from the crazed shaking as I look like some lunatic screaming at the bars.

The figure scurries to the back of its cell, and I lose sight of it. I’d run too, but come on, come back. Whatever you were.

Was it a person?

An animal? I know he must have wolves, or psycho dogs.

What the hell type of place is this?

Why would someone have a damn cell to begin with?

How did this happen?

I look around screaming “HELLO. PLEASE. ANYONE.”

There’s nothing, no sounds, no light, nothing but darkness and more cells, I’m not sure how many, but several. There’s nothing for lighting except the one light hung from a hook outside my cell, casting a glimmering silver from the bars, and dirt. It looks to be a tunnel that someone placed these cells into. Everything is either packed dirt, or stone and silver.

The floors are made from uneven, and jagged stone. There’s a drain bigger than my foot in the center of the cell. In the bars of the cell there’s an opening big enough to slide a tray of food in, and a small glass of water.

There’s stains all over the walls, smeared finger prints, claw marks, and this lingering urine smell.

Dread starts to seep into every inch of my body, and tears start falling down my cheeks. Sobs soon start overtaking me as reality sinks in.

I’ve been kidnapped.

What does anyone want with an eighteen-year-old gymnast. I’ve never done anything bad, I was a good student. I graduated last year, a year early, go me. But that doesn’t make me valuable to a kidnapper. Ugh, I hate this feeling of helplessness.

I don’t know how long I sat, cried, screamed, begged, cursed, and prayed for anyone to talk to me, but no one said a word.

I never saw anything move around or heard anything moving around besides the rats. There’s loads of vermin that wander into the cell. Nasty things carry all sorts of diseases. Yuck.

I screamed the first five times or so, then I got over my fears and chased it away.

I’ve been doing push-ups and sit-ups, stretching and doing whatever tumbling I can to keep from losing my mind.

Finally, there’s footsteps on the packed dirt and the rattling of metal. An old metal meal tray is placed on the ground and roughly slid inside my cell.

I run to the bars to get a glimpse of the person who brought the food. But before I see the face I croak out “What do you want with me?”

A large hand grabs me by the hair pulling me into the bars. The pain is instant, as are the spots in my vision and the tears that flow from my eyes as I meet the rest of a monster grabbing ahold of me.

His eyes are red, and he’s got a large animal bite wound on his shoulder and chest. He’s shirtless, only wearing tattered tan cargo shorts. He’s muscular with thick arms, and large scarred hands. His hair is brown, and his skin looks to be tanned from what I can tell. He smells of rotten garbage and his breathe is atrocious.

I smell something burning and look at his arms that are touching the silver bars. It’s bubbling and burning his flesh. Low animal growls start echoing around me. I jerk my head around looking for an animal. Is something inside the walkway? Shivers rack my body when the cold breeze of doom hits me.

“You have something the Alpha wants, he always gets what he wants.” His cold emotionless voice responds before throwing me away like a rag doll.

I slide across the floor in a heap, crying in pain and trying to stop the fear from consuming me. I lay there for what feels like days hoping and praying someone, anyone would come and help me, but no one ever does.

That’s the moment my hope started faiding.... It was then I saw the glimmering ember deep inside me, shining it’s light inside me letting me know that I’m not alone.

Its some time later and my tears dried long ago, leaving me tired, and scared. I hate feeling like this, I hate feeling useless, and weak. I try to go back to my memories and remember how this happened, but I can’t, I can’t remember anything really, except screaming, I do remember hearing screaming. My parents screaming. My screaming. The neighbors screaming. Everyone was screaming.

I look at the tray of food, scowl at the horrid grey looking porridge before finally crawling over too it. It looks like slop, and a piece of bread. There’s a small glass of water and no utensils. My stomach growls, and I shake off my fear, and my issues with eating this crap and dig in.

It tastes like crap, like I knew it would, but it’s food and I eat every speck. I figure if they wanted to kill me they already would have.... Right?

Could they do something to in the food?

I drink the water and place the cup on the tray before crawling to the mattress and huddling in the center of it. There’s a small, thin throw blanket on the mattress that I pull over my shoulders holding my knees to my chest.

How did my life come to this? It’s a question I will ask myself time and again as I await my fate at the hands of .... Whoever they are. Whatever they are....

