It All Started With a Spark

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Sara, a young sorceress in training tends a normal school just like everyone else but she is forbidden to use her magic in school, it's only when she's at home in her cabin that she can train her powers. A dark power has taken over the portal to her place of birth, which is not on earth but another dimension. She has to find a way of breaking the dark power by using her own against it.

Fantasy / Other
Raven Valentino
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Chapter 1

“Sara are you listening?” My teacher asked slamming a ruler down right next to me, I had my head on my bag, math class was more like a chore than a lesson, I just mumble in response. “You have detention for a week.” My teacher yelled before walking off and continuing to teach the class. I lifted my head and sneered at her. I clicked my fingers hoping to turn her into a toad but it didn’t work.

A voice then entered my head. ‘Sara you should know better than to use magic at school.’ I just sighed and placed my head back down onto my bag. I looked up at the clock I had another hour of this, so I ignored the voice in my head and sped time up. Soon the bell rung and I got up putting all my stuff in my bag, I didn’t say a word to anyone, I slung my bag on my shoulder and walked out. I was glad it was the last lesson of the day, I walked to the parking lot where my black truck was parked up. I threw my bag into the back and clambered into the cabin, I stabbed my key into the ignition and drove off.

Rock music bleared from my radio, I sped home to my cabin in the woods I like being away from everyone, I find peace in the solitude. I park up outside, I slam the door shut and walk to my door I stab the key into the lock and open the door with a creak. I click my fingers and all the candles in my house light including the fire in the hearth. I turn to my door and wave my palm over the door and it turns to brick. I was now completely sealed in.

The whole inside of my cabin was stone, and had three floors it’s bigger on the inside than on the outside. Taxidermy animal heads line the walls, wolves, rams, and deer sit either side of the stairs. I walk into the kitchen where two gremlins are doing my dishes, I walk to my fridge that’s black and reach in an grab a beer. “You know a thank you would be nice,” one gremlin said speaking up dressed in rags.

“It’s your job get used to it,” I growled walking out and up the stairs, I threw my bag on the floor but before it could drop on the floor a broomstick catches the handles of my bag and takes it to my room while I go to my study, I click my fingers once again and the candles all come to life. My skeleton raven begins to caw and hops along the ram spines lining the ceiling and lands on my shoulder. “Good evening to you to,” I said kissing his beak.

I picked up my grimoire and made it float, I picked up my unicorn horn wand and flicked it in the direction of the book and it flicked through all the pages till it landed on black magic and it’s curses.

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