Thundering footsteps come towards my cell. I scramble and huddle in the darkest corner and bury my face in my knees. Please don’t see me.

Keep walking... Keep walking... Keep....

A loud screech of metal echo’s through the tunnel of cells as my door is swung open swiftly.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

“Look at me, pet.” A deep gruff voice commands. My eyes involuntarily snap up out of pure fear. His voice scaring me senseless, as well as this feeling of dread, and cold that makes me shiver.

He’s six feet tall at least, shaggy dirty blonde hair, chiseled features with thick scars on his arms, and a thick long scar down the left side of his face.

It’s his eyes that cause a cold fear to settle in my bones. They’re soulless, bottomless pits of blood red. Red...

“It’s lovely to meet you pet, you will call me Alpha.” His voice sounds amused, and cold at the same time.

Alpha? What the heck does that mean.... I don’t speak, out of fear, but I do shake my head, no.

He barrels in, eyes going brighter red as he throws a right hook to my jaw. He’s so fast, I never saw him move. One second I shake my head the next he’s sending my head slamming into the wall behind me.

I cry out in pain, tears flowing from my face. What the hell does he want with me? There’s this small pulsing inside me, like something’s trying to break free.

I start getting warm, angry, and confused. I let the anger take over, and I do what I learned in self-defense classes, to kick them in the man bits.

I kick him square in his man bits, screaming “What the hell do you want from me?” His face turns dark and menacing instantly.

His voice is so cold it makes me shake in fear “You dare strike your Alpha. Your nothing, a weak, pathetic bitch that I will break, like every other wild bitch before you.”

His foot connects with my face breaking my nose, blood sprays down my face and into my mouth. Screaming in pain, my hands fly up to my face.

What the actual heck is going on? It just won’t sink in, I keep thinking it’s a dream, a horrid, bad dream. But it’s not, and I need to stay strong.

I spit a huge mouthful of blood on the stone floor, before meeting his eyes defiantly. “You’re a coward who gets his rocks off by chaining up girls.” I angrily state.

He roars out like a beast. The next attack is also swift as he levels hit after hit to my chest, stomach and ribs.

I scratch his arms and try to claw his eyes out screaming in pain and anger. I’ve never been so angry in my life. I feel like I want to explode. I see this white, thing slowly appear inside me. I’ve never seen it before, but I can see it visibly shaking inside of me. WTH????

The back of his hand connecting with my right cheekbone knocks spots into my vision and snaps me from my thoughts.

Why’s he doing this to me?

“What do you want from me?” I croak out.

Thoroughly spent I shake and cry sprawled out on the bloody rocky floor.

He smirks darkly “I get my rocks off in many other pleasurable ways. You’ll find out soon enough my pet, you’re to be my mate.”

I cringe internally, the word mate has several meanings, all of which are not what I want with this, monster. “What the hell are you talking about. The words Alpha, and mate mean absolutely nothing to me.” I scream at him, holding my stomach and chest trying to breathe.

He kicks me in the abdomen sending me flying into the wall with a sickening thud. I think I lose consciousness for a moment, because the next thing I know he’s picking me up by the collar of my shirt and pulling me off the ground to his face.

“You will learn your place bitch. You want to know what’s going on, I’ll show you.” He says darkly.

His eyes flash bright red, his canines extend, and his hands turn into these furs covered, clawed animal type hands. “What do you want from me you monster.” I scream in fear.

He slams me into the wall with a tooth rattling force. He buries his nose in my neck inhaling my scent. “Mmmmmmm. You’re lucky you’ve got something hidden in you. Or you’d already be flat on your back screaming my name.”

I shake my head weakly, gasping for air “No I don’t have anything. I’m just Aurelia... Nothing more...”

He chuckles “Oh you have no idea how wrong you are pet. Your very special. My special pet who’s going to beg me to take her as my mate when I’m done breaking her down.”

I squeak out “My parents will come for me. I’ll never be yours.”

He gets an inch from my face sneering “You're mine now you little bitch, daddy isn’t coming, because I killed him. The same way I killed your pathetic mother. You should have seen them fight. But then again, don’t you remember the screams of pain, how she told you to run.”

Flashes of my mom, and dad laying on the ground in our backyard come to me as he continues. I’m sobbing uncontrollably now, as I remember their deaths.

“But you weren’t fast enough, and they were just weak. Ripping his throat out was easy as hell, just like snapping your scrawny neck would be. So, I would stop testing my patience with you.... Pet.” He lays his nose against my cheek and sniffs deeply before licking the side of my face.

I can’t stop the sobs that escape me, even though it’s a strangled croak. He’s licking me, making me feel disgusting. He killed my parents, and I remember. Oh, how I remember it now.

“You should be thanking me for keeping you alive.” he squeezes my throat tighter. I don’t fight as pain courses through me. Not physical from the beating, but pain from the fact my parents are dead. I’m truly all alone now.

I croak “Why?” He licks my face again, tasting the blood running down my face making me whimper, as he takes a deep breath of my scent again.

He meets my eyes sneering “Because your MINE.” his tone is possessive, he thinks I’m some kind of object.

“They tried to keep you from me. You’re a special find my pet. Someone tried hard to keep you hidden, by making you human, and hiding you. Now I’m going to break you down and find what secrets are hidden deep inside this delectable body.” He runs his fingers along my cheek before slamming his lips on mine.

I shriek and start thrashing in his grip again. He forcefully thrusts his tongue in my mouth. I shriek in fear, and disgust. Then I do the only thing I can think of...

I bite his tongue that he forced into my mouth, kick my feet simultaneously into his exposed groin, and spit in his face when he pulls back.

He drops me to the ground, grabbing his man bits and roaring in pain. I scramble away from him trying to make it to the door of the cell, but he catches me by my hair.

I scream in pain as he roughly yanks me back to him. He plasters my back to his chest as he grips my throat tightly lifting me two feet off the ground cutting off my oxygen

His whole bodies shaking, and his claws are digging into the skin of my neck. I claw at his hands gasping out “You’re. a. monster.”

And that’s it..... The moment I realize my life is forever changed and no matter how much planning I’d done, it was gone... Forever.

Sighing deeply, I take a large breath of the rotten, dank air sticking my snout in between the bars of my cell. It burns, but I don’t care. The same cell I was in that fateful day when I woke up here, is still my cell today. How accommodating of them... assholes.

Though the bars burn now, it’s the only ventilation I have to fresh air. Which isn’t fresh air really, it’s the stale air of the dark, dank underground prison I’m kept in.

It’s late afternoon that’s all I’m sure of from the sounds of activity over head, and guard changes. I can’t really count days, I can guess but there are times I’m unconscious, and I lose a up to a day, maybe more. I can count beatings, how many times I’ve been fed, how many times I’ve been given water. But how many days I’ve been here, well that’s one I don’t know.

So, I’m not truly sure if I’ve missed the Olympics yet. That’s all I ever wanted to do, and I’m so close. I hang my head down, and that’s all I’ll ever be, now.

I’m so angry at still being trapped here. My whole life ripped away in the blink of an eye. I want it back. I want everything back he took. But I know it’s not possible.

Sometimes I close my eyes and beg my parents to wake me up. I still can’t believe this is happening to me. I can’t figure out why it’s happening. All I know is he’s convinced I’m his mate. I’m still not sure what that is, he doesn’t explain things to me, I’m a worthless female who only needs to know how to obey.

I’ve learned a few things about this place since I’ve been here. It’s called a pack, ran by the Alpha dickface. That’s what I call him. That’s why I’m a wolf today, disobedience. I couldn’t keep my mouth closed.

I can’t help it if I tell it like it is, even if I’m peeing my pants in fear, I’ll tell you to suck it. Well I never said suck it until I got here, and I yelled it at dickface one day. I chuckle to myself in remembrance.

The packs bustling around and sounds of lots of activity can be heard from overhead, as it echo’s down the tunnel connecting the pit with the cells.

I can hear the sounds of the males fighting in the pit for entertainment. The cheers, clapping, booing, and stomping. I hear the sounds of music, and sometimes the bass shakes the ground and vibrates the tunnel.

When I first got here I dreaded those sounds. I feared some drunk idiot coming into my cell and taking advantage of me. They’d be idiots to try it now. They know I’ll kill them if they touch me. I’ve killed enough for them to have gotten the memo.

I don’t know what’s worse, the cage, or the beatings that Alpha does to try to keep me submissive. It’s hard for me to just submit. I also may be rather hard headed, and stubborn. Well at least that’s what I tell myself.

I look around my cell seeing the difference in it now than it was when I first got here. My cell now has at least three feet of feces, urine, blood, and garage mixed together in a pile on the floor. It’s the size of a four horse, horse trailer, and laced with silver.

The drain still drains the urine, and blood before it dries. But it doesn’t help very much anymore. There’s just too much garbage in here for me to keep clean anymore. Though I do try to kick it into one corner, that way I’m not sleeping in it.

The smells so disgustingly potent in my cell it brings tears to your eyes when you walk within a hundred yards of it. But that doesn’t bother me much anymore.

The walls are covered in the same disgusting bodily excrement, and blood. There’s also deep fissures in the stone from my claws. I’ve tried desperately to claw my way out. I’ve tried everything to get out of here.

There’s still the small mattress, and the bucket still resides in here from before I was trapped in this wolf form. I use to fill the bucket up with garbage and move it to the corner. I guess it was one way of me trying to keep some normalcy to my life.

Or more importantly my humanity, trying everyday not to let this beast take complete control. Though I may be well beyond that now since over time... Well, sometimes it’s hard to hold onto hope of change when all you know is darkness.

No matter how much I pray to feel warmth, try to remember it, or hell just imagine it, it slips away into the dark like the puffs of white clouds coming from my snout as I breath on the coldest nights.

Hope is something I had before, but I don’t have much anymore. I can’t remember anything good, all I remember is Him, pain, and death.

When I remember my family, I tend to remember there cold, lifeless eyes, and their blood. I hear their screams when I try to sleep, and so I’ve closed it all off. I try and keep my emotions caged, not letting them get the best of me. If I did let myself feel, well, let’s just say that’s not good for anyone.

A rat scurries into my cell, I freeze, dropping all thoughts of my depressing life while I watch his pink nose twitch as he raises up on his back-pink feet, his front feet rubbing together, and he starts cleaning his face.

Come on, just a little closer. I slink back into the shadows watching my lunch clean itself. Stop cleaning and get moving I’m hungry. I watch in pure hunger as his beady little eyes take a look around. Come on in my little friend...

My stomach rumbles, and his ears twitch before I see it’s back foot twitch.

Aww crap....

I lunge at the rat, wrapping my teeth around it and slamming into the cell door with a hard crash. I whimper lowly to myself and scramble to my feet.

I trot to the center of the cell, sit down on my haunches and enjoy my rat. It’s not like I’m given food, if I don’t eat them, then I’ll be dead. My choices are limited, but I can’t break down for him.

He’s punishing me, and I must remain strong. I’m the prisoner, I don’t have to call him Alpha, or mate. He can’t make me behave.

His one goal is to break everything he encounters. But I won’t give in. I can’t give in. I hope, I don’t give in.

I remember back to the fear I felt a few days ago, I’ve never been in so much pain. I almost gave in, almost. I know at anytime I can stop the pain, but I don’t, I can’t, and I won’t. I have to be strong, giving in will do me no good.

In all honesty there’s times when I just can’t fight back. I get crippling fear of him, there’s something evil in him. And it scares the hell out of me. My mind jumps to remember what happened just a few days ago.

He’s standing at the opening to the pit from the dark dirt tunnel I’m being led down. His face is in a scowl with a dark, menacing look in his red evil eyes. He kicks off the wall, and walks over raising a hand towards me, I jerk away from him as low rumbles escape me.

“Now pet I want you to learn a good lesson today. You’re going to come in handy very, very soon. And when the time comes you better listen, or else this won’t be even half of the pain I put you through. I’ll make you beg me for death.” He sneers evilly. I can tell he speaks truth.

I don’t react, I look at the ground, ignoring his bluster, and just hearing the words. It’s not like I can communicate with anyone or anything.

Sometimes I wish the wolf in me spoke. Giving me someone to talk too. But it’s not like the books, my wolf doesn’t speak. It’s a real damn animal, it’s not some talking being with warm fuzzy feelings, it’s a living breathing wild wolf.

I don’t know how else to describe it. Since I’ve been trapped like this I’ve had to learn how to do things in different ways. The way I perceive things is different. When I see things happening to me, or the wolf more precisely, I’m able to close myself off to those things.

It’s like I can push them into a vault of horror that’s seen through a kid blanket that’s over my head as I huddle in fear.

It’s called disassociating, it’s not technically me, it’s the wolf. Right?


I guess we’ll see how well that works for me, if I ever get free.

I’ve learned to look inside myself, I can see a glowing outline of myself in my mind’s eye. I see myself as the human version of me in my head, sometimes I can see this glowing, golden, shimmering stuff inside me.

Not my wolf, but the human one I see in my mind’s eye. I know crazy pipe dream, but it’s a shred of hope that maybe there is a spark of something light, and good inside me.

Alpha’s chuckle brings me from my thoughts. His evil red eyes meet mine as he starts rubbing his thickly calloused hands together with a dark gleam in his eyes, that sends a violent chill running through me.

“Now pet it’s time for your punishment.” Alpha says lowly to me, causing me to flinch. “You need to learn your place, and you will obey my commands like everyone else.”

He smirks darkly at me “I’m going to make you scream for death inside that thick wolf head of yours... My pet.” as he runs his hand through my fur making me recoil at his touch.

I vomit a little from his touch, I hate his touch, it’s the vilest feeling I’ve ever experienced. Like slithering snakes, slithering throughout my entire body.

He gets an evil glint in his eyes that I’ve seen before, it’s mixed with lust. He gets closer to me saying lowly. “Or you could make all of this stop.”

My eyes snap to his, he smirks with dark lust filled eyes. “Become my mate. Accept my mark. And all of this will be over. Either way, I’ll have your obedience. This way, I can take care of you in so many other ways. And you’ll be all mine. No one can ever take you from me.”

I just stare into his eyes in shock. He can’t be serious. I can’t.... I.... What...

“So, what will it be? My mate? Or my pet?” He smirks like he knows what I’m going to choose.

He licks his lips as he stares at me. I feel so dirty as his eyes rake over my wolf form. I can tell from his scent he’s becoming aroused just looking at me.

What the hell... I don’t want to be his. I can’t, there’s no way. I’d rather die.

I stagger to my full height on shaking paws. I glare into his eyes as pure hatred consumes me.

How dare he.... How dare he make it seem like I’m going to accept. Like I’m that weak. He’s a fool.... I will never accept him.

I raise my leg like a male dog and piss on his guard as I stare Alpha in the eyes. Then jerk my head back at the guy then stare at Alpha again, his guard shouts in anger stabbing me in the back with the silver pike. But it doesn’t faze me, and I don’t make a peep, or even flinch.

I release a small wolfly chuckle at my antics. Alpha’s not so pleased. His eyes flash dangerously before he kicks me in the face with a tooth jarring kick that makes me see stars for a moment.

I shake my head to get rid of the stars as low snarls release from my chest before I can stop them.

Alpha roars in anger, “Have you forgotten your place you worthless fucking bitch? I’m Master here, you’re a pathetic, weak ass pet who does what I want, whenever the fuck I want.” He punctuates each word with a kick to my face, and chest as his men hold me tightly.

The guards press the silver pikes into my back dropping my rear to the ground, so I can’t fight back, not that I would right now anyways. It’s pointless to fight him. It always is.

He continues his rant as I try to breathe, and keep the whimpers, and pain from showing. I just stare at the blood covering the hard-compacted dirt as I try to keep myself together and not shatter into a million tiny glass fragments.

His face takes on a dark, menacing, evil look as he gets an inch from my face saying, “I think I need to give you a good reminder of where your place is.” He says in a low cold tone.

Oh no, this is the worst thing possible. This voice is the sound that makes my nightmares come to life. It’s so...... Evil.

He sneers darkly as I keep my eyes glued to his “I bet you don’t even have any of that human girl left in that stupid fucking beast head of yours.”

“Only an animal behaves as you do. Pissing on guards like a common wild beast. Have I left you inside this form for too long pet? Have you forgotten already that you are a human?” He slams the bottom of his foot into my temple when he asks that last question.

I don’t respond, I bite my tongue so hard to repress the whimpers that I bite through it.

I try to not think of his words, but I can’t. They keep circling my brain on repeat as the buzzing in my ears, and the spots in my vision screw up my senses.

Am I really a beast? Am I really just a wild animal now? I thought I’d kept my humanity, but I guess I didn’t. All I wanted to do was hurt them like they hurt everyone else.

I’m pulled into the pit just as booming applause erupts everywhere pulling me from my thoughts.

“We will be victorious. Now sit back and watch my demonstration.” Alpha shouts out with a raised hand as he drags me to the pillars and chains me up.

The crowd cheers loudly, and all I can do is stare up in shock and horror. There’s so many pairs of red eyes, and black ... soulless eyes. Black is a new color, but I’ve learned those ones are pure .... EVIL.

Alpha, or The Master as everyone calls him but me. I’m supposed to think of him as my Alpha, he always wants to oversee me. I call him Alpha dickhead in my head so whatever.

Alpha grabs my collar yanking me to the posts. I don’t fight, I know what’s going to happen now. He’s going to prove how strong he is.

I’m chained to the poles, and I drop my head and close my eyes for a moment. I look inside and try to find the light inside me. I find a tiny shimmer of it and lay my hand on it.

I focus on pushing more of the wolf forward. Becoming more animal, than human. The wolf feels things differently than I do. Whereas I feel shame, hate, pain, confusion, fear, and several other things. The wolf feels two, anger, and pain. Those are manageable, compared to the swirling vortex I feel.

My wolf is actually very strong, and she can take a beating. I know he’s going to want me to cry out in pain. He wants to see my pain. He wants to see me submit, he wants to see me weak, and broken.

I feel the darkness radiating from him. He feels darker, colder, and more dreadful. It’s seriously like cold dread shivering down your spine. There’s no other way to describe the feeling I get from him and his evil fucktards.

The whip hits my haunches, I bite down the pain, and try to zone out of the pain. Again, and again he whips me. Taking meat from bones, not even messing around to talk, and make a show of me today.

The crowd cheers loudly, and I see money, and other trinkets being passed around as bets are placed on me.

By hit five, I still make no sound. My breathing is shallow, and I’m trying to focus on something else.

He just beats the living hell out of me, and I think of music. He stops at ten lashes, flashes to the side, then advances to my right rear leg and slams a steel pipe into my knee.

My knee, and leg snaps and limply dangles as I stagger to keep on three paws. I don’t cry, I don’t wine, I don’t do anything but think of music, movies, books.... Any random thing but watching people cheer as I’m beat.

He slams the pole into my ribs, breaking most of them on the right side, cracking a couple vertebra in my back.

He walks in front of me with a cold, calculated glare. “Soon, very soon pet, I will have you right where I want you, and then all of this will make sense.” He rears back, then swings the pole at my face shattering part of my jaw, and cheek.

It’s blinding pain, and almost so bad I cry out, but I clamp it down, biting my tongue to keep from making a sound.

He drops the blood covered steel pole onto the dirt ground, then grabs the whip and begins hitting me again.

By hit fifteen with his infamous whip, I’m barely keeping my shit together. It’s taking everything in me to hold back the pain.

He stops suddenly, and I hear a chain dragging across the ground before he whips it across my back as hard as he can sending sharp pain throughout my entire body.

I gasp for breath, but I don’t make a peep in pain. He swiftly grabs my jaws and forces my mouth open. He threads the silver chain through my mouth, then up and around my snout.

This is the most terrible pain I’ve ever felt. But again, I don’t make a sound. I try to stay focused through the taste of silver blood in my mouth, the smell of my burning flesh, and the pure agony.

I hear a snap, and I know he was locking it in place like a damn burning silver muzzle.

I lose my battle with the pain. I feel everything now. I see the golden shimmers inside me in this cracking vision of pulsating lights.

The golden shimmering veins spreading throughout my entire being starts heating up, and I grasp onto a thread of it yanking it into myself.

I feel a surge of energy, and I use it to push the pain back, and push for the wolf to go farther forward. I feel like I’m on fire, my whole wolf body is shaking hard, and I’m barely holding my crap together.

By hit nineteen I cry out in pain. It comes out as a weak whimper making Alpha smirk darkly.

“Amazing isn’t she.” He shouts. As much as I prayed to pass out I never did. I felt everything, and in my weakest moment I wanted to give in. I begged for death inside my mind and hoped that the warmth of an eternal rest would take me over and take me away from this hell.

He thinks that since I’m a beast now I’ve lost some human part of me, and maybe I have, but even so I’ll never be desperate enough to accept him. No matter what I can’t let the fear consume me. I have to fight it so I can survive.

